J. Severe

aka JS

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  • I live in side ur mom lol #rekt
  • I was born on May 1
  • I am very hot
J. Severe
[[File:J. Severe dramatic pose pic|200px]]
One guy... against teh world... armed with a pencil and sketchbook...
Gender: Dude
Age: 73
Nationality: Martian! Haitian-American
Hometown: You honestly think I'd tell you that?
Born: The day I was born.
Nemesis: Your mom.
Professional Information
  Author/Aspiring Artist
  The P&F Wikis and their Subsidiaries, the CIA
  [[File:--J. Severe (Finding his place in the world, one wiki at a time!) 22:22, July 4, 2011 (UTC)|150px]]
Friends and Family
The dude who creates stuff. His name escapes me.
1 brother

3 half-brothers
2 half-sisters
1 sister-in-law

I wish...

Your Mom†

None... yet. Mwah ha ha~!
Pets: I have an imaginary fish.
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The day I was born, silly~!
Voiced by:
Seth MacFarlane. I'm dead serious.

About me

I'm just a normal guy trying to find my place in the world, one wiki at a time!

— Soon to become previous signature

Hey, you might know me from the canon wiki, you know, the one that chronicles the stuff that actually happened in the show? Yeah, it's all orange and yellow and stuff. Quite a nice choice of colors. THIS wiki, on the other hand seems to focus on blue. Blue's cool. But anyway, here you can expect me to type stories with obscene amounts of content, and some pics too, if I feel like drawing 'em. I like my stuff to look neat, so if you happen to uh... find a page of mine that looks like some fool made it (no offense to fools in general by the way), that was probably written in 2009 or something.

Facts about moi!

  • I am [BLEEP] years old.
  • I live in the state of [BLEEP].
  • I am in [BLEEP] grade.
  • I work as a [BLEEP] at the [BLEEP] [BLEEP] and get paid a salary of [BLEEP], most of which goes to [BLEEP] and feeding my [BLEEP].
  • Are these [BLEEP]s getting annoying? Sorry.
  • My favorite shows include Phineas and Ferb (uh, duh), The Simpsons, The Looney Tunes Show, and SpongeBob (seasons uno to tres plus movie).
  • Don't make me angry. You'll regret it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • I can be random. Or sophisticated. Or somewhere in between. Or I can be completely mature and/or a full-out jerk. Depends on what I feel like being.
  • My friends are... eh, I don't want to play favorites.
  • Yes, that is my own original character in my avatar. He's called Joel Severe, I based my username after him. Read up.
  • I prefer to be referred to as "J. Severe", not "J.Severe", even though my username is "J.Severe", but that was just a typo and I meant for it to be "J. Severe", and there's no use for me to change my username now, so deal with it.
  • i am brony

My Works

Completed Projects

Current Projects

Future Projects

  • Phineas Gets a Chin
  • Phinception
  • Untitled video game page
  • Why So Phineas? (A "The Dark Knight" parody)
  • The Truth about Ferb Fletcher II: The Truth about Phineas Flynn (2012)
    • Sneak peek will be bundled with "Return to the 2nd Dimension" future chapter blog
  • The Truth about Ferb Fletcher III: The Truth about Perry the Platypus (conceptual stages)
  • Some Origin Story


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