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While the story is first and foremost about the life of Ferb Fletcher, it is just as much about the friendship between Ferb, Phineas, and Emily, and how they must go through great tasks to do what is right.

The Truth about Ferb Fletcher is the tale of a young green-haired boy who must face his destiny.

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Prologue: What You Think You Know

The Truth about Ferb Fletcher banner-like promotional thingy

For years, the tale of Ferb Fletcher's past has been kept secret. What was known was merely that he and his father like in England before moving to Danville and marrying Linda Flynn while he was still a young child. But there is more to the tale which must be uncovered, and that is what you shall soon read...

Chapter 1: The Birth of Ferb

It all started back in the days of old. 1998, I believe. Madam Fletcher was going to have a baby. And Madam Fletcher's mother was the Queen of England. The Queen was extremely pleased that she would finally be a grandmother. Why, it was she who introduced her daughter to Lawrence Fletcher - and they got married and were about to bare a baby. See, Lawrence's Dad was one of the knights who protected the Queen from foreign enemies. Once the Queen found out he had a handsome son named Lawrence - she immediately wanted them to meet.

Now the time had come. Madam Fletcher was in the birth room, as Lawrence waited outside. "Aah! Aah!", Madam Fletcher yelled from inside. "This... is... so... painful!", she cried. Then a loud pop was heard. Lawrence rushed into the room. There in the hands of Madam Fletcher, lay a new-born baby with strands of green hair, a big nose, and a sealed mouth. "Aw, isn't he so cute?", Madam asked. "Yes. Yes he is", Lawrence stated, admiring his son.

"Of course, there is still the matter of naming the child", the doctor said. "Oh yes. That too. Let's see. He has green hair. Which reminds me of herbs. That's it! We'll call him Herb!", Lawrence decided. "Herb Fletcher? That's sounds quite foolish don't you think, Lawrence?', Madam asked. "Foolish? Herb? Why don't we just make a combination of 'Herb' and 'Foolish'? Hoolish", Lawrence said, sarcastically. "Or Ferb", the doctor suggested, using another form of the "Herb and Foolish" combo. "Ferb Fletcher. Has a nice ring to it", Madam said. And so it was decided. The new heir to the throne was named Ferb Fletcher.

Chapter 2: Royal School / Meeting Emily

The next few years, Prince Ferb grew up from a baby to a toddler. He went to the smartest schools in the country, but seemed most particularly interested in construction. So Madam and Lawrence enrolled him in Kindergarten classes about building. This explains a lot of things.

Ferb's compassion for construction grew to an impressive level. The royal palace thought the Prince had a gift. So they treated him like a special boy. Not like a normal kid.

"Hello there Young Master", the maid said as she woke up Ferb. Ferb was shy at this young age, so he did not talk much. "Hi" he simply said. "We'd better get you ready for school", the maid said. "Yes. Yes you should", Ferb said. So Ferb dressed in his Prince robe and took a limo to the private school. "Hello class. And Prince Ferb", the teacher welcomed. "Hey", Ferb replied. "Today, we're gonna learn how to build a rollercoaster", the teacher said. She only does this for me. She doesn't care about the other students Ferb thought. Everyone treats me like a King. I just want to be treated like a normal kid. "Your Majesty", the teacher called. "Huh?", Ferb snapped back to reality. "When building a rollercoaster, what do you need along with a blowtorch", the teacher asked. Ferb thought of the most random thing that popped into his mind. "Peanut butter?", Ferb answered. The teacher looked at her book. "Why yes. Yes it is", she said. Ferb sighed, with relief.

At recess, Ferb walked outside. "Hey look! It's Fat Ferb!", a group of mean kids laughed at Ferb. "Hey! I'm gonna be king oneday", Ferb said. "Yeah. And I'll be a Shakespearean actor. Ha ha", the mean boy laughed. Ferb marched off. "Grr...", he growled at the boys as he walked forward. Ferb bumped into a girl. They both landed in the sandbox. "Oh my. I'm so sor--", the girl began. The two looked at each other. "Uh... hi", Ferb said. "Hi... I mean. Hello, Your Majesty", the girl said. Ferb helped her up. "You can call me Ferb", Ferb said. "Ok then Ferb. My name is Emily Kinney. Nice to meet you", the girl said. Ferb nodded. "Well... see you around", Emily said and she turned around to talk to her friends. Ferb sighed.

Chapter 3: Inviting Emily

Ferb took the limo home to the castle where the staff welcomed him. "Hello Your Majesty", they all welcomed him. "Hi", Ferb replied on schedule. He walked over to his room and laid down on his bed. Lawrence came in. "Hey there Ferb. Nice day at school I hope", he said. "Yeah. I met this girl named Emily', Ferb said. "Really?", Lawrence asked. "What's she like?" "She has pretty yellow hair", Ferb described. "I see. Would you like to invite her to dinner?", Lawrence asked. Ferb jumped up. "You can do that?", Ferb asked. "Ferb son, you can do anything you want when you're a prince", Lawrence said. Ferb didn't like that. He didn't like to always be treated special because of his position. All Ferb wanted was to be a normal boy. But just imagine the chances of that happening...

Before long, it was dinner and Emily was sitting right next to Ferb. "I must say. It is a pleasure to be in the presence of the royal family", Emily's mom said. "Well it was all Ferb's idea", the Queen said. Ferb blushed.

After the meal, Ferb walked up to his room and Emily followed. "Wow. This is a cool room", Emily said. "Hm. I guess it is", Ferb said. "I bet you're so happy to be a Prince huh?", Emily asked. Now was Ferb's chance. "Not really", he said. "I've always wanted to be a normal kid. Royalty is just too much glamour", Ferb admitted. "Huh. I guess royalty isn't all its cracked up to be", Emily said. "It's nice to have someone understand me", Ferb said. He and Emily looked at each other.

Chapter 4: Appointing of the Prince

Just then, Lawrence bursted in out of nowhere. "Ferb! Emily! Come quick! The Queen has collapsed!", he blurted. "What?!", Ferb and Emily shouted. The three rushed outside where the Queen was being taken away by an ambulance. "Oh no", Ferb said. "There goes your Grandma, Ferb", Emily said. Ferb couldn't help but giggle. "This isn't funny Ferb. The Queen could die", Lawrence lamented. "I didn't think the situation was funny, I just ---." "Quiet, Ferb. We have to wait and see if she's alright", Lawrence said. "There's a guy who cares about his mother-in-law", Emily whispered to Ferb.

The next week, the royal family visited the Queen in the hospital. "Mom, what in the world happened?", Madam Fletcher asked. "It's just one of those old lady things. I may not have much time to live", she said. "Mom, don't say that", Lawrence said. "I'm not your mother", the Queen said. "You're his mother in law", Ferb said. "Quiet, Ferb. This is an adult matter", Madam Fletcher said. Ferb left the room.

Outside, Emily was waiting for Ferb. "So how's Gramma going?", Emily asked. "She might not make it", Ferb said. "Who's gonna take her place?", Emily asked. Ferb shrugged. "This is getting intense", Emily said. Lawrence opened the door. "Ferb, can you come in please", he called. Emily gave Ferb a thumbs up. Ferb walked inside.

Madam Fletcher spoke up first. "Listen Ferb. The Queen has to watch her health and she doesn't have the energy to rule England anymore", she said. "So we need you to take her place", Lawrence said. Ferb gasped. Could this be true? King Ferb? He liked the sound of that. "But before that happens, we have you anoint you", one of the butlers said. "The ceremony will take place tomorrow", a maid said. Emily bursted into the room. "Oh my gosh! Ferb, King of England! That is so totally awesome!", Emily cheered. "Ms. Kinney, this does not concern you", Madam Fletcher said. "Aw keep your dress on. I have to be here with my best friend", Emily said. A minute later she was kicked out of the hospital. "Fine suit yourself. See you tomorrow, Ferb!", Emily called. Ferb gulped. It seemed that by the time he was finished gulping, it was tomorrow.

Chapter 5: Attacked

Ferb was dressed in a King's robe with his hair onto the red carpet. Trumpets started playing. "Presenting Prince Ferb Fletcher!", the squire shouted. Everyone clapped. Ferb couldn't help but smile and wave at his adoring fans. Madam Fletcher pinched Ferb. Ferb twitched. "Who are you, Jay Leno? Act like a king", she commanded. Why don't you act like a Queen instead of bossing people around Ferb thought. "Will the Prince step forward?", the Queen asked. Ferb walked up to the Queen. "I know anoint thee, Ferb Fletcher, King of Bri--."

Suddenly, a group of masked men came crashing through the windows! "GOODNESS ME!", the Queen yelled. Ferb ducked behind the throne. "'Tis I. Santego. I've come to take over Britain!", the villain said. "You'll never take over Britain", Lawrence yelled. "Over my dead body!", Madam Fletcher yelled. "Fine then", Santego replied with a smirk, and snapped his fingers. Minions ran from behind him and dashed towards Madame Fletcher! She tried to run away, but the minions caught up to her! Surrounded, Madam yelled for help, but it was no use "NO! LET HER GO!", Lawrence yelled.

More minions came with torches and started spreading fire! Soon, the room was up in flames! "You shall all bow down before me!", Santego yelled. This was not what Ferb was worried about. Ferb was worried about Emily. He spotted her being choked by one of the minions. Ferb sprang into action. He jumped through the air and kicked the minion in his jaw. Ferb grabbed Emily's hand and pulled her over to the exit. "Ferb!", Lawrence called. He looked at his dead wife... then at Ferb. He ran after the little boy.

Lawrence escaped the castle as it exploded behind him. He tripped over a rock and fell down a flight of stairs onto the concrete ground. Ferb turned around and noticed his unconscious Dad. "Emily! We have to help my Dad!", Ferb called. He and Emily carried Lawrence over to a chariot. "Let's get out of here!", Emily yelled. The two friends (and an unconscious adult) rode away from the castle on a new set of wheels.

Chapter 6: Escape

The chariot rolled on until it keep to a steep road. "Why's the road so thin?", Emily asked. "And why does it end over there?", Ferb asked. Before they knew it, they were driving off a cliff!

"AAAAH!", Ferb and Emily yelled. "It's been nice knowin' ya Ferb!", Emily shouted as she hugged him. "It's not over yet!", Ferb shouted. He took a hairdryer and a piece of rope and made a grappling hook out of it. "So building class paid off after all", Emily said. A hook shot out of the grappling hook and tied to the edge of the cliff. "Take my hand Emily!", Ferb yelled. "Now what's all this then?", Lawrence said as he woke up. "Oh son of a ---!", he yelled. Emily, who was hanging onto Ferb's hand, held onto Lawrence's foot. The chariot tumbled down.... down.... down.... CRASH! "Wow", Lawrence said.

Ferb pulled everyone up. Emily kissed Ferb on the cheek. "That was a very brave thing you did Ferb. You saved our lives", Emily said. "Well... I, uh...", Ferb stammared. "Don't be so modest, son. You're a hero", Lawrence said. "All things aside, what do we do now?", Ferb asked. Everything was silent for a moment. "I've got an idea", Lawrence said.

The three survivors walked over to a big building. "What's this?", Emily asked. "This, Emily, is...", Lawrence began. He opened the door. "... the Royalty Relocation Program." Inside were a whole bunch of scientists and computers, and there was a big screen in the center of it all. "Should Ferb have any problems, we can send him here to relocate somewhere else", Lawrence said. "So we'll be safe?", Emily asked. "Well, Ferb and I anyway", Lawrence said. "What? What about me?", Emily asked. "You'll have you stay hidden here", Lawrence said. "But... the gang and... what about Ferb? He needs a friend", Emily said. "Frankly, any place away from those freaks is fine with me", Ferb stated. "So it's decided", Lawrence concluded.

