aka Angelina :D

  • I live in Geeeeermanyyyy
  • My occupation is Drawing
  • I am Female
CakeIsASometimesFood Cake is a sometimes food! Cake is a sometimes food!

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Omfg, I just fount this old account from when I was like 12 or something. This is pure cancer.

(I swear to god, I was such an embarrassing looser, it hurts... (But I still am, so...:/..))

The stuff down there is absolute bs, full of mary sues, german fanfiction translated into english with google translator and crappy ms paint fanarts.

Don't do this to yourself.


Just don't.

~Angelina747 (2016) (oh jesus i hate this username)


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Meee! ^^
Gender: Female
Nationality: German-Austrian
Hometown: Germany
Nemesis: Homework
Professional Information
  Student, hobby artist
  [[File:Ange is out. Peace! I´m a Chocolate Brownie. Jippie! |150px]]
Friends and Family
Mom and Dad :D
OK. First, I am a real Human and not a Character. So, you should know that my creators are my Parents xD
Those crazy people on the internet and the P+F fans! :D
Pets: Chihuahua male

Chihuahua Female

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The day of My Birthday
Voiced by:
I am my own voice actor xD
Hi! Im one of the biggest Phineas and Ferb fans

Angy - That's me! :D

. :D  Yeah, I think I returned... But I'm not sure for how long I will stay here... :o But well... :D

About Meeeeeee. ^^

  • I´m allergic to polls :o
  • I'm an atheist
  • I am NOT good at sports :S
  • I am a freakin Internet freak xD
  • I love drawing, but I haven't got Photoshop anymore... :( *cries*
  • I´m German-Austrian
  • I don´t know what else I can write here...
  • eh...
  • eh...
  • Cause my Parents both are Pilots, I traveled  nearly everywhere! :D
  • I've got no idea what else I should write here, so: Have a cookie! :D *gives you a cookie*


Shippings I LOVE

  • Phinebella *o* <3
  • Canderemy
  • Ferbnessa ^-^
  • PerryXPatty
  • Balginger
  • BaljeetXMitshy
  • AliceXCarl
  • Montessa :D

OK Shippings

  • Baljuilette
  • Johnessa
  • Candycain

Shippings I HATE

  • Ferbella
  • Phinferb (srsly, WHY?!? °-°)
  • Doofperry (WHYYYYY?!)
  • Stacebert
  • Femily (sorry, but Emily is a mary sue D:)


Nah 055
Nah 054
Baljeet rocks out
Busting backyard - cropped
Doof polish
Me close up

Me as Lunaii

Love colored

My favorite pages

Characters I Love




TV-Show: Phineas and Ferb

Anime: Detective Conan, Hetalia, Inuyasha, Hoshi no Kaabi x3

Movie: Phineas and Ferb-Across the 2nd dimension, The amazing Spiderman

Singer: None ._.

Book: Hmmm... I'm more a fan of Fanfictions... But if you're interested, my fav fanfiction is "The Seer" written by KicsterAsh on Deviantart :D

Animal: Dogs and Cats :3

Food: Sushi, Taccos and Pastaaaaaaa :D

My Friends

Here are my Friends. If you are my Friend, you can add youself. :D


Ange is out. Peace! 14:30, August 22, 2011 (UTC)

Ange is out. Peace! I´m a Chocolate Brownie. Jippie!

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