Soruna Species

Soruna species (Primate, Arboreal, Reptilian, Insectoid, Aquatic)

The Soruna are a species native to the Alpha Centauri binary star system. The intelligent species include 5 major groups of creature groups: the primates (the most humanoid), the arboreals, the reptilians (known for bad tempers and may or may not have tails), the insectoids, and the aquatics (who are able to move on land via robotic apparati). They are first featured in Ad Astra 1: Encounter at Alpha Centauri, the first being a
Phineas vs Sorunon Reptilian

Phineas vs a Sorunon Reptilian (no tail)

Sorunon reptilian that fights Phineas due to interference by a powerful being known as S'lar in an exploration mission from earth. This species is among the first to have formal relations with earth. This species is mostly based off of the Xindi from Star Trek: Enterprise, although these insectoids have wings, these aquatics are different almost entirely, and these reptilian are actually based on a Gorn from the 1960's Star Trek Original Series, 1970's Animated Series, and Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005). Below are some pictures of each alien species from Star Trek.
  • A Xindi Primate (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • A Xindi Arboreal (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • A Gorn (Star Trek [Original Series])
  • A Xindi Insectoid and Aquatic (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Two Xindi Aquatics (Star Trek: Enterprise)
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