Chapter 7: Royalty Relocation Program

Ferb, Lawrence, and Emily walked up to a guy who looked like the head of it all. Lawrence tapped his shoulder. "Um... hello there." The guy turned around. "Huh? Oh you! You're the Queen's son-in-law. What are you doing here?", the guy asked. "The palace was just attacked. We need somewhere to hide", Lawrence explained. "It was? Oh dear. They might come looking here for you. We must relocate you immediately! FYI, the name's Wheezer. Joe Wheezer", the guy named Joe said. "(snicker) Joe Wheezer", Emily muttered. "So you're makin' fun of my name, eh? Who are you anyway? You're not royalty", Joe asked. "She's MY best friend, Joe", Ferb said. "Oh! She is?! Eh heh. Sorry about the inconvenunce, Prince Ferb", Joe said. "Come this way."

The three heroes followed Joe throughout the laboratory. "As you can see, the Royalty Relocation Program specializes in saving various kings, queens, princes, and princesses from murderous maniacs by having them live in other places. Usually far away from home", Joe explained. "Are you sure? I mean, I've spent my entire life and I couldn't bear to--", Lawrence started. "Who cares about you? It's the Prince that's the concern!", Joe yelled. "OK. OK. Yeesh", Lawrence said. "So... Emily has to stay here?", Ferb asked. "I guess so. It might be years before we see each other again, Ferb", Emily said. "Well then I'll be counting the days", Ferb said with a smile. Emily smiled back. Suddenly, some random guy in a black cloak came out of nowhere and put Emily in a headlock! "What the--?! Let go of her you BEAST!", Ferb yelled. Ferb would've punched the guy if Joe didn't stop him. "They're just taking Emily away. She doesn't have a right to be here", Joe explained. "But....", Ferb stuttered. Emily was pulled away, never to be seen again. However, Ferb could've sworn he saw her mouth the words "See you later."

Ferb and Lawrence walked up to a gigantic screen. "What's this for?", Lawrence asked. "To pinpoint the exact correct location you should go". Joe said. He pulled out a piece of Ferb's hair. "Ow! What's wrong with you?", Ferb asked. Joe put the hair on a disk and pressed a button. The disk went into the computer's hard drive and a loading bar appeared on the screen. "This should determine where you go", Joe said. "Here it is. Prince Ferb shall be transported to--."

Chapter 8: Plane Panic!

"--New York City?", Joe said, confused. "That's too obvious. We must take you to the last place anyone would ever look." "Which is where?", Lawrence asked. "Danville!", Joe said. "Which Danville?", Lawrence asked. "That's the beauty of it! There are so many Danvilles, no one would know where to look", Joe said. "Oh gee, look at the time. We must get some sleep", Lawrence said, looking at his watch. "In light of all the disasters that occurred today, I'm not sleepy", Ferb said. "Don't worry. There's a hotel next door where you can stay at. I'll get you a flight to Danville and you should be able to leave by tomorrow morning", Joe said. "Thanks", Lawrence replied.

Ferb and Lawrence were taken to the Britain Bed and Breakfast Hotel were they stayed for the night. As Ferb was about to step into bed, he asked "Dad, do you think the palace will be all right?" "I dunno, Son. But we'll never know", Lawrence said. "But this is our home. And it's in danger. We can't just run away", Ferb said. "Ferb... (sigh). Sometimes in life, to save ourselves, we have to give up the thing we want most." "Really? 'Cause to me, it seems like you're being a coward." "Ferb, I... I just need you to bare with me. When the time comes, we'll do the right thing. You understand?", Lawrence asked. "Yes", Ferb nodded. But he didn't.

The next morning, they left for the airport. Lawrence waved at Joe and hopped into the plane with Ferb. Joe walked back to the Royalty Relocation Headquarters. "Another royal family saved", Joe muttered to himself. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he was pulled into a closet. "What the heck--?!", Joe started. A masked man pulled out a knife and held it to Joe's neck. "Where's Ferb?", the man asked. "Ferb? What the--? I know nobody by that name", Joe lied. The masked man pinned Joe against the wall. "Stop lying! Where is he?!", the man yelled. "At the Royalty Relocation Program, we believe in secre--." The man strangled Joe. "You don't wanna make me mad", the man said. Joe had no choice. He had to do it.

Ferb and Lawrence were sitting in first class, seats titled, soda can in hand. "Ah, this is the life. Isn't it, Ferb?", Lawrence asked. Ferb shrugged. "Nothing could go wrong", he added. Suddenly, Ferb heard a slight rushing sound from afar. Curious, he looked out the window and saw a shadow of what looked like an aircraft on the surface of the plane. "Hmm..." Then he smelt burning gas, and... "DAD, GET BELOW!"

A missile hit the plane and a chunk of it exploded! "Aaah!", Lawrence yelled. He held onto the edge of his chair as the aisle to his right went down in flames! "Oh no!", Ferb yelled. He rushed to help his father. In the air nearby, Santego was riding in an aircraft, and jumped out, landing in front of Ferb! He pulled out a sword and slashed at the boy with it!

Ferb jumped back and landed on the floor. Santego breathed in through his nostrils. "Well now, Prince Ferb, you forgot my good-bye", he said and he pointed the sword at Ferb's neck. "Good-bye." Ferb rolled away as the sword stabbed into the floor and kicked the weapon out of Santego's hand. "Wha--?!" Ferb punched Santego in the jaw! Santego flew through the air and fell off the plane into the dark chasms below. "Yeah!", Ferb cheered. "Son, look out!", Lawrence yelled. Ferb turned around. The plane was about to hit a mountain! Ferb jumped off the plane as it crashed into the mount' and exploded! Ferb fell into the dark chasms below.

Chapter 9: Dark Chasms and Pirate Ships

Ferb fell... and fell... and fell... and, ah, forget it....... SPLASH! "Glub", went Ferb. He rushed to the surface. "Gasp!", he took a long breath of air. Apparently, he was in the middle of the ocean. He didn't know what to do. Just then, the plane (on fire) came tumbling down in the water with a CRASH! The uproar caused a wave that stood hundreds of feet above Ferb. "Dwaaah!", Ferb yelled. SPLOOOSH! Ferb was hit full force by a gigantic wave and sent tumbling down once again. When he got to the surface, bits of plane swirled around him. "Ugh", Ferb groaned. Out of nowhere, something came falling out of the sky. When Ferb looked closely, he found that it was his Dad! SPLASH, went Lawrence.

"Dad, you okay?", Ferb asked as he brought his Dad up to the surface. "Just peachy, Son. But I'm afraid we've nowhere to go", Lawrence said, "But that doesn't matter as long as we're together." Ferb and Lawrence hugged. Out of nowhere, a bomb soared through the air and landed next to Lawrence. "A bomb!", he yelled. BOOM! Ferb and Lawrence were sent flying through the air and landed on a wooden floor. They were on a pirate ship! The Captain stepped to Ferb. "Who must yar be?", Captain asked. "I'm Ferb Fletcher, nice to make your aquaintance", Ferb held out his hand. "Uh...", Captain said as he held his hook hand. "If yer don't want a nasty cut, I suggest we skip the formalities", the Captain said. "Anyways, welcome to me ship: the Danville Demon!" "Danville? That's quite convenient. That's where we're going", Lawrence said. Captain aimed his hook at Lawrence. "Who might yer be, tresspasser?", Captain asked. "I'm his father!", Lawrence said, pointing to Ferb. "Lies, is all! We don't take kindly to strangers. You'll have ta walk the plank!", Captain yelled. Lawrence gasped.

"You can't make me--", Lawrence started. "Too late! Yer already on the plank", Captain said. "What--?" Lawrence looked down. He stood above the cold waters on a thin piece of wood. Ferb tried to save his dad but the pirates chained him to a pole. "Dad!", Ferb called. The Captain pushed Lawrence. "Noooooo!", Lawrence echoed as he tumbled into the ocean. Ferb wouldn't stand for this. He took the chains, tied it around the Captain's throat and choked him! "Gak! Help, me mateys!", Captain begged. The pirates just stood there. "Well, whatcha waitin' fer?! Aak!", Captain asked. One of the pirates shrugged. Ferb let the Captain go. He - he being the Captain - gasped for air. Ferb ran to the side of the ship and used the chain to catch Lawrence. The chain caught Lawrence's foot and Ferb pulled him up.

But it was not over yet. The pirates all had guns and swords pointed at Father and Son. "Don't mess wit dee pirates, lad. We're a bloodthirsty bunch", the Captain threatened. Ferb had an idea. He aimed a cannon at the pirates and fired! BOOM! With the pirates temporarily knocked out, Ferb and Lawrence climbed into the cannon and shot themselves into the air. "Consarn it!", the Captain said. "Well, you could have---" "Shut up fool, I'm angry!"

Chapter 10: Danville

Ferb and Lawrence soared above Danville. "Wow. This is a nice city", Lawrence said. "Yes. Yes, it is", Ferb replied. Suddenly, Ferb & Lawrence started descending. Then they were falling.. falling... FALLING! "Wah! We're gonna crash!", Lawrence yelled. Ferb quickly took off his shoe and used the shoelace as a lasso. He then threw the shoelace-lasso so it would get caught on a pole. When it did, Ferb & his Dad swung through the air. However, the shoelace broke and Ferb & Lawrence were sent flying through the air again! They crashed into a building and shards of glass went flying everywhere! "Dak!", yelled innocient patrons. Ferb & Lawrence landed on the floor as glass fell around them. "What the heck?", the Boss asked. "How did this happen?! And why the windows broken and the desks turned upside down? And.. why are there two random people dead on the floor?!!" "I don't think they're dead, Boss", the doctor said, "They might be very much alive." "I don't care! Get 'em out of here and get back to work!", the Boss commanded.

Ferb & Lawrence were dumped in a trash can. Ferb was the first of the duo to come to. "Huh? Wha-where are we?", Ferb asked. "We seem to be in a trash can", Lawrence observed. "Ew", Ferb replied. The two got out of the rubble. "Well, we best go look for a place to stay. Preferably an apartment", Lawrence said. "How about there?", Ferb asked, pointing to the Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. apartment.

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated! Agent P bust threw the door into Doofenshmirtz's room. "Aw, Perry the Platypus. It seems like you've come at the absolutely perfect time", Doof said, "That is, the perfect time to be IMPRISONED!" Doof pressed a button on a remote and a trap fell on Perry. "Ha ha! Now Perry the Platypus, behold my newest creation: Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc", Doof announced. Perry gave a confused look. "See, there are lots of evil scientists who just can't get a break. So I've made a company for all villains to join together and help me take over the Tri-State Area! And at a low price too", Doof explained, "But the only bad thing is that no one's joined yet. But surely someone has to to show up in a matter of ---" DING DONG! "Ooh. Maybe someone's gonna join the association", Doof said as he walked over to the door.

Chapter 11: The Flynns

Dr. Doofenshmirtz opened the door to see Ferb & Lawrence. "Hello there. I - Hey, aren't you a little young to be involved in evil?", Doof asked Ferb. "Yes. Yes, I am. But that's not what we're here for", Ferb said. "You are the owner of this apartment building, right?", Lawrence asked. "Yes, yes I am", Doof replied. "Well do you think we could rent a room?", Lawrence asked. "Sure. Let me show you around. Hold on, Perry the Platypus. I've got customers", Doof called. Ferb looked at the platypus. Perry quickly hid his hat and made that chattering noise. "Hm", thought Ferb.

