Thomas David Fletcher
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June 13, 2014



Hair color:

dark green/lime green

Eye color:



Elizabeth "lizzie" Fletcher, David Fletcher


Ferb Fletcher, Emily Fletcher


Linda Flynn, Lawrence Fletcher,Thomas Kinney

Voiced By

Bret Iwan

Thomas Fletcher is Ferb Fletcher and Emily Kinney's son in the Future.


Quiet, extremely smart and shy, Thomas doesn't tend to worry about much, only being four years old. He doesn't tend to talk, which leads everyone to think he is mute at first, but in reality like his father, he only tends to talk when he thinks he should.

Physical Appearance

Thomas has dark green hair with one lime green streak in the middle, and dark navy blue eyes.


Elizabeth Fletcher 

Thomas loves his sister Lizzie alot, and comes to her when he is upset or sad.

David Fletcher

Thomas loves David, only wishes he was around more often.


Thomas is an English name meaning "Twin" and "Bulider" (He who bulids).

Other information

  • Thomas and his best friend, Marie, normally sit in their backyard like Phineas and Ferb did when they were their age. Thomas doesn't talk much, like his father, Ferb.
  • Thomas is very shy. He kind of has a crush on Marie Flynn. Thomas is the son of Ferb Fletcher and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz. He is very smart and intelligent. He says that Marie is not all that great at building, he has told her that everything they build together blows up.
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