The Phintastic, Ferbulous Theme Park is an amusement park created by Disney Parks based on the TV Series Phineas and Ferb' . It includes rides and attractions based on some of the most famous episodes, including Rollercoaster, Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror, and Summer Belongs to You.


My story begins in the 12th centur - I mean, the story of the park begins in the 21st century, when Disney, desperate to make Phineas and Ferb more commercially successful than rival show Spongebob, decided to open a full amusement park based on it. It contains numerous rides, many either based on episodes, and many parodying other rides. Much of the cast and crew of the series had a part in designing rides.

Current Rides and Attractions

The Coolest Coaster Ever: Based on the first episode of the series, The Coolest Coaster Ever is a kind of... more realistic version of the one from the series. It even replicates going into space, New York, the woods, and Paris. (Note: it was not built in one day)

Lair Entrance: The Ride: Based on the first official episode of the second season, it's a kiddie ride that goes through a dark tunnel on a log boat that lights up to reveal... singing animals.

Swampoil 500 Racers: Based on The Fast and the Phineas, you have to get in a go kart and race around a track while "Go Phineas" plays on a loop in the background.

Summer Belongs to You: The 4-D Experience: A 4-D ride based on Summer Belongs to You.

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