Doof showed Ferb & Lawrence all the available rooms in the building. Finally, Lawrence saw one that was perfect. "We'll take it!", Lawrence said, handing Doof $100 in English money. "Hey, this is British money. You guys from Britain?", Doof asked. "Yeah. We fled because of some evil dictator", Lawrence explained. "Huh. I have a cousin who wanted to be a dictator", Doof said, "I think his name is Sante--" CRASH! "Perry the Platypus!", Doof yelled. "One second", Doof said to the Fletchers as he ran up the stairs. "That guy's weird", Ferb said. "Now Ferb, don't make fun of people. Even if they do have pointy noses", Lawrence said.

Upstairs, Perry had broken free of Doof's trap! "Not so fast, Perry the Platypus!", Doof yelled as he shot his ray gun rapidly. Perry dodged the bullets and kicked Doof in his head! Doof crashed through the window and fell down. However, he had planted a bomb on Perry that would explode any second. Perry saw this and tried to pry it off, but 'twas too late! The bomb exploded, sending Perry tumbling down into Ferb & Lawrence's room! "Hey look. It's that platypus the big-nosed guy had", Ferb said. "He looks hurt", Lawrence said. Perry chattered weakly. "We better return him home", Lawrence said, picking the poor animal up. "What does his collar say?", Ferb asked. "PERRY THE PLATYPUS. IF LOST, PLEASE RETURN TO 2308 MAPLE DRIVE", Lawrence read. "Let's return him", Ferb suggested.

As Ferb & Lawrence walked to the address with Perry, Ferb asked "If Perry belongs to another family, then why was he with that other guy?", Ferb asked. "I dunno, Ferb. I dun-no", Lawrence said, "Look. We're here." Ferb knocked on the door.

A young boy by the name of Phineas Flynn opened the door.

Chapter 12: Ferb Meets Phineas

"Hello, who are you", Phineas asked. "Um.. well, we found your platypus", Lawrence said. "Perry!", Phineas cheered. Phineas walked back inside the house. "Mom, some random guy and his freaky green-haired son with a big nose is at the door!", Phineas called. Linda Flynn came to the door. "Oh thank you, Perry's been missing for weeks", she said. "Oh, I bet you'd like the reward wouldn't you?" "Oh, no thank you. Your happiness is all the reward for me", Lawrence said, with a smile. Linda smiled back. Ferb looked inside the house.

"Well, whatcha waitin' for?", Phineas asked, "Come in." Ferb walked into the Flynns' house. He looked at the table with a bunch of building blocks shaped like the Empire State Building. Ferb went to touch it when Phineas pushed him away. "Hey, Fat Nose! Don't touch this, a lot of work has been into this", Phineas yelled. Ferb started to shed a tear. "Listen I'm sorry okay? It's just... Mom says I have a gift for construction. As a matter of fact, I love building", Phineas said. Ferb smiled. "What a coincidence. I like building too", Ferb said. Phineas smiled too, "Really? That is so coo--" Phineas caught himself. "I mean.. aren't you a little young to be into construction?", Phineas asked. "Yes. Yes, I am", Ferb replied. There was a long silence. "Great, so am I", Phineas said.

Suddenly, a girl jumped in through the window. "Oh hi, Isabella", Phineas greeted. "Hi Phineas", Isabella said with hearts in her eyes. "Whatcha doin'?" "I'm talking to my new friend. He found Perry", Phineas said. "That's great", then she held out her hand. "Hi. I'm Isabella Garcia-Shapiro", she said. "Ferb Fletcher", Ferb shook Isabella's hand. "OK Ferb, it's time to go", Lawrence called. "OK. Bye Phineas. Bye Isabella", Ferb said. "Bye Ferb", Phineas and Isabella said. Perry chattered as Ferb walked past him. "Farewell, Linda", Lawrence said. "Bye Lawrence", Linda said.

After they left the Flynns' house, Ferb asked, "Hey Dad. You think we can go back to the Flynns' house soon?" "Sure. They seem like nice people", Lawrence replied, "Plus the mother is cute." Ferb stopped in his tracks. Cute? Cute?! CUTE?! Mom DIES and now Dad thinks some random lady is CUTE?! Ferb thought. Things were about to get difficult.

Chapter 13: The Next Visit

Ferb & Lawrence walked to their apartment. Lawrence used the key to open the door to their room and plopped down on his bed. "Say Son, would you like to go back to the Flynns' tomorrow?", Lawrence asked. "Sure", Ferb replied. He had to keep a close eye on Dad and this new lady. Right then, a random cell phone started ringing in one of the drawers. "Who's phone is this?", Ferb asked, holding it up. A young girl no more than 11 barged into the room and snatched the phone from Ferb. "Do you mind?!", she said as she answered her phone. "Oh hello Jenny. Yeah, it's me Vanessa ---", the girl said as she left the room. "Huh". Lawrence simply stated. A few hours later as Ferb sat quietly in his bed, he heard Dr. Doofenshmirtz shout "Vanessa! Stop leaving your cell phone in the customers rooms!" out in the hallway.

The next morning, Ferb and Lawrence walked over to the car rental place. "Yes, I just moved here from England. I need a new car. Name's Lawrence Fletcher", Lawrence told the clerk. "Fletcher? You wouldn't be related to the royal family now, would you?", the clerk asked suspiciously. "Funny you should ask. I---" Ferb stomped on his father's foot. "OW! What was that for?", Lawrence asked his son. "Ix-nay on the royal-stay", Ferb muttered. "Oh. Um... well, uh...", Lawrence said, "Fletcher's just a common name. Can I have that car now?", Lawrence told the clerk. The Fletchers got a new car and drove off to the Flynns' house.

Lawrence knocked on the door. Candace Flynn opened the door. "Who are you guys?", she asked. "Um.. we're friends of your mother", Lawrence said. Candace stared Lawrence in the eye. "Listen, I don't know what charade you're trying to pull Bucko, but I--", Candace started. "Oh hello there Lawrence", Linda called. "What the--?", Candace started. "Mom, you know them?", Candace asked. "Yeah. They returned Perry the other day while you were at the mall", Linda explained. "Humpf", Candace muttered. "Oh hey Ferb", Phineas said, greeting his new friend. "Ugh. Twerp, you too?", Candace asked. "Uh-huh. Ferb's into construction too", Phineas explained. "What?!", Candace screamed. "Aaaaah!" Candace ran up to her room and shut the door. "What's wrong with her?", Ferb asked. "She's not the building type", Phineas said. "Come, let me show you my room."

Ferb followed Phineas into his room. Phineas opened the door. "Wow. This is your room?", Ferb asked. "Yep", Phineas replied. There were a lot of signs that this boy liked building. There were helmets and hammers and posters of pre-built houses on the walls. "Father would never let me put all this in my room", Ferb said. "What about your dad?" "Um..", Phineas stammered. "I don't really know. He.. left a long time ago", Phineas said. "Aw, I'm sorry. It's kinda like that with my Mom. I mean, I met her but... I won't be seeing her anymore", Ferb lamented. The sad party was broken by the song of music coming from downstairs. "What the heck is that?!", Phineas asked. He and Ferb went downstairs to investigate.

Downstairs, Linda and Lawrence were dancing to the musical styles of Love Handel.

If you're feelin' lost down in your soul. If you need a little something to make you feel whole. Just remember who you were when you were in control. Just get together with some friends and play some rock 'n roll! Music makes us better! Brings us together! And helps us get back that spirit they stole!

Linda & Lawrence laughed as they danced with joy. "Look how happy they are", Phineas admired. "By this rate, Dad'll probably ask your Mom on a date", Ferb said. "Yeah... before you know it they'll---", Phineas started. He and Ferb looked at each other. They had the same crazy idea. "What if, by some crazy chance, your Dad and my Mom got married?", Phineas asked. "Then you and I'd be stepbrothers", Ferb said. "That would be so cool!', they both said happily. Candace overheard this and walked over to the boys. "Listen, they just met yesterday. It would be a long shot before they would ever---", she started. "Linda darling, would you... like to go out with me sometime?", Lawrence asked. Candace fainted. "Oh Lawrence, I'd love to!", Linda said happily. "Yes!", Phineas and Ferb quietly cheered.

Chapter 14: The Date

"That's excellent! Uh... how about a fancy restaurant, Friday at 7?", Lawrence suggested. "That'd be great. I'm sure that the trendy restaurant down the street would be the perfect place", Linda said. "Okay, see you then. Come on Ferb", Lawrence called. "Farewell, Phineas. Nice meeting you, Candace", Ferb said. "Yeah, whatever", Candace said, still surprised at what had happened. When the Fletchers had left the house, Lawrence said, "Ferb, I've felt a feeling I 've never felt since I met your mother." "You mean you like her?", Ferb asked. "Well... she certainly is a very beautiful woman", Lawrence admitted. "'Cause if you guys get married, Phineas and I'd be--", Ferb started. "Oh no. Not that. I still haven't gotten over the death of your mother", Lawrence said. "OK, Dad. Suit yourself", Ferb said. But he knew his dad couldn't hide it. Lawrence loved Linda.

Friday night soon came and Lawrence and Ferb went over to the Flynns' household. Lawrence knocked on the door with one hand, a pair of roses in the other. Linda opened the door, and she was dressed in a very elegant... dress, what else? "Hello Lawrence. You too Ferb", Linda greeted. "I'm ready for the date. As you can see, I went shopping for the best tuxedo I could find at the Gogoplex Mall", Lawrence explained. "That's wonderful", she said, "Phineas! Candace! The Fletchers are here!" Phineas zoomed down the stairs in a flash and went to the door. "Hey Ferb!", Phineas greeted with a big smile. Candace reluctantly walked down the stairs. "Why do I have to babysit these brats?", Candace asked. "Candy, don't be so rude. Well kids, have fun", Linda said. "Oh we plan to", Phineas said. The door closed.

"Okay, you nitwits. We'll order pizza then it's off to bed", Candace said. "Isn't it a little early to go to bed?", Ferb asked. "No. No, it's not", Candace said and she marched into the kitchen to use the phone. When she was finished, she returned to the living room - but the boys were gone. Candace looked out the window and saw Phineas & Ferb in the backyard with a large contraption. "What IS that thing?!", she asked, and she hurried to the backyard. "Where are you two doing?", she asked. "It's an oversized telescope I like to call 'the Date-Spier', which we can use to see how Mom & Dad are doing on their date", Phineas explained. Candace looked through the telescope. She could plainly see the two adults ordering food at the Trendy Restaurant.

"So what will you order, darling?", Lawrence asked. "Well, I like the shrimp special", she said. "And I'll take the steamed vegetables with a side of butter", Lawrence said. The waiter walked away. "This evening seems to be going pretty well", Linda said. "Yes, but there is one thing I must ask you. It's been brought to my attention that you were married before", Lawrence said, trying to stir up a conversation. "Oh.. well, he was a very nice man. He had handsome red hair, and a somewhat pointy nose. We.. loved each other very much", Linda revealed. "If you adored each other, what could've probably happened?", Lawrence asked. "Well... it was a normal morning and.. he was gone. Just like that. Never seen again", Linda said. "He just... left?", Lawrence asked. "I don't like to talk about it", Linda said, her voice cracking and tears streaking down her face. "Oh honey, please don't cry. I'm sure everything will be OK", Lawrence comforted. "Really?", Linda asked, wiping tears off her face. "I'm sure. As long as I'm here, I won't let anyone hurt you", he said with a smile.

