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Thor Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 9-11
Born:  ???
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Friends and Family
Beth Williams (mother)
Arnold Williams (father)
Thaddeus Williams (brother)
Mandy Williams (sister)
Adam Williams (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Thaddeus and Thor
Voiced by:
Dan Castellaneta
Thor is the nephew of Mrs. Weaver, next-door neighbor of the Flynn-Fletchers. Thaddeus, Thor, and Mandy were visiting their aunt for the weekend. He has an uncanny resemblance to Ferb, except he has a bigger bulk and yellowish-brown hair, and his style of clothing resembles Phineas' t-shirt and low pants.

Like Ferb, he doesn't often speak. Unlike Ferb's brother, Phineas, who treats Ferb as an equal, Thor's brother is the more dominant of the two. This is evidenced by the fact that Thaddeus snaps his fingers and issues the demand of "Gum me!", and Thor hands him a piece of bubblegum. Ferb and Thor both seem to have a foreign heritage (Hence the name).

During his visit to his aunt's, Phineas and Ferb were told by Candace to compete with Thaddeus and Thor to see who could build the biggest and best backyard fort. ("Thaddeus and Thor") Thaddeus and Thor built a Castle type building with a licorice dispenser while Phineas and Ferb built an 11 story fort with amazing features such as a pool.

The Best Day for Ferb

He and his brother Thaddeus make an apperance in this fanfic.

Phineas and Ferb Anime

He makes an appearance, the only difference from his original character is that he is given a few spoken lines and his future wife is Florence.

The Rise of Team Intolerable

Thor becomes balls-Guy, an evil counterpart of Ferb's superhero nerd-Guy.

Total Drama WorldWide (Phineas and Ferb Cast)

Thor is somewhat of a coattail rider. He is in the Final 10. He was eliminated for being thought as trying to look weak, Wendy accidentally voted Phineas, and he lost the tiebreaker.

Peanutjon's Episodes

Thor hasn't appeared yet, but is planned to appear in "Lady and the Trampoline" at Louise's birthday party.

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