USS Phineas (Iso View)

The USS Phineas PF-01 (Flynn Class)

The starship USS Phineas is a Flynn Class starship (registry#: PF-01) that is capable of deep space exploration by means of warp drive (which literally
USS Phineas (Paint)

The USS Phineas PF-01 (edited with Paint Program)

warps space by using antimatter to bend space back as a means of propulsion at faster-than-light speeds). It is meant for space exploration, but is also armed for combat purposes or for protection from meteoroids. It was constructed in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard for fun by Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. It was initially used as an exploration vessel (Celestial Feelings), but was later used for combat in The Terran Empire against the Terran Empire Navy fleet in The Great Temporal Battle with the help of Meap's fleet. It survived despite severe damage. It later assisted the rebel half of the Terran Empire fleet, Prime Universe Meap's fleet, and alternate Meap's fleet in capturing Emperor Doofenshmirtz and ending his reign peacefully in A New Star is Born. By 2021, it was retired and in a hidden location underground known as "The Vault", and was eventually replaced by the USS Phineas-A (PF-01-A) in Love's Full Blossom. It was shown in Phineas and Ferb: Fresh Out of College, in The Vault. It was eventually brought back up from The Vault to be a means of escape for Phineas' children, their friends, and a group of runaways from abusive homes known as "The Survivors" from TerraFleet forces. (The Survivors); it is also revealed here that before jumping to warp from a cloaked state, there is a 5 second delay where the cloak will drop. It is mostly based on the NX Class starship Enterprise NX-01 (both in registry number and design) from the TV show Star Trek: Enterprise, but has the warp nacelles of the Ambassador Class USS Enterprise-C (NCC-1701-C).
  • The NX Class Enterprise NX-01 (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Ambassador Class USS Enterprise-C (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")


Celestial Feelings


  • Captain Phineas Flynn
  • Commander Ferb Fletcher (First Officer/Science Officer)
  • Lieutenant Commander Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Communications)
  • Lieutenant Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (Helmswoman)
  • Lieutenant Commander Baljeet Rai (Chief Engineer)
  • Ensign Buford Van Stomm (Weapons Console)
  • The Fireside Girls (Engineering Crew); all ranked "Ensign"
  • Dr. (presumably Lieutenant Commander) Candace Flynn (Chief Medical Officer)
  • Dr. (presumably Lieutenant Commander) Jeremy Johnson (Assistant Medical Officer)

The Terran Empire and A New Star is Born


  • Captain Phineas Flynn
  • Commander Ferb Fletcher (First Officer/Helmsman)
  • Lieutenant Commander Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Communications)
  • Lieutenant Irving (Last Name Unknown) (Science Officer)
  • Lieutenant Commander Baljeet Rai (Chief Engineer)
  • Lieutenant Buford Van Stomm (Weapons Console)
  • The Fireside Girls (Engineering/Medical Crew); all ranked "Ensign"

The Survivors



Colonial Marines:

Technical Specifications


  • Total Length: 275 ft.
    USS Phineas FanFiction Picture

    USS Phineas Technical Illustration

  • Hull (Saucer) Diameter: 150 ft.
  • Full Height: 62 ft.
  • Hull (Saucer) Height: 50 ft.


  • Captain's Yacht: 1
  • Standards: 3

Speeds (c = speed of light)

*Note: Error on the Picture (Uses ST:TOS measurements instead of TNG-DS9-VOY measurements)

  • Cruising Speed: Warp 8 (190,464,000 Mi./Sec.), or 1,024c
  • Maximum Speed: Warp 9 (281,976,000 Mi./Sec.), or 1,516c


  • Standard Phasers: True (come from 270-Degree phaser bank on top of and underneath saucer)
  • Standard Mark I Torpedoes: 100
  • Standard Mark I Photon Torpedoes: 50
  • Standard Mark I Disruptors: 25


  • Warp Core: True
  • Power Source: Cold Fusion/Matter-Antimatter Reaction


  • Warp Nacelles: 2
  • Impulse Power Unit: True
  • Shields: True (257.4 MHz)
  • Cloaking Device: True; will drop for 5 seconds before a jump to warp speed can be made
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