But Candace's viewing was interrupted by a random car pulling up in front of the house. "Ooh. Pizza's here!", she said and rushed to the car with a wad of money. "Huh. You know Ferb, this is pretty ordinary. We should try to trick it out. Make it more outlandish", Phineas said. Ferb opened his mouth but Phineas quickly said, "I got it!" Candace went back to the backyard with the pizza but immediately dropped it when in place of the Date-Spier was a giant movie screen! "What the --?! Where'd this come from?", Candace asked. "We made it. This way we can listen to whatever they're saying in 5.1 surround sound", Phineas explained. "And it comes with 3-D glasses", Ferb added. "But the whole town can see it!", Candace said. "Exactly. Then we all can enjoy the magic of Mom and Lawrence's date", Phineas said. "Wha -? You can't do this! I'm calling Mom!", Candace took out her phone and called Linda.

"Hello?', Linda answered. "Mom! Phineas and Ferb made a giant movie screen and now they're spying on you and Mr. Fletcher's every move!", Candace explained. "Now really Candace, I know you can be annoyed by the boys, but there's no reason for you to make up lies about them", Linda said. "But Mom, I'm telling the truth! You have to come home RIGHT NOW!", Candace pleaded. "Okay fine Candace, if it'll make you happy", Linda said and hung up. "What is it Linda?", Lawrence asked. "Candace is telling some crazy story about the boys and she wants me to come home", Linda explained. "Well you can go. There's nothing more important than the needs of a child", Lawrence said.

Candace stood by the movie screen. "Okay you two, you didn't listen to me, now Mom's coming over here to bust you!", Candace said. "That's okay. They already left the restaurant", Phineas said. "How did you guys even make this so quickly?", Candace asked. "Well, we didn't use the krazy glue", Ferb said. Candace leaned against the legs of the screen. The screen toppled over and CRASHED, bursting into a million pieces. "Oops. There it goes", Phineas said. "So it's destroyed. Big whoop. I can still show Mom the pieces", Candace said, "and -- Ooh! Is that a magnet?", Candace asked. "Yeah, when you make something like that, you gotta have everything", Phineas explained. "I've always been interested in these little doo-hickeys." Suddenly, the nuts and bolts of the once-movie screen were attracted to the magnet and closed in on Candace! "Waah!", she yelled.

Candace ran out of the backyard onto the street, nuts and bolts still following her. "Help me!", she cried. "Candace! Let go of the magnet!", Phineas commanded. Candace threw the magnet into the air. She ducked as the nuts and bolts flew over her head. Across the street, a Random Guy was walking with an empty box. "Man, I'll never find the nuts and bolts needed to fix my car", he lamented. The magnet landed in his box, as did the nuts and bolts that followed. "Alright!", he cheered. 'Twas then that Linda and Lawrence pulled into the driveway. "Candace, why are you lying down on the sidewalk?", Linda asked. Candace jumped up. "But the.. the, movie screen, and crash, magnet, nutty bolts, and... aw, forget it", Candace said. "Phineas! Ferb! We're back!", Lawrence called. Phineas and Ferb arrived on the scene. "That was fun. We should do the same thing tomorrow", Phineas said. "Yeah. Well... see you later", Ferb said. Lawrence gave Linda a kiss on the cheek. Linda blushed. The Fletchers walked away. "Sigh", went Linda. "This is one night I'll never forget", Phineas said.

And now you know how that all started. But there still is more. LOTS more...

Chapter 15: The Proposal

A year had passed since the events of the last chapter. Phineas and Ferb had build more inventions, each bigger and better than the rest. Candace had attempted to bust them, but had only succeeded in raising the family's phone bill. Linda & Lawrence grew closer in love. Then, it came the day that Lawrence had invited Linda and the kids to meet him in the Danville Park. Linda couldn't resist.

"Oh, this is wonderful! I wonder what will be waiting for me today? A slow dance? Flowers?", Linda thought out loud. "Mom, this is probably just gonna be like the rest of your dates. Mr. Fletcher just doesn't have the guts to propose to you", Candace said. "And what makes you think that?", Linda asked. "The fact that it's been a year, you've gone on a bunch of dates, and he still hasn't shown any major romantic elements other than when he kissed you at that Love Handel concert", Candace explained. "You know an awful lot for an 11 year-old girl", Linda replied. "Yes. Yes, I do. Maybe it's because I watch so many soap operas. Curse those handsome male stars!", Candace muttered. "Come on, Phineas! Hurry up or we'll be late!", Linda called. "Be right down, Mom", Phineas replied. "Oh, I seem to have dropped my keys", Linda said, bending down to pick up the object. Phineas raced down the stairs with his speed-defying shoes in half a second. "Phineas, you came down here so fast. It's almost as if you have speed-defying shoes", Linda said. "That's 'cause I do, Mom", Phineas said. "Oh Phin, you have such an imagination", Linda admired. "No, Mom, he really DOES have speed-defying shoes! It's one of the things he and Ferb ---", Candace started. "Honey, just revel in your brother's fun. Now let's go, or we'll be late", Linda announced.

Meanwhile, Lawrence and Ferb were waiting in the park. "Oh, Linda's going to be here any minute and the chariot man still isn't here! Now how am I going to dazzle Linda with a fancy ride before I hand her the wedding ring?", Lawrence asked. Ferb looked at his father. He wasn't so sure with this marriage thing, but it hurt to see his Dad in this mood. Surely, he would go against every moral fiber of his being just to make Lawrence and Linda happy. "Father, I can help you", Ferb spoke up. "I doubt you can, Ferb", Lawrence lamented. "I can. I just need $10", Ferb explained. Lawrence looked at Ferb. "$10 for what?", he asked. "Just trust me", Ferb said. Lawrence looked at Ferb. A smile spread across his face. "Okay, Ferb-O. I know I can trust you", Lawrence said and handed his son a ten dollar bill. Ferb jumped off the bench he and Lawrence were sitting on and went for the nearest hardware store.

"Okay, I'll need a chainsaw, tires, some nuts and bolts, a giant rubber band, leather seats, growth elixir, tree seeds, and a pair of horses", Ferb said and handed the cashier the ten dollars. "Aren't you a little young to be purchasing these items?", the cashier asked. "Yes. Yes, I am", Ferb replied. "Then you'll need a parent here with you", the cashier ordered. Ferb stared at the cashier for a few seconds. "Okay, fine. Never mind", the cashier said and went to the back to get the needed equipment. Soon, Ferb left the store with the aforementioned items. He went to a group of trees and cut them down with the chainsaw. Then he planted the seeds in the place of the cut trees. He poured some handy growth elixir on the seeds, and in a matter of minutes, new trees had sprouted. Ferb cut the trees and combined the wood to make a trusty chariot, with tires and nuts & bolts holding it up. He put the leather seats up on it, and used the rubber band as a whip (or whatever that thing is) to control the horses. Ferb drove over to his father. "My word! Ferb, how'd you get all this?!", Lawrence asked, quite appaled. "With a $10 bill", Ferb answered.

In the distance, Lawrence heard Linda park her car. "It's Linda!", Lawrence shouted. "How do you --?", Ferb started. "I just know the sounds, okay?", Lawrence said. "Come on, Ferb!", Lawrence ordered and ran towards the Flynns, with Ferb and his chariot closing in behind him. "Now Ferb, I'll need you to hide behind the tree and come out when I call you, okay?", Lawrence instructed. Ferb gave a thumbs-up and went behind the tree. The Flynns caught up with Lawrence. "Ah Linda, how's my favorite girl?", Lawrence asked, hugging Linda. Candace scoffed. "What's wrong?", Phineas asked. "Nothin' ", Candace muttered. "Now Linda, today is a very special day. A day that will go down in history as... er, a very special day!", Lawrence announced. "What's so special?", Linda asked, blushing that Lawrence had prepared all this for her. Lawrence snapped his fingers. Ferb and the chariot came out from behind the tree. Linda gasped. Candace rolled her eyes. "Awesome!", Phineas replied. "Climb aboard. Admission is free", Lawrence said, taking Linda's hand and climbing into the chariot.

When everyone was inside, the chariot took off. The horses galloped pleasantly... and they, er... they galloped pleasantly... uh, I got nothing. "Lawrence, this is wonderful!", Linda admired, resting her head on Lawrence's shoulder. "It gets better", Lawrence whispered, looking at the ring in his left pocket. "Ferb, this is great! We should do again someday, the two of us. And invite the neighborhood!", Phineas said with glee. "Not on my watch!", Candace interrupted. "But Candace, you don't have a watch", Phineas pointed out. The two boys and Candace stared at each other for a moment. "You know what? Just... shut up", Candace said, facing the other way. "Huh. Well, I never--- FERB, LOOK OUT!!!", Phineas yelled. Ferb snapped to. They were about to crash into a tree! Ferb quickly tried to change the direction! The horses quickly swerved and began to run at extreme speeds!

"Aaaaah!", Linda yelled. "Ferb! Slow it down!", Lawrence ordered. Ferb opened his mouth to say something, but Phineas interrupted. "He can't! The horses have gone wild!", Phineas shouted. "Way to go, boys! One of your stupid inventions is going to kill--- ", Candace started. Just then, the horses abruptedly stopped! The chariot flew into the air as the Flynn-Fletchers were sent flying! "Mental note: When we make chariots, add robot horses instead", Phineas said to himself. "Lawrence, is THIS your idea of a wonderful evening?!!!", Linda shouted angrily. "Um, but I ---!", Lawrence tried to explain. "But NOTHING!", Linda shouted. SPLOOOOSH! The gang landed in a giant pond, indulging them all with water!

"That's it, Lawrence! It's OVER!", Linda yelled. "But Linda, darling!", Lawrence begged, reaching for her hand. "Get away from me! I don't want anything from you ever again!", Linda shouted. "Even a wedding ring?", Lawrence asked, holding up the ring for all to see. Everything went quiet. The only sounds heard were crickets... and Candace fainting underwater. "L-Lawrence", Linda stammared, not knowing what to say. "Please, Linda. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. Will you be mine?", Lawrence asked. Linda looked at him, confused. "Eh-are you sure? You didn't cause all this?", Linda asked. "No. Linda, like I told you 365 days ago... I would never hurt you", Lawrence said.

(Romantic music plays)

"Oh, Lawrence... I do!", Linda finally said. The crowd of people that had gathered around for this event started to cheer as Linda & Lawrence shared in a passionate kiss. "Yeah!", Phineas and Ferb, the new soon-to-be brothers, said as they gave each other a high-five. Candace came to, saw Linda & Lawrence kissing, then fainted again. And that's how the two families became one. But the wedding must still be explored... in the next chapter!

Chapter 16: Linda and Lawrence's Wedding

The two families returned home later that day. "Oh boy, now we have to plan the wedding, and where it's going to be, and the guests, and the cake, and the decorations, and the --", Linda started. "Don't worry, Linda. I'll take care of all of it for you", Lawrence promised. "Oh, you're so kind", Linda replied. "It's the least thing I can do for a person of your beauty", Lawrence said. "Oh, Lawrence...", Linda sighed. "Oh, Linda...", Lawrence sighed. "Oh, get a room, you two!", Candace groaned.

Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb were having a conversation of their own. "This is great, Ferb! We've finally be siblings! Now we won't have to wait for the next time you come over to build things!", Phineas said, joyously. Ferb opened his mouth to say something, when Phineas interrupted, "Our parents look so happy. Ah man, Ferb, I wish there was something we could do for them." "Well, we could --", Ferb started. "That's it, Fletcher! We'll make the best wedding for Mom and Lawrence ever! Aren't I a genius?", Phineas said. "That's what I was going to --", Ferb started. "Looks like your dad's leaving, Ferb-o. You're going to have to go now. See ya! I'll call you when I get some ideas", Phineas farewelled. "But I --", Ferb started. "Come, Ferb! We must go now!", Lawrence said, grabbing Ferb's arm.

"Can't we --?", Ferb started. "Good-bye, Linda, darling!", Lawrence farewelled. "Bye, handsome!", Linda replied. Ferb & Lawrence walked to their car, then drove off. "Ah, this is the best day of my life", Lawrence sighed. "That's great, but --", Ferb started. "The only way this could get any better is if they had a new version of Jane Eyre in the offing", Lawrence said. "Ugh! I give up...", Ferb groaned. "Give up what? It better not be love. Don't give up love Ferb. Don't... give... up... the love", Lawrence replied.

And so a few months passed, and the soon-to-be-wed couple made up plans and arrangements for their wedding, unknown that Phineas and Ferb were cooking up their own version. "Okay, so then the boy, dressed up as Cupid, flies in through the window with the rings, then drops them, which land on Mom & Lawrence's finger. And then as for the cake, since we can't decide between chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, we'll make each layer of cake a different flavor. And then the very top will be a combination of the three, choconillaberry, if you will. Oh, and the ice sculpture will --", Phineas explained. " -- will be made of unmelting ice, shaped like Dad & Linda waltzing in their wedding clothes", Ferb finished. "Exactly! Just like what I was thinking", Phineas agreed.

Phineas and Ferb took their plans downstairs to show their parents. "Hey Mom, and Mr. Ferb's Dad! Check out these wedding plans me and Ferb whipped up!", Phineas said. Linda took the notes, and Lawrence glanced over her shoulder to look at them. "Well, this is all nice, but where are you gonna get unmelting ice?", Linda asked. "Give us 5 bucks and we'll make it toot-suite", Ferb suggested. Linda & Lawrence laughed. "No, guys! They actually will make it!", Candace said, rushing on the scene. "Oh Candace, revel in the kids' imagination", Linda said. "They CAN! Ugh, no one believes me!", Candace groaned, marching away. "Alright, kids. We'll give you the $5 for the 'unmelting ice' ", Lawrence said, winking and handing the boys a $5 bill. "Thanks, Mr. Ferb's Dad! You won't be disappointed!", Phineas said, he and Ferb running away.

The two adults didn't know the kids could actually make that, and just played along with what they thought was the boys' imagination.

Anyway, soon came the day of the wedding, and it didn't exactly start out the way Linda & Lawrence envisioned it. "Oh no! This is a complete disaster! The guests are going to be here any minute and everything's messed up!", Linda panicked, gazing at the mess in the church. "Don't worry, Linda. I'll fix things!", Lawrence tried to reassure. "Where's the cake? And the ice sculpture?", Linda asked, in worry. "Ooh... I, er, uh, might have forgotten those...", Lawrence groaned. "At LEAST tell me you have the rings...", Linda pleaded. "The rings! Oh yes, those rings!", Lawrence said. He checked his pockets, then searched around the room, then concluded, "I lost the rings." "Oh, DARN! Who will save us now?", Linda asked.

"Do not worry, Mother and Mr. Fletcher! Candace Flynn shall save the day!", shouted a loud voice. "Wha --?", Linda stammared. Candace strolled into the room in a princess outfit, holding a notebook. "I've always wanted to be in charge of a wedding! How about I help you, Mom?", Candace asked. "Now, Candy, I'd love to have your assistance, but this is a job for... more experienced people", Linda replied. "Well, is there anything I can do?", Candace asked. "Hmm... say, Candace, if your Aunt Tiana ever has a wedding, you can be charge of that, 'kay?", Linda suggested. "Fine", Candace replied.

"Well, that's all fine and dandy, but we have a wedding crisis here!", Lawrence complained. Suddenly, some instrumental music started to play. "What's --?", the three muttered. Just then, Isabella and her Li'l Sparks group dressed as flower girls entered the room. "Aw, how cute", Linda admired. Following the flower girls were Ferb, hauling a wheelbarrow with the ice sculpture in it, and Phineas doing likewise, but with the cake in the wheelbarrow. "Oh! Aw... thank you!", Linda said, overjoyed. Candace's eyes started to twitch. "Don't worry, Mom! Ferb and I've got 'cha covered!", Phineas said. "Don't we have some wonderful little boys, Linda?", Lawrence asked. "Yes. Yes, we do", Linda replied. Candace broke her notebook in two, in anger.

"That's not all of it. Come in, folks!", Phineas shouted. A group of workers came into the room, and started to decorate it for the wedding. "This is great, Lawrence!", Linda said, shedding a tear of joy. Just as the last worker put up the last shade, the guests started to pour in. Family members of Linda's and some of Lawrence's filled up the seats. "Hey Lawrence, how come there are more guests from my side of the family than yours? Yours couldn't make it from England in time?", Lawrence asked. Lawrence's eyes widened as he remembered what happened last year. "Um... uh, yeah, I'm sure that's it", Lawrence lied.

Soon, the time came for the two to be wed. With everything as perfect as it could be, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace took their seats in the front row and watched the ceremony. Lawrence and the minister were in the front of the room. Linda walked down the aisle. "Doesn't she look beautiful?", Lawrence whispered to the minister. "I dunno. She's your fiancee, not mine", the minister replied. Linda joined Lawrence as the minister started his speech: "Friends, family members, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joining together of these two young ones, Linda Flynn and Lawrence Fletcher..."

Soon, the time came for Linda & Lawrence to put their rings on. "Uh-oh. We don't have the rings. What are we going to do?", Linda whispered. "I don't know. Let's wing it", Lawrence replied. Meanwhile in the audience, Phineas said, "Hey Ferb, what'd we do with the rings? Hello, Ferb?" Ferb was busy maneuvering a remote control. CRASH! Suddenly, something came flying in through a window. It was... "Perry?!", Linda yelled. It was indeed Perry the Platypus, and he had a helicopter strapped to his back, which Ferb controlled. Perry was lowered down to Linda & Lawrence's level, and he put out his paws, to reveal the couple's rings on each. Lawrence removed the rings and placed them on his and Linda's fingers.

Ferb lowered Perry to the floor, and turned off the helicopter. Perry chattered, then scurried off to the outside. There, he put his secret agent hat on, and ran down the road, where he encountered Dr. Doofenshmirtz! "Oh, so you think you can evade me, eh, Perry the Platypus?", Doof asked, "Well, you cannot!" Doof pulled out a ray gun and shot at Perry, blasting him to the ground. "Now, Perry the Platypus, I have planted a bomb in that church over there! Why, you ask? Well, when I was going to get married to my wife, Charlene, we went to that church, but one of the guys turned me down, because he said I was 'ugly'! Now I shall make sure NO one gets married there anymore!", Doof explained. Perry remembered that the Flynns and Fletchers were in there, then jumped up and punched Doof!

Inside the church, Linda and Lawrence were about to kiss. "So now, by the power invested in me, I declare you --", the minister started. Suddenly, a bunch of grunts and groans of pain were heard from outside. Once it ended, the minister continued, "... I declare you man and wife!" With that, Linda and Lawrence kissed, officially uniting the two families as one. Everyone cheered!

Meanwhile, Perry was fighting Doof, from whom those grunts and groans of pain came from, after being beaten by Perry. Perry unleashed one final attack and kicked Doof across the face! Doof hit the ground, and a remote fell from his pocket and broke in half. "Ha! Now, Perry the Platypus, you have set the bomb! I have succeeded... though I am in excrutiating pain." Perry rushed to enter the church, but was too late.

"Okay, who wants some cake?", Linda asked. BOOM! The bomb, which was under the floor which the cake was on, exploded! But, as anything made by Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., didn't work that well, and only caused the cake to blow up and splatter all over the married couple. The two looked at each other, then burst into laughter! The entire room joined them.

"What? I don't understand! The entire church should have been blown to smithereens! Ugh... no matter", Doof groaned, getting up, "I shall make my escape!" Doof started to run, but tripped on a rock and landed in a puddle of mud. "D'oh...", he grunted. Perry entered the church, albeit without hat and on his legs, chattering. "Oh, there you are, Perry. You missed it", Phineas told him.

Hours later, the limousine arrived, and Linda and Lawrence piled into it. They then rode off, as a banner reading "JUST MARRIED!!!" attached to the bumper waved in the wind. Doofenshmirtz had gotten up from the puddle of mud and was dusting himself, when the limousine drove by, running over the mud, which splashed on Doof! "Ah, come on!", he yelled. In the limo, Lawrence said, "You know what? I was wrong. THIS is the best day of my life." Then he and Linda kissed once more as the limo drove off into the distance...

The End... NOT!

What? Did you think the story was over just like that? No, I'm afraid not, random reader. There is still more to be read. Why, this is just the prologue. You've yet to hear the whole story... o_O

Chapter 17: A Blast from the Past

So stick with us because Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all... so stick us because Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all...

It was a bright sunny day in Danville. Stepbrothers Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher were in the middle of their greatest summer ever. Years had passed since Ferb escaped the seized England and came to Danvile to meet the Flynns. And now the two made it their duty to create great contraptions each day for the advancement of fun and imagination. And Candace still hasn't stopped since years ago to try to bust them for such things. Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz's battles have gone on as well, with Doof being thwarted time and time again. But know it was time for Ferb to get an awakening...

"So, Ferb, what do you want to do today?", Phineas asked him. Ferb shrugged. The two were sitting beside a tree in their backyard, as they often did while brainstorming their ideas. "What do you think we should do, Perry?", Phineas asked. Perry chattered. "Boy, it sure is hot today... If only we could put this warmness to good use...", Phineas sighed. "Well, there IS this thing called solar energy", Ferb replied. "Solar energy? Isn't that harnessed power of the sun you use to make stuff work?", Phineas inquired. "Why yes. Yes, it is", Ferb answered, "Oh wait..." Ferb pulled out a laptop and scanned the internet for confirmation of this fact. "Wait, wait... Okay, it is." "Cool!", Phineas cheered.

"Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!", Phineas said, "We're gonna build solar panels!" "Wasn't that already done?", Ferb asked. "Yes, but not in the PnF way!", Phineas pointed out. "We have a way?", Ferb asked. "Yes... Yes, we do. I have a patent pending on it", Phineas replied, "Now let's get to work!" Phinwas and Ferb began to construct giant solar panels. This panels took in energy from the sun and used it to make energy for devices, which include a giant lamppost (which gave off light so radiant that if you were to put a plate of frozen chicken under it, the chicken would thaw and be cooked in just 5 seconds), and a solar to electrical energy converter which powered a hundred plasma TVs, twenty electric laboratories, and a toaster. (Yes, a toaster. There was a little bit of energy left, so they decided they'd make toast with it.)

Meanwhile, while they were doing this, a shiny limo pulled up on Maple Drive. A figure dressed in a black, shiny, leather cloak stepped out. This person pulled out a paper and glanced at a photo of a house... Phineas & Ferb's house. "So this is it, huh?", the figure asked in a raspy voice. "Not what I would've chosen, but eh... Who knows how these Americans work..." In the backyard, Phineas and Ferb were resting on lounge chairs, with a solar-powered robot pouring iced tea into glasses for them. "More ice, Mr. Flynn?", the robot asked. "Nah, that's okay", Phineas said, taking the glass. Meanwhile, Candace was in the house, talking to Stacy on the phone. "Who's cuter, Jeremy or Coltrane? Jeremy of course! Huh? Am I just saying that because he's my boyfriend? Geez, Stacy, of course I'm going to say I like HIM better if I'm in a relationship with him! This is pointless!", Candace chattered.

