Tiana Webber
[[File:Aunt Tiana|200px]]
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Nationality: American
Born: April 15, 1973
Friends and Family
Clyde Flynn
Betty Jo Flynn
Linda Flynn (presumably)
Bob Webber
Meriuma Webber (daughter)
Nate Webber (son)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Phineas and Ferb "Candace's Big Day"
Voiced by:
Megan Hilty
Tiana Webber (née Flynn) is an aunt to Phineas Flynn and Candace Flynn, and step-aunt to Ferb Fletcher. Her sister is presumably Linda Flynn, as they both have
My hair may possibly also have a chicken in it

Tiana with Candace

red hair. She marries Bob Webber during the summer. She is the mother of Nate Webber and Meriuma Webber. She tell her nephews to clam down and telling her parents on her older sister named Linda Flynn-Fletcher.
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