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Maglev Elevators and Supersonic Jumbojets?
They are just the beginning. Of something bigger.

Fadhil Anshar

Dill Anshar
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Gender: Male
Age: 13
Height: 170 cm
Nationality: Indonesian
Hometown: Jakarta
Born: Jul 1997
Nemesis: Himself
Professional Information
  Administrator, Student, Architect, Aviator
Major: Aviation, Architecture
Friends and Family
Just A Parody

Just A Parody

Me close up
I was just a beginning. Of something bigger.


  • Now that, that's what I call a cute Ferb.
  • Yeah, she's kinda cute when she's a bit cross. Because of Phineas.

About me

Well, I am a normal middle school student working for a better future. But I was stuck in between HTML and MediaWiki and DreamWeaver is intimidating... well, you get the point. Based on reviews, I am very random yet very annoying. But without me, things don't seem to get better, at least in this wiki. I have been contributing for more than one year in this wiki, and has brought some improvements that changes the public view of the wiki. I am not like your average teenager. English is not my first language. Clouds of randomness and forever-alone-ness is the only areas I can shelter in. And I never considered anyone friends. To me, they are just acquaintances, except a few people, very few people. Thank you for reading. And oh, this isn't permanent. I am just too bored to write anything.

Faddy's Rating

Have you ever read my comments on Featured Article/Media/Character forums? Or in some articles/stories? Yes, even though your article is as good as Finding Dad, it is very hard to get a five star rating from me, this Wiki's meanest admin! You need to meet the highest points of these criterions: Vocabulary, Grammar, No Typo, Clean (as in language), Interest Rate, Storyline, Originality, Character (out of character or not) and last but not least, Faddy's Special Comment. But if you are interested in having your story rated (or win $25) click here.

Favorite Characters

  1. Jumbo (HE'S MINE.)
  2. Phineas
  3. Dill (Myself)
  4. Ferb (He's cute only when he smiles, picture to the right way.)
  5. Isabella (I totally agree about Phinbella)



"Selamat Datang!"

Curious why I always contribute over midnight? Fact is... I live in a different side of the world. Living on the east, the time difference is big, and English is not my first language. So if you have any important questions submitted to my talk page, please be patient.

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