"Huh? What time is it, you ask? Let me check my watch." Candace checked her watch. "Gasp! It's 11:05! Busting time! I'll call you back later, Stace!" Candace closed her cell phone and looked out the window. She spotted the whole solar energy fair that the bros had cooked up. "Oh... You two are going down!" Candace pulled out her cell to contact her mother, who had left to go to a flea market for some low prices on clothes. As she dialed, the mysterious figure walked into the room, and a cold presence was felt. "Huh? What's with the random difference in temperature?", Candace inquired. She looked up and saw the figure. "Wh-who the heck are you?!", she asked, shocked.

"Where is Ferb Fletcher?", the figure asked. "What do you want with my stepbrother?", Candace questioned. "I have important news for him", the figure replied. "Well, sorry. He's about to get busted. Come back at a later time", Candace rudely retorted. "You don't understand. This is impeccably crucial", the figure warned. "Impeccably? What do birds have to do with this?", Candace inquired. "TELL ME where he is...", the figure growled. "Ha! And if I don't? What are you gonna do, stare at me through that hood of yours?", Candace taunted. The figure, having enough of Candace's wisecracks, jumped into the air and kicked her across the face! Candace flew to the right and landed on a couch! "Aaagh!", she shouted, rubbing her jaw. "I will have to find him myself...", the figure muttered, going into the backyard.

Outside, the figure spotted Ferb sitting on the chair. "Bingo..." "Hey Ferb, we're out of plastic cups. Do you think you could go back into the kitchen and get some more?", Phineas asked. Ferb nodded and got off the chair. As he edged the house, the figure grabbed him by the neck and ran with him into a dark corner. "What the --?!", Ferb screamed. "Sssh! Be quiet!", the figure coaxed. "Who are you?! What are you doing to me?!", Ferb screamed. "Shut UP!", the figure growled, "Yeesh. You've gotten louder over the years. What have these guys done to you?", the figure wondered. "Huh? That voice? It sounds so... familiar", Ferb muttered. "So I haven't become a cloud in your memory. How fortunate", the figure said, somewhat satisfied. "Just WHO are you...?", Ferb asked. "You haven't noticed? Man, have you gotten dumber too?", the figure joked. "Get to the point!", Ferb growled. "Alright! Whoa, you're more serious..."

The figure removed her hood... (Note that I said her.) "Huh? What...? It can't be?!", Ferb shouted. "No, it was. It's me, Emily Kinney", the figure revealed herself. "Emily?! No... no... this cannot be possible...", Ferb muttered. "Yes, it is. What, you think this is a dream? Want me to pinch you?", Emily joked. "You mean, all these years... You've still been alive?", Ferb asked, finding this hard to believe. "Yeppers. After you and your pappy were sent scrambling to this place -- Danville is it? Sounds plain -- me and my family have been defending ourselves against Santego since he took over England", Emily explained. "Santego? Took over Britain?", Ferb muttered. "Hey, you don't remember it all because you were a little kid, but you were once the heir to the throne", Emily said.

"Heir... to the throne?! You mean I'm a PRINCE?!", Ferb shouted. "Yep. Your mother was the daughter of the Queen, who was in her last days. But before you could gain leadership, Santego came and took over the country with an iron fist... Your mother didn't make it out. You and Mr. Fletcher were relocated thanks to the Royalty Relocation Program", Emily said, trying to spark up some memories. "Right, right! It's all coming back to me now!", Ferb said. "Hey, Ferb-meister, you get the cups yet?", Phineas asked from afar. "Who's that?", Emily asked. "Oh... that's my stepbrother, Phineas", Ferb explained. "Stepbrother?!", Emily shouted, in disbelief. "Mm-hmm. When we came to Danville, Dad married this lady and we moved in with the Flynns. He likes construction too!", Ferb said. "That's... very nice", Emily muttered.

"So, Kinney, I see you've gotten prettier over the years", Ferb said. Emily blushed. "Aw, you too, ya big green-haired guy", Emily replied. "Anyway, what brings you here?", Ferb asked. Emily put on a grim face. "Listen, Ferb... Santego's plunged England into despair, and the country is in need of a hero who will come and defeat him, and rule Britain the way it should be", Emily explained. "So who's the lucky guy?", Ferb questioned. "That's the thing. I came here... to get you, Ferb. You're the only one who can stop here. YOU'RE the rightful king of England."

Chapter 18: Phin Phinds Out

"I can't be a king!", Ferb shouted. "Actually, you can. You just don the shiny crown, and --", Emily started. "Not like THAT! I mean, I don't want all that attention! I don't want to have to rule an entire country. I want to live a normal life!", Ferb explained. "I know, Ferb, you told me that when we were younger. You never wanted that forced upon you. But as you can see, backing down is not an option. If you want to be cowardly, then Britain will remain like this, and there will be no hope of freedom. Is that what you want?", Emily asked. "I don't want England to be in this trouble, but I don't necessarily want all this pressure to be on ME! I never asked for this!", Ferb shouted.

"Who said that you asked for this? You have to take a chance and accept this head-on!", Emily replied. "How am I going to stop a dictator and save a whole country, huh? How do you think you can just come over here and tell me what to do?!", Ferb yelled. "Listen, Ferb, you've done lots of things! You've built a rollercoaster, you've traveled through time, you made it around the world in just a day! Those are great feats! I'm sure with your intelligence you could easily thwart Santego!", Emily encouraged. "Wait, how do you know I did all that stuff?", Ferb inquired. Emily blushed. "I, uh, have sources...", she muttered.

"Ferb, buddy, are you okay?", Phineas asked. "Listen, Em, I've got to go", Ferb said, trying to leave. Emily pinned him against the wall. "Listen, kid, do you know all I stuff I had to go through to get here? It wasn't easy, I had to take a lot of risks, and I barely got out of them alive! I did NOT do all that just to offer you the chance of a lifetime and have you turn me away!", Emily growled. "Emily, I'd like to help you, I really would, but I... I don't think I can do it", Ferb sighed. "That's not being optimistic, Ferb", Phineas pointed out. "I know it's not, but... Hey wait, Phineas?!!!", Ferb noticed. "Heyah!", Emily shouted, taking a jab at Phineas with her fist! Phineas ducked under the punch.

"Hey, hey, calm down! I don't bite", Phineas replied. "How long have you been listening?", Ferb asked. "Oh, just your last line. I was wondering what was taking you so long to get the cups. Anyone care to give me context?", Phineas questioned. "This is none of your business!", Emily growled. "Hey, that's my brother you're talking too!", Ferb retorted. "Is this something important? I can come back later", Phineas said, a bit uneasy. "Oh no, I'm sure Emily wouldn't mind, would you?", Ferb asked. "Hmm. Fine, whatever. Even though three's a crowd", she muttered.

One short explanation later...

"YOU'RE A PRINCE?!", Phineas yelled in disbelief. "Shut up, triangle-headed boy", Emily groaned. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!", Phineas continued. "Shut up before I punch the daylights out of you", Emily groaned. "Sorry, I just can't process the fact that my own stepbrother is in fact the prince of England!", Phineas sighed. "Well, don't think about it too much. I'm reclining the offer", Ferb replied. "What? But you can't, Ferb! England needs your help!", Phineas coaxed. "I can't do it by myself...", Ferb muttered. "By yourself? Who said you had to do it by yourself? I'll be by your side!", Phineas said cheerily. "You will?", Ferb asked. "Yeah, you didn't think we'd leave you out to dry, did you?", Phineas asked.

"Dorito Boy's got a point", Emily said. "Phineas. The name is Phineas", he corrected. "Oh... right, sorry. I'll be there with you too, Ferb-eh!", Emily agreed, "The two of us will be by your side!" "Erm... I guess that'll make it a bit more comforting", Ferb said. "So, will ya do it?", Phineas asked. "Will you, Ferb? The whole country is depending on you", Emily begged. Ferb thought about it for a moment. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. "Yes. Yes, I..." He put the sunglasses on real suave-like. "... will." "YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!", Phineas and Emily cheered.

"Hey... in all the commotion, I forgot to ask! Where's Perry?", Phineas popped up. "Who's Perry?", Emily asked. "Perry. He's our pet platypus", Phin explained. "You guys have a pet platypus?", Emily questioned. "Yes. Yes, we do", Phin replied. "Don't platypi have... poisonous spurs on them?", Emily asked. "Uh-huh. We had to get Perry's surgically removed", Phineas stated, "Not that he would stab us anyway. He loves us!" "Whether he loves you or not, he could hurt you by accident. Say a kid was holding a gun, he may not MEANT to have shot some one, but he did, and they were killed and the guy got arrested", Emily explained.

"Well, no one would reach under Perry and purposely get themselves stabbed, now would they?", Phineas pointed out. "Well, hey, some people's hands slip, and the next thing they know, they could have platypus venom coursing through their veins!", Emily continued. "Oh, whatever. The point is, he can't poison anyone because Perry the Platypus is completely spur-free!", Phineas concluded. "Perry the Platypus? ... Ain't that, like, alliteration or something?", Emily asked. "Yep. We could call him, PP! Oh wait, no, that wouldn't work", Phineas muttered. "What about P squared?", Ferb suggested. "That'll do!", Phineas agreed. "Well, I have no pet platypus, but I have a pet fox!", Emily noted. "Uh, guys... Don't we have to cut to a scene or something?", Ferb asked. "Oh, yeah! But the cameraman's being too darn slow", Emily groaned. "Oh, sorry", the cameraman apologized and went to the next scene.

A-Gent P! Perry slid into his lair through a hole in the ceiling. He landed on his seat and pressed a button on his keyboard. Dr. Doofenshmirtz appeared on screen. "Oh, yes, and I'll some onions on that, with -- Huh?", Doof noted, "Hold on, I'll be right back." Doof covered the speaker of his phone. "Hello there, Perry the Platypus. I suppose you are wondering, where is Major Monogram? Well, he had to do some grocery shopping, since his wife complains that she does all the shopping around the house, so he sent me here to tell you what to do", Doof explained, "Well, he said, and I quote: ' (Monogram voice) Agent P, Dr. Doofenshmirtz has been up to his old tricks. We are not sure what they are, or if even what he's doing is remotely evil, but I see no reason for him to stop what he's been doing the past few years, so if he is indeed doing what he done so successfully, well, actually, failed at horribly, then stop him!'"

"Anyway, now that that's done, I can get on with my rant. Anyway, Perry the Platypus, I have concocted a brilliant plan! Would you like to know what it is? Well, first you must find me! Mwah ha ha!", Doof cackled, "Anyway, let me finish ordering my pizza ~ Hello? Hel-lo? Huh, I guess they must've hung up." Perry got off his seat and walked towards a door near the left of the giant screen. "Do you think they heard me speaking? Maybe they thought I was crazy. Next time I -- What, Perry the Platypus, where are you going?", Doof questioned. Perry walked inside the door, went up some stairs, and appeared next to Doof on the screen. "Oh... well... I should've locked that", Doof muttered.

