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Phineas: This is a great life

Ferb: It couldn't be better

Isabella: Hey Phineas, whatcha doin'

Phineas: Just chillin here

Isabella: Well we have two new Fireside Girls Elisabeth Taylor and Ashley Carrot

Ashley: It's Karot

Elisabeth: Hi I'm Elisabeth

Phineas: What's wrong with your eyes

Elisabeth: Some people have amber eyes

Phineas: Yeah but yours look orange

Elisabeth: Amber always does

Ashley: My eye color is uncommon as well not many people have gray eyes

Phineas: I've never met anyone with gray eyes

Ashley: Well now you do

Connor: Hey

Isabella: And this is our obnoxious neighbor and his girlfriend

Connor: And I guess you know Isabella and her boyfriend Phineas

Isabella: He's so not my boyfriend

Connor: And she ain't my girlfriend

Ferb: Who says ain't

Phineas: Yeah

Isabella: Anyways we have 2 new Fireside Girls

Elisabeth: Elisabeth, and you're pobably thinking it's weird I have amber eyes

Connor: No although I've never seen anyone with amber eyes have black hair

Elisabeth: My dad has black hair and my mom has amber eyes

Ashley: I'm Ashley and I suppose you never met anyone with gray eyes

Connor: No no I haven't

Linda: Hey Phineas, Ferb our mayor is having a major speech get ready to go soon

Connor: Maybe it's a speech of resignation

Isabella: That would be awful

Irving: Totally

Celeste: It would be the best thing ever

Candace: How could you think that

Connor: He treats his brother like a urinal

Phineas: He urinates in him

Connor: You know what I mean hey where's Perry

(Perry flips into the lair)

Major Monogram: Ah Agent P Dr. Doofenshmirtz has ordered a huge telescope it is very suspicious go find out what it's about.

Phineas: Well let's go

Baljeet: Hey like my new shades

Connor: if you are trying to fake coolness it won't work no one does that anymore

Phineas: Really a lot of people here do

Connor: Okay no one does it in my town

Isabella; The Fireside Girls will take the bus you guys go with Phineas

hineas: So what do you think the speech is

Connor: Maybe a speech of resignation

Phineas: It's not that

Candace: Maybe it's for him getting a new statue

Phineas: That's probably it

Irving: I think it's an announcement for a national Hate Connor Day

Connor: Make another comment like that and next time you look in the mirror there will be a brick lodged in your head

Phineas: He's probably doing that to sound tough

Celeste: I know Connor very well and I knw threats like that are serious

Connor: Speech of resignation

Phineas; Please stop saying that

(Perry jumps in but is picked up by a claw)

Doofenshmirtz: Ah Perry the Platypus I knew you would come but I am doing nothing evil my brother Roger is having a huge speech and I heard it's supposed to be something awful so I have the telescope to watch come join me

(claw slides to telescope and drops so Perry can go there)

Connor: Man this is heart-pounding

Irving: I can't wait either

Candace: (to Connor) I hope it's something to bust my brothers

Stacy: Hey Candace

Candace: Hey Stacy you excited too

Stacy: Yeah i'm glad I'm in the front row

Candace: I hope it's an announcement to bust my brothers

Stacy: Well, I heard it was something tragic so it night

Candace: How is that tragic

Stacy: Your brothers are popular so the affect could be tragic

Candace: Your right

Doofenshmirtz: It is about to start

Roger: Attention Danville I have a tragic announcement

Connor: Here it comes

Roger: Last year I received a letter from the government saying that this town was horribly misbehaving and that if you didn't pull together something terrible will happen and I was told you haven't I couldn't tell you sooner because I wasn't allowed to but as the punishment the government is forcing us to send 10 boys and 10 girls at the ages of 10-13 will be sent to an arena for a battle to the death on TV and we have to watch it and the drawing will be tomorrow good day

(everyone gasps in horror)

Connor; This is awful

Phineas: I can't believe it

Candace: You might be killed

Connor; Hey

Isabella: Please COnnor will you volunteer to save us

COnnor: Sorry but I promised Celeste I wouldn't

Isabella: We might die

Irving: If we're lucky Connor wil be chosen

Connor: That's it

(Connor pulls a brick out of the ground and chases Irving with it)

Isabella: I never thought this could happen

Buford: Ah if I'm chosen I know I'l win especially if it's against girls

Isabella: But if you lose it'll have to count since if you lose your dead

(Irving screams)

Ferb: How is this legal

Connor: Take it back

Irving: Okay I take it back

(Stops chasing him)

Connor: Good (drops brick and a crack is heard)

Connor: Hit your foot?

