This bio has been updated as of 27 July 2019.

Hello, and welcome to my userpage. I am AgentP. You may have seen accounts titled Wakko Warner or MattRoth around- these are my alternate accounts, created because I was locked out and I needed a mobile account, respectively.

I am no longer active on Wikia. You can find me in many other corners of the internet, however! I am a trans & queer poet & author & music historian or something like that.

[Instagram] // [Twitter] // [Tumblr] // [System Tumblr] // [Music Blog] // [AO3] // [Genius] // [Wikipedia]

Primarily active on the following wikis:

PFFanon: 1079 edits

Phineas and Ferb: 1079 edits

Random-ness: 966 edits, bureaucrat

Currently working on porting select writings over to AO3.

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