"Well, since you're here, Perry, I might as well show you my latest invention!" Doof uncovered another one of his machines. "The Ultra-Sunlight-Inator! With this I shall make the day even hotter, torturing EVERYONE in the Tri-State Area! And where will I be, under the shade of my umbrella when I take a trip to the beach at 3!", Doof explained. Perry gave him a glare. "What? Oh, I know what you're thinking! 'Other people can get some shade, too!' Well, for that reason, I have made the Shade-B-Gone-Inator where -- Hmm..." Doof looked around. "It seems I have forgotten to make the Shade-B-Gone-Inator. Oh, now I remember, I was too busy watching TV last night. It's not my fault they have such quality programming on at night! Ah, Perry, do you think you could wait a few minutes for me to construct it?"

Perry glared at him. "Yeah, you're right, we're burning daylight. Oh well, you'd stop me anyway, what's the use? Besides, I could use the money for better things, like charity... Okay, maybe not charity, the people at those centers are so cheery it's scary. Meh, I guess I'll get some candy. Anyway, come Perry, come kick me in the face." Perry ran up to Doofenshmirtz and kicked him smack in the face. Doof flew back and hit the Ultra-Sunlight-Inator, triggering a ray that fired into the air. This ray went on until it hit the sun, and thus causing the sun to create some sunlight, warming up the Earth that much more!

Meanwhile back in the backyard... "Gee, it's getting pretty hot", Phineas noticed. "Yeah! It's not even this hot during the summer solstice in Britain!", Emily added. "I'm sweating like a big. We should go in the house", Ferb suggested. The three retreated into the household. Inside, Candace had called Mom on her phone. "Mom, some random person in a cloak came into the house wanting to see Ferb and sidekicked me in the face! ... No, really, Mom. Why would I lie about something like this?", Candace asked, "Oh, and the boys made some giant solar panels in the backyard that -- Oh look, the person in the cloak is here now, I'll let you talk to her!" Candace gave the phone to Emily. "Talk you!", she ordered. Emily raised an eyebrow.

"Talk you selfish little -- GASP!", Candace stated in shock, "The s-s-solar panels!" The kids turned around to see. It was true. There was so much sunlight coming in that the solar panels couldn't harness it and they started to malfunction it! "Get below!", Phineas yelled. The four ducked behind a couch as the panels in the backyard exploded in a burst of flames!

Meanwhile, Perry rushed to the Ultra-Sunlight-Inator and turned it off. "Thanks, Perry the Platypus. Even though I have a bruise on my cheek now...", Doof said. Perry tipped his hat and walked off. PERRY!!!

At the same time in the flea market... "Candace? Hello? Candace?", Linda talked on her phone, but there was no reply. This was because Candace closed her phone abruptly before hitting the deck. "I'd better head home and see what's going on."

Phineas, Ferb, Emily, and Candace lifted their heads from behind the couch after the explosion. "Is it safe?", Candace asked. "Looks so", Emily answered. "However, parts of the sonar panels are spread all over the lawn", Ferb noted. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it", Phin replied. He took out a remote and pressed a button. All the pieces of sonar panels got up and started swirling around as if in a cyclone. They then swirled over to the nearby garbage can and deposited themselves within it. "So, THAT'S why you put that chip in 'em", Ferb realized.

Perry came into the house through the doggy door and went up to the boys. He chattered. "Oh, there you are Perry! You know, we were asking where you were just minutes ago", Phineas said.

Chapter 19: The Telling

"So, can someone please explain to me what is going on here?!", Candace demanded. "Oh. Um, well, Candace, this is my friend, Emily. She's from Britain", Ferb introduced. "Hi", Emily said reluctantly. "Oh, so you were so excited to see your friend that you had to side-kick me in the face?!", Candace yelled. "Emily, you side-kicked Candace?", Ferb asked. "She was in my way!", Emily retorted. "If someone's in your way you don't KICK them!", Candace noted, "What is Ferb, your boyfriend?!"

"What's it to ya?!", Emily retorted. "Them's fightin' words!", Candace growled, clutching her fists. "Well, maybe I wanna fight!", Emily threatened. "I'd like to see you try!", Candace taunted. "SCREEECH!" Everyone looked towards the front door. Linda opened the door and noticed the numerous pairs of eyes staring at her. "What?" She looked at Candace and Emily about to punch each other. "What are you two doing?", Linda questioned.

"Erm... a fist bump! Yeah, y'know, 'cause we're... um, tight, and stuff. Right Candace, we were about to fist-bump?", Emily asked. "Y-yes. Yes, we were", Candace lied. She and Emily shared a fist-bump. "Oh... kay. So, Candace, when you were calling me, your phone cut off. Why?", Linda asked. "Heh, you know, my phone ran out of battery power. I'll just put it to charge", Candace said nervously, leaving the scene.

"Alright, now that we have that all cleared up, let's have some lunch." Linda walked into the kitchen. A few seconds later, she walked back out. "Excuse me, who are you? I haven't seen you around the neighborhood", Linda inquired, referring to Emily. "Oh, that's Emily. Ferb's friend from England", Phineas stated. "Aw, how nice of you to come this whole distance just to see Ferb", Linda said.

"Actually, I didn't come here for mere 'Hello's and 'How have you been's. I have a greater task than that", Emily replied. "Oh? Well, what task would THAT be?", Linda asked. "You see, uh...", Emily started. "She's my stepmom", Ferb said. "... Ferb's stepmom, Ferb is actually the heir to the British throne. I've come to retrieve him and take him back to his home land so he van best the dictator that currently rules there and restore peace", Emily explained.

"What?!", Linda yelled. "What?!", Candace yelled from another room. "What--cha so surprised about?', Emily asked. "You guys are kidding about this, aren't you?", Linda said. "Nope. Cross my heart", Emily replied. "Yeah. She's telling the truth. I really WAS once the Prince", Ferb agreed. "Uh-huh. I just found out about this today as well", Phineas joined in.

Linda backed up. "You kids are... pretty serious about this", Linda said. "Of course we are, Mom. Why would we lie to you about something like this?", Phineas asked. The mother was speechless for a moment. Then, she yelled out... "LAWWWWWWWRENCE!"

A few minutes later...

"Lawrence, why didn't you tell me your previous wife was part of the royal family?!", Linda growled. "I-it never came up, darling", Lawrence gulped. "So all these years, you knew but you never bothered to tell me? And if this girl, young Emily, didn't come from England and tell me, I never would've known?!", Linda questioned angrily.

"Oh, that's EMILY?! Ms. Kinney, how have you been?", Lawrence asked. "Well, I escaped a country ruled by this evil guy. Could've been better, I suppose", Emily replied. "Don't change the subject, Lawrence!", Linda shouted. "Listen, honey, we'll sort this out!", Lawrence said, panicking. "How are we going to sort this out, huh Lawrence? An event as big as this?!", Linda asked, "How?!"

"They're just KIDS! They can't stop a dictator by themselves!", Linda yelled. "You'd be surprised what they can do", Candace said from the other room. "Shut it, Candace!", Linda retorted/ "Geez, how out of character", Candace muttered. "Linda, please, we'll get through this", Lawrence promised. "I... I just need to go somewhere to think", Linda muttered.

She left the room and exited the house. "Linda, wait!", Lawrence chased after her. Linda got into her car, started it, and drove her. "NO!" Lawrence ran after her. "Don't gooooooo..."

Phineas, Ferb, and Emily blinked in silence. "What just... happened?", Phineas asked. "I believe Mother and Father argued", Ferb explained. "I knew that, but...", Phineas started. Candace walked into the room. "Well, now you've done it. Now Mom and Dad ran off. Who knows when they'll be back?", Candace asked. "Well, now that we have no distractions, let's go!", Emily lead.

"We can't leave just like that", Phineas refused. "Yes. Yes, we can. Watch", Emily said as she opened the door. Isabella was at the door. "What ch'y'all yellin' about?", she asked. "Huh? Wait... Isabella, is that you?!", Emily asked. "Of course I-- Emily?! You're here?!", Isabella asked in disbelief. "Yeeee!!!", the two danced around.

"You two know each other?", Phineas asked. "Of course! We met on!", Isabella said. "I was EmilyGirl94", Emily stated. "And I was IzzyChicky42!", Isabella added. "We were such great friends! We had a lot in common!", Emily explained. "Yeah! I told Em that I had these boys in my neighborhood named Phineas and Ferb who build these extraordinary things", Isabella started. "And I asked her if this Ferb was named Ferb Fletcher", Emily continued. "And I said it was! And then Emily told me of how she knew Ferb from her childhood and what happened", Isabella went on. "And so from then on, Izzy kept me updated on what was happening here in Danville", Emily concluded.

"So that's how you knew where I lived... and the achievements that I made!", Ferb realized. "Yeppers! So, Em, muh girl, what brings you here?", Isabella asked. "I have to take Ferb back to Britain. What's happened there is too severe, it has to be solved immediately", Emily explained. "I see. Ah well, you two have fun. I'll just stay here with Phineas", Isabella said, going to Phin's side.

"Sorry, Isabella. I'm going with Ferb and Emily too", Phineas said. "Really? I'll go with you then!", Isabella changed her mind. "Sorry, three's already a crowd, four would overdo it. Why don't you stay here with Candace and keep us updated on how things are going?", Emily suggested. "Sigh... okay...", Isabella muttered. "Oh, no! You guys aren't going all the way to Britain!", Candace stopped. "Candace, this is important", Phineas said. "I'm not going to let you go and get yourselves killed!", Candace replied.

Silence. "Candace, I... I promise, we won't get ourselves killed. You have to trust us", Phineas said. "Oh...", Candace groaned, "FINE! But please, I don't want anything to happen to you guys. Even though you annoy me a lot of times, you ARE my brothers..." She hugged Phineas and Ferb. "Be back safe." "We will", Ferb replied. Isabella blew her nose. "This is so touching...", she cried. "Oh, please", Emily muttered.

Emily grabbed Ferb by the ear and started marching with him out of the house. "Ow!", Ferb grunted. Phineas trailed after them. "Wish us good luck! We'll be back before you know it!", he called out. "Bye, Phin!", Candace and Isabella farewelled. The door shut. More silence. "So... Candace...", Isabella said with a smirk. "Don't let any of that heartwarming stuff get out to the public. I have a reputation to keep", Candace replied.

Chapter 20: Beginning of a New Adventure

The three stepped out of the house and walked towards the vehicle which Emily had come in. "Is this a limo?", Phineas questioned. "Well, it's long, it's black and --" Emily opened the door. "-- it's stylish. So yeah... it's a limo", Emily concluded. The three piled inside and sat down. The door automatically closed. "Ooh, classy", Ferb noted. "Where to?", asked the chauffeur. "The nearest airport you can find", Emily replied. The limo started to whirr, and then it began to move. The limo departed from Maple Drive. They didn't know when they would return, or IF they would return, but they knew they were leaving for a good cause.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a conversation was under way... "Whatcha doin'?", Buford asked Irving, sneaking up on him. "Aaah! What are you doing?", Irving questioned. "Asking you whatcha doin'. Didn't you hear?", Buford repeated. "Well, as you can see, I'm hiding behind this bush keeping an eye out for Phineas and Ferb", Irving explained. "So in other words, you're stalking them", Buford summed it up. "It's not stalking!", Irving retorted. "Yes it is", Buford replied. "Do you have proof?", Irving asked. "You're hiding behind a bush waiting for someone to come out!", Buford noted. "That's not stalking, that's... observing", Irving corrected. "Hello, what are you guys doing here?", Baljeet asked, walking up to the two. "Irving's stalking Phineas and Ferb", Buford explained. "I am NOT!", Irving shouted.

