My name's Lindsay and I'm a 13 year old girl living in Tennessee, United States. I have curly blond hair, green eyes, and I wear glasses. I also have very pale skin because of my hair color, which means I can't tan even if I tried. My nickname in real life is Prongs, but you can call me that here if you like. And yes, I mean Prongs as in James Potter's nickname in "Harry Potter".

I'm an only child, so it gets pretty lonely around home sometimes. I used to hate being an only child so much and begged my parents to try and have another kid. You don't see many only childs, now do you? Turns out, I had an older sister, but she died before she was born. I wish Dad kept the picture of her. And I do believe in God, so she must be up there with Him.

I have many awesome friends, in real life and on the Internet. I love them all dearly. Having friends this way keeps me sane at home and not dying of loneliness. When I'm not talking to friends, I spend almost all of my time drawing. It gives me a chance to express some feelings through art. But it also helps me with fanart of my interests. I have a deviantART account if you ever wanna look at my stuff. My username is Linds-A.

I am a yaoi fangirl, but not really in the Phineas and Ferb world. PhineasxFerb is ok, so don't flame me for liking the pairing a bit. There are some fandoms where all I like are yaoi pairings. But most other fandoms I'm for hetera.

I love Katsuya Jounouchi. And Edward Elric. Just though I'd point that out.

As you can tell, I love Phineas and Ferb. It's the only thing keeping me watching Disney Channel sometimes. But I like other things besides the awesome brothers.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Yu-Gi-Oh!

3. Harry Potter

4. Fruits Basket

5. Bleach

6. Psych

7. Pokemon

8. Warriors

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

10. Fullmetal Alchemist

If you wanna talk about any of them, contact me at my e-mail,

My favorite character from Phineas and Ferb has to be Ferb. What can I say? I like the quiet, mysterious types. 'Course, I make acceptions when it comes to my other interests. But what I like best about Ferb is his accent, his green hair, his background type personality, and his brilliance. That's right, I'm a Ferb fangirl. Not Phineas, not Baljeet- Ferb. Deal with it.

Everybody likes pairings- here are my favorite PnF pairings.

FerbxIsabella (MY FAVE)

PhineasxIsabella (it's ok)

FerbxEmily (YUS)

PerryxCarrie (my 1st Perry pairing)

PerryxKiki (yes)

BaljeetxMishti (bleh to BaljeetxGinger! and Wendy)

FerbxVanessa (1 of my faves- BLEH FERBXGRETCHEN and VANESSAXJOHNNY)

CandacexJeremy (who doesn't like this?)

I'm very sorry if I stray away from this site for long periods of time. It just means I'm exploring the internet for my other interests. I will always love you all, and don't you forget it.

~Kittyfire - The Lone Shadow (talk to me?)

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