About me

I won't do much here, probably won't even write anything...And wow, this place is like some alien world, I don't like it, yet I'll keep my eye on it.

Oh...and I guess its normal to put what shipping I like and dislike, as long as no one bites my head off over it.

I Ship:

Phineas/Isabella: The Beak overdid it though...
Ferb/Isabella: Shut up.
Candace/Jeremy: A girl actually got a boy she wanted? Wow.
Vanessa/Johnny: Punks are cute together.

I Do Not Ship:

Anything involving Phineas, Ferb, and Candace together. (incest)
Perry/Doofenshmirtz: He's a platypus. He's a human...
Ferb/Vanessa: For every other reason others don't support it.
Ferb/Gretchen: They've never made eye contact. Ever.

Pairings I'm interested in

Albert/Candace: Wouldn't it be funny if Xavier and Amanda were their kids? :P
Albert/Stacy: Darn you Gurgy
Albert/Vanessa: Again. Darn you.
Baljeet/Isabella: ...ha

My favorite pages

  • I don't like any of them so far.

Fan Art

You can use these pictures, and any future ones I draw...as long as you either ask me first, or give credit when posting them somewhere.

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