Irving: Kinda

Connor: Sorry

Phineas: This is insane

Celeste: Which the games or the mayor?

Connor: You know this is in the book I am rereading

Baljeet: What a nerd?

Connor: Read this book and you'll be drawn into it everyone I know is

Phineas: So what happens

Connor; Every year a battle to the death is held and the draw an even amount of boys and girls

Buford: The boys always win

Connor: No some girls have won

Phineas: I'm gonna be a nervous wreck

Candace: You know it's feels good being safe

Stacy: Aren't your worried about your brothers

Candace: Yeah but theres like 1,000 people in that range I don't think we need to worry

Phineas: I don't wanna be picked

Ferb: Neither do I

Celeste: I'll die if I'm picked

Connor: No you'll probably live

Celeste: Thanks if youre in you will definitely win

Connor: Thanks

Isabella: Man if any of us die it'll be insane

Gretchen: You will win if you are chosen

Elisabeth: I hope I'm not in

Ashley: Me neither

Holly: Our skills brought to a new level

Ginger: And sadistic

Adyson: The government planned it

Katie: This is depressing

Milly: Beyond that

Phineas: Today is the day

Ferb: The drawing will

Connor: Decide who

Celeste: Is sent to the

Baljeet: Arena

Buford: And possibly

Baljeet: Killed

Candace: Are you ready guys

Ferb: And driven to partial insanity

Celeste: I hope none of us are picked

Phineas: I know this will be the worse day of my life

Irving: Well let's just pray we aren't picked

Connor: 5 minutes

Doofenshmirtz: Perry today I just wanna watch the best speech ever it'll make Roger look awful

Roger: Okay it is sadly time to start the drawing for the games and since it's ladies first you will go first when I cal your name come up here. We will decide who goes with this

(shows a jumbo screen, lever, and 2 containers with a half a sphere on top)

Roger: I will pull this lever and globs will move around and one will appear one contains females the other contains male and (pulls lever)

(name comes up)

Roger: Ella Scare

Francine: I'll take her place

Roger: Okay then next up

(pulls lever and a name appears)

Roger: Jenna Hevaro

Connor: That can' be the same one from our town

(a girl wearing a cyan bandana, blue shirt and purple pants who has olive skin, brown hair in a ponytail and green eyes appears)

Celeste: No

Jenna: Hey if Connor or Celeste is out there I wanna say hi

Connor & Celeste: Hi

Jenna: Hey you guys still just friends?

Connor: Did you have to say that into a microphone

Roger: Moving on

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Lisa Bella Carver

Connor: How can he go through with this?

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Samantha Donaldson

Phineas: But she is crippled

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Ashley Carrot

Ashley; Karot

Isabella: No

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Tarah next is

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Adrianna Lanson

Adrianna: No!

Roger: Next up

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger; Celeste Soto

(Celeste starts crying)

Elisabeth: I'll take her place

(everyone gasps)

Roger; And finally

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Ange Lika

Phineas: And the girls are done

Roger: First male

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Nega-Phin

(everyone cheers)

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Monty Syrup and next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Peter Smith next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Irwin Tifoz

(everyone cheers)

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Nega Ferb

(everyone cheers)

Roger: Next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Josef Kingsleigh next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Jaques Bertolette next

(pulls lever and name appears)

Roger: Tyler Cinfoni and finally

(pulls lever and name appears and everyone gasps)

Roger: Phineas Flynn

(Phineas gets on stage and vomits)

Roger: You have one day for training not tomorrow but the next day it will start after that 1 will survive 19 will die.

Phineas: I'm gonna die along with like 18 others I can't do this.

Connor: Phineas if you die like 20 others will too. I will help you but you have to listen to me

Phineas: It's so depressing I was picked I know I'l be right back Celeste please make him a bow and arrow

Connor: Roger I need to talk to you

Roger: Yes

Connor: Is this just payback for someone melting your statue

Roger: No, you don't believe me do you

Connor: No, this is payback in cruel ways. What you're doing is illegal and you shouldn't be mayor

Roger: I have an eject button

Connor: Use it

(Roger hits eject and Connor flies out and lands on his left arm)

Connor: Ow

Cleste: Hey what took you so long

Connor: The mayor ejected me

Celeste: You don't mean

Connor: No, he hit an eject button and I landed on my arm and broke it

Celeste: How long til it comes off

Connor: They don't know

Celeste: How are you doing with them

Connor: Good most of my missions are overnight

Celeste: How is that good

Connor: They are at like 7:00

Celeste: Okay

Phineas: Hey

Celeste: Ready to become an archer

Phineas: No

Celeste: I'll help you

Phineas: Why not Connor?

Connor & Celeste: No

Connor: I'll hold the target hit this

(holds up a large bottle)

Phineas: Okay

Connor: Fire when ready

(Phineas fires and nearly hits Connor)

Connor: I said hit the bottle not me

Phineas: Sorry

Connor: Try again

(Phineas fires again and hits the back door)

Linda: What are you doing

Connor: Making Phineas and archer for the games so he's prepared

Linda; I can't believe you are teaching my son how to end someone's life

Connor: Phineas needs to learn or he might die please understand

Linda: Fine but don't in the future

Connor: No probs

Phineas: Where is Isabella and Ferb?

Connor: Isabella is training Elisabeth and Ashley and Ferb is with Buford and Baljeet to destressify

Phineas; Is that a word

Connor; Back to the topic. Celeste help him with aim.

Cleste: Okay keep your aim perfect it really helps if you close one eye

(Phineas fires and it goes through the bottle)

Connor: Perfect, you got an old frisbee

Phineas: Yeah

Connor: Okay now you seem to know how to deal with still targets let's test moving now shoot the frisbee when it gets near you

Phineas: Okay

(Connor throws the frisbee and Phineas fires and hits the fence)

Connor: Close but not enough

Phineas: I'll try again

Connor: Okay if you miss again Celeste will help you

(Connor throws the frisbee and Phineas fires over the fence)

(isabella screams)

Isabella: Phineas you nearly hit me with an arrow

Phineas: Sorry

Celeste; Okay hitting a moving target is all about timing

(Connor throws and Celeste nails it)

Phineas: Okay I think I got it

Celeste: Why aren't we helping Jenna

Connor: Cause she embarassed us

Celeste: Ah

(Connor throw the frisbee and Phineas hits it)

Connor: Okay good now we need to try on a bird

Phineas: Can't we just do William Tell

Connor & Celeste: No

Phineas: I can't kill a living creature

Connor: Phineas killing isn't always a mechanism of harm. Sometimes its self defense, you may need to kill to save yourself or someone else. I know it will be difficult to but you need to be ready you will have to kill someone to win.

Phineas: I can't do this

Connor: You have to

Linda: Bye Phineas please come back.

Candace: You may be annoying but you can't die do whatever it takes to win this

Ferb: This may be hard but understand why you are doing this

Phineas: (crying a little) I'll try goodbye

Isabella: Good luck guys

Elisabeth, Ashley, and Phineas: Bye

Elisabeth: This is insane

Ashley: We're gonna die

Connor: Okay in my book the contestant travel to an arena with a forcefield and there is a place where they have to get their weapons

Roger: Tonight the games begin in that tent there are some weapons you have to get them and kill each other once I blow this horn

Connor: Oh my gosh it will start

Celeste: I'm gonna puke

(Connor starts rubbing her back to help her)

Connor: It will be okay

Celeste: (crying) Some of our friends are gonna die how are we gonna deal with that

Connor: Stop crying

Celeste: I can't

(Roger blows his horn and everyone starts running)

Phineas: Must find bow and arrow

(Samantha grabs a hammer and kills Nega Phin)

Nega-Ferb: That tears it

(slits her throat at the same time she hammers his neck)

Irwin: Prepare to die

(Phineas accidentally disarms Irwin and Jