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Trixie "Lizzyboots" Gweeni
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Height: Taller than Iantha the Platypus
Nationality: American
Hometown: Danville
Nemesis: Candace Flynn
Friends and Family
Bob and Hilda Gweeni
Iantha the Platypus

Trixie "Lizzyboots" Gweeni is a spoiled and cute little girl who is actually Iantha's litle sister.


Trixie is described as cute, spoiled, and demanding. She is cute because of her high, adorable voice, curly red hair, and smile with dimples. She is spoiled because her parents generally let her do and have anything she wants. And she is demanding because she expects everyone else to do the same.

Her true personality showed when Candace Flynn began babysitting her for the "huge payment" Bob Gweeni promised. When Candace refused to let her fingerpaint on Linda and Lawrence's bed, Trixie insisted that her parents said she could. When Candace still refused, Trixie was seen throwing a temper tantrum, screaming that Candace wasn't the boss of her and she could do what she liked.

Afterwards, Candace describes her as a little terror and later on has a nightmare about Trixie and Suzy teaming up to torture her.

Trixie's father calls her "Lizzyboots", though it is unknown why.


Candace Flynn

Trixie expects Candace (and everyone else) to let her do anything she wants, and because Candace refused, she became enemies with her. Unfortunately for both of them, Candace was forced to babysit Trixie once every two weeks, and each time it ends with an extreme temper tantrum.

Iantha the Platypus

Trixie's parents are disgusted with everything Iantha does and says, therefore almost cutting her out of the family. Iantha was actually pleased with this and sleeps at the Flynn-Fletcher house. Trixie, like Candace, thinks Iantha is gross and hates to be anywere near her. Trixie can't even accept the fact that her sister is a platypus, and treats Iantha the same way she does Perry, even asking Phineas if Iantha is housetrained.

Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher

Linda and Lawrence think Trixie is just a sweet little girl and are completely unaware of her antics.


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