"So... you rode here in this?", Ferb asked Emily, back in the limo. "Yeah. You'd think I'd be pretty comfortable in here with all of this tech -- Can I have another glass of Coke, please?" A hand shot out of a hole in the roof with a glass of soda. " -- Thank you. But anyway, you'd think I'd be comfortable, but I was actually pretty nervous. I mean, I was going to see this kid I hadn't seen for years. I didn't know how he acted now, if he looked different, or if he was going to come back with me..." Emily's voice trailed off. "Oh well, at least all went well", she concluded, "You're still the same kind, gentle, though shy, kid I was friends with." She smiled. Ferb smiled back.

"I am not stalking!", Irving went on. "Yes you are", Buford replied. "No I'm not." "Yes you are." "No, I'm not." "Yes you are." "Guys...", Baljeet interrupted. "No I'm not." "Yes you are." "Guys..." "No I'm not." "Yes you are." "No I'm not." "GUYS." "Yes you are." "Not I'm not." "Yes you ar-" "GUYS!!!" "What?!", Buford and Irving yelled. "I think I just saw Phineas, Ferb, and some yellow-haired girl pass by in that limo", Baljeet explained. Buford and Irving looked in the direction Baljeet was facing. "Well... what do ya know? Phineas and Ferb are going somewhere without us?!", Irving yelled. "No duh. See the car leaving?", Buford pointed. "We must catch up to them! Time to bring out... the Irv-Mobile!" Irving took out a remote and pressed a button. The garage door of the house next to them opened, revealing a car with Irving's face painted numerous times all over it. "You have a car? Used specifically for chasing Phineas and Ferb down when they don't take you along with them?", Baljeet questioned. "Yes. Yes, I do", Irving replied. "... That's kinda creepy, Irv", Buford stated.

In the limo, Phineas, Ferb, and Emily were watching the small TV that was presented in front of them. "Heh heh, look, he got hit in the head with a coconut", Ferb pointed out. "Ms. Kinney, we have an unidentified object pursuing us", the chauffeur called out. "Unidentified object? The thing that's chasing us has to be a car or something. There can't be some other thing following us on the road", Emily explained. "Wait... what is this? It's coming closer. It's a... a car!", the chauffeur exclaimed. Emily facepalmed.

The car was indeed the Irv-Mobile, with Irving in the driver's seat. "What if the police find you driving this car?", Baljeet asked. "Don't worry, I have a backup plan!" Irving took a fake mustache from the glove compartment and put it on. "See? Foolproof", Irving replied.

"Should we execute some kind of defense mechanism, my lady?", the chauffeur asked. "Eh, just hit them with a couple of direct-hit missiles. Nothing major", Emily told. "Direct range missiles? That could kill them!", Phineas shouted. "They can? Oh, I didn't notice. Alright then, Chauffeur, call them off", Emily commanded. "Kill them off, you say?", the chauffeur repeated, "Alright then, I'll send three. "No, CALL them --" BOOM~! "And... you didn't listen to me did you?", Emily replied in an annoyed tone. "Whoops", the chauffeur said.

"Hey, what's that?", Buford asked. "Oh, no it looks like... there are missiles headed DIRECTLY AT US!", Irving shouted. He quickly swerved the car to the right, dodging a missile! "Why would they want to kill us?", he panicked. "What do you mean us? They probably wanted to kill you", Buford retorted. "Buford, this is not a time to joke around", Baljeet nagged. "It's the perfect time to joke. In times of great distress, all you need is a bit of comedy to make --" A missile hit one of the tires of the car and exploded, toppling the car on its side! "I, er, changed my mind. It's time to panic!" Buford and Baljeet jumped out of the car as the last missile headed for it! "Hey, get back you cowards, I -- Wah~!"


"So... how are we gonna pay the families to keep them quiet?", Emily asked. SMACK! Irving landed on the window after flying out of his blown up Irv-Mobile! "Aaah, it's a nerd! Get it off!", she shouted. "Emily, it's just Irving", Phineas explained. "Even more reason to get him off", Ferb replied. Phineas glared at him. "Ah, I kid, I kid. Come on in, Irv." Irving grabbed the handle of the door and opened it, but at the speed the car was going, the force caused the car door to fall off and for it and Irving to fly away. "... That didn't work", Ferb muttered.

"WHOA!" Irving planted his feet on the car door and used it as a surfboard as he landed on the street and slid down it. "Hey... this is kind of fun! I -- Aaah!" The car door hit a pothole in the street, causing it to flip over and for Irving to soar into the air! "-aaaaaahhhhhh!" THUD! He landed in a tree off the side of the road and, to his amazement, Baljeet and Buford too had landed in the next tree. "I told you he'd end up here", Baljeet said. "Alright, I owe you a soda...", Buford muttered.

"Hey, if Irving was in that car we blew up then he ended up on the window, does that mean no one died?", Phineas questioned. "Yay, no lawsuits~!", Emily cheered. "Next stop: the airport!", Ferb said triumphantly.

Chapter 21: Airport Drama

Our heroes were sitting in their limo, relaxing themselves, chatting about their lives and so forth. "... And I'm like 'Where's Perry?'", Phineas went on. "Yeah... But hey, where IS Perry? I haven't seen him all day", Ferb noted. "I don't know. He's probably taking a nap. You know those platypi. They never do much", Phineas replied. "You know, Phineas, something's really been bugging me... Why the heck do you have a head that's shaped like a triangle?", Emily asked. "Heh, I'm asked that question all the time. Mom says I got it from Dad. Y'know, my real dad", Phineas answered.

(Flashback time)

The parents of Phineas's father sat in the living room, chatting about their son that was gonna be born any day now. Phineas's father's father had a regular oval head, but his nose was huge and pointy. "Eh, I wonder what kind of schnozz the kid's gonna have", Phineas's dad's dad pondered. "Well, for all we know, his head could be a triangle with the genes you'd give off", Phineas's dad's mom joked. The two chuckled. "Ha ha-Oof! Uh... Honey, I think my water broke", Phineas's dad's mom said in worry. "It did? Well then, we need to stop the leakage", Phineas's dad's dad joked. "No, not that kind of water. You know... the OTHER water?", Phineas's dad's mom reminded. "Huh? Ohhhh, that water!", Phineas's dad's dad realized, "I see..."


"Well, aren't you going to take me to the hospital?", Phineas's dad's mom asked, annoyed. "Huh? Oh yeah~", Phineas's dad's dad remembered.

Some time later...

POP! Phineas's dad's dad burst into the room! "Honey, look... It's our new baby boy..." Phineas's dad's mom held up her newborn son to all, and saw that... "HE HAS A TRIANGULAR HEAD!", everyone screeched in surprise. "Well... I guess I owe you a soda", Phineas's dad's dad muttered.

(End flashback)

"Hmm... weird", Phineas muttered after the reminiscing was done. "Oh look, we're approaching", Emily pointed. It was true. The limo pulled up to the Danville International Airport. The three kids and the chauffeur got out and edged towards the exit. "This place looks really crowded", Emily noticed. "If you think it's like that outside, just take a look inside", Ferb said with a smile. The chauffeur opened the doors to the building and they all stepped inside. "Whoa...", Emily gaped in air.

Before them stood hundreds of civilians, walking to and fro in the gigantic entrance room. At the far end, there were numerous stations with flashing signs above them. "PLANE TO TIMBUKTU 3:00PM", "PLANE TO ITALY 3:30PM", and so forth. The walls was covered with clear, beautiful, white glass, sparkling with its immense shininess. Hanging from the walls were flags of just about every country you could name: Spain, Ecuador, Haiti, even Canada~! "It's... it's beautiful...", Emily stuttered with tears in her eyes. "It's America!", Phineas said with a jovial attitude.

The gang stood in a long line, waiting to end up at the front of one of the counters to get their tickets. "This is one of the only seamy sides of being at the airport... having to wait in long lines. Pfft...", Ferb muttered. "Wait? Why should we wait? We're trying to save Bri--", Emily started. "Sssh! We can't let people know that! What if there's a bad guy around?", Phineas warned. "A bad guy? As in, a spy from Britain? Please! I doubt it", Emily replied. Nearby, an ominous man wearing a fedora and a black coat, sitting on a bench reading a newspaper, glanced in their direction suspiciously...

After minutes of waiting, our heroes finally got to the front of the line. "We'll take 4 tickets to Britain, please", Ferb ordered. "I'm sorry, but we do not have planes heading to Britain at this time", the ticketmaster replied. "No trips to Britain?", Phineas questioned. "Nor any trips from Britain to here", the ticketmaster added. Ferb pulled Emily to the side. "If there are no planes coming from Britain to America, then how did you get here?", Emily interrogated. "I, er, took a private jet", Emily muttered. "A private jet? How do you get out of a dictated country in a private jet without getting noticed?!", Ferb almost shouted. "Yeah... Funny story about that...", Emily started.

"Hey, are you guys gonna get your tickets or what?", the man behind them in line growled. "We'll take 4 tickets to France, then", the chauffeur said, handing the ticketmaster a credit card. After the ticketmaster had charged it, he handed it back to the chauffeur. "The plane to France leaves at 2 PM", the ticketmaster said. "2 PM, eh? That gives us enough time for lunch", Emily noted. "Let's grab something to eat at Slushee Burger", Phineas suggested. "Slushee Burger?", Emily questioned. "Yeah. It's the biggest food chain here in Danville", Ferb explained.

The kids and the chauffeur walked over to the food section of the airport and entered the Slushee Burger division. Phineas and Ferb were surprised to see Jeremy Johnson behind the counter. "Hey, Jeremy! What brings you here?", Phineas asked. "Oh, the boss gave me a shift here for the day since the guy who regularly worked here called out. You guys gonna order something?", Jeremy explained. "Sure. I'll have a slushee dog with a slushee shake", Phineas ordered. "I'll have a slushee burger with a 6-piece box of slushee nuggets", Ferb ordered. "I'll have... er, whatever's not disgusting. <:P ", Emily concluded. "And you sir?", Jeremy asked the chauffeur. "Oh, I'll eat on the plane." The chauffeur handed Jeremy his credit card to pay for the meal.

When the meal was ready, Phin, Ferb, and Em sat at a table, while the chauffeur sat at another nearby table, doing whatever chauffeurs do when they're not driving. "So then, Emily, will you tell us know how you got from Britain to here?", Ferb asked. "Oh... right", Emily remembered, tossing her salad. "Well, it started like this..."

(Another flashback time)



Main Cast

Thomas Sangster as Ferb Fletcher

Freddie Highmore as Young Ferb
Willam Miller as Toddler Ferb

Emma Watson as Emily Kinney Used with permission from Disney Girl 94.

Holly Bodimeade as Young Emily
Isabelle Earnshaw as Toddler Emily

Vincent Martella as Phineas Flynn

Nichalos Art as Young Phineas

Richard O'Brien as Lawrence Fletcher

Malcolm McDowell as Santego

Ashley Tisdale as Candace Flynn

Tessa Allen as Young Candace

Caroline Rhea as Linda Flynn

Alyson Stoner as Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

Dan Povenmire as Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Secondary Cast

Dee Bradley Baker as Perry the Platypus

Maulik Pancholy as Baljeet Rai

Bobby Gaylor as Buford Van Stomm

Jack McBrayer as Irving

Mitchel Musso as Jeremy Johnson

Julie Andrews as The Queen

Damian Lewis as Joe Wheezer

Anne Hathaway as Madam Fletcher

Geoffrey Rush as The Captain

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