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About Ferblover

Just a lil something I drew. There's over 35 where this came from!

Helloooooooooooooooooo nurses and doctors! I'm Ferblover (you can call me Ferb or FL for short). Since I draw a lot, I take requests. I can only draw Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Doof, and Larry the Platypus (my character).

HEY YOU GUYS! I'm back! Sorry! I've been so dang busy with Deviantart and Youtube and homework (9th grade is hard!) that I haven't had enough time to see my buds! Well, I'll be blogging some more and uploading art and stuff. yeh


My buddy PremierChannel TV '10 made this for me!

You guys should use this as a wallpaper I am because it is hilarious

you all are going to love this


Someone's been using mah fanart! I drew the sad Phineas for my 25 expressions challenge.

I made you a pie!

Oh boy! What flavor?!?


(Awesome guitar riff) LAWL!

Shippings I Support

Perranie (Perry and Lanie)

Phinabella (Phineas and Isabella)

Femily (Ferb and Emily)

Dillkatie (I dunno what that one's called it's just Dill and Katie)

Larrary (Larry and Mary)

I love the Animaniacs! Especially Yakko!

Yakko Warner Stamp by megarob15.gif

Pages I've Made (Che; I'm NOT copying you!)

Phineas Meets His Real Dad

Operation: Dorito

To Ferb is Human

Phineas and Ferb Go Looney (Tunes)


Larry the Platypus

Coyoteas and Cerb

Perry Jackson and the Agents

List of Cerb Coyote's Lines

Larry's Lifechanging Mission

Phineas and Ferb Meet the Animaniacs

Platypus Seasoning

Ferb E. Coyote and Phin Runner: The Cartoon Script

Coyoteas and Cerb In The Future

Baloney and Kids!

A Brother's Work is Nervously Done

Lanie the Platypus

Meet Larry the Platypus!

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