Hello, I was always an avid reader of Phineas and Ferb fanfiction on this site for at least ten years, and even made a story of my own named, Perry's New Girlfriend, nine years ago. However, I was an Unregistered User at the time, and until just recently rediscovered my interest in making P&F fanfic, that I decided to join as a member. Thank you for welcoming me onto this site officially with open arms. I am open to any new additions and edits you may make on my stories, as long as nothing is offensive or vile. If you wish to change the tone of any of my stories, or the angle, I ask that you please ask me in advance. Other than that, I am open to anything and happy reading and writing!

My pages

  • Perry's New Girlfriend
  • Colleen Becomes An Agent
  • Family Ties- Part One
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