About myself!

Hiya, My name is Ally. I'm 14 and I love Phineas and Ferb! I'm a Filipino. I want to practice British accent because, I don't want to over-explain this one. I mostly ship Phinbella and Ferbnessa. They are so adorable when they are together. So, enjoy my profile! :)))

Some facts about me...

I love...

~ Phineas and Ferb!

~ Phinbella! <333

~ Ferbnessa

~ The color violet

~ Phinbella Fanfictions

~ Chocolate! (who would hate chocolate?!)

~ (I kinda like...) Femily

~ ThomarieTemplate:Thomarie

~ Etc.

I hate...

~ Ferbella!!! (No offense who ships ferbella please!)

~ (Sometimes) I hate cheese!

=====So, they're you have, folks! Some facts about me. Till the next time! :))

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