Regal-Class Starship

The Regal-Class USS Phineas Flynn PF-01-B

The Regal-Class USS Phineas Flynn is the third ship to carry the name of the great Phineas Flynn, although now also bearing his last name (the two previous ships were simply USS Phineas). It is christened on New Year's of 2041 following the destruction of the USS Phineas (PF-01-A) in October of 2040 (Ad Astra 5: The Fight for Ferb). The Regal Class was commissioned in 2039 in the ensuing war between the newborn Planetary Federation and the Karons; the largest TerraFleet starship size prior to this was the Liberty Class, which held only 80 crewmembers. As such, this ship was designed for better tactical abilities, hull integrity, and crew capacity (500).

There are no specifications to the Regal-Class starship beyond physical dimensions, as it is not featured often in any of Tiberius64's stories. It has a total length of 1,015', a total width of 580', and a total height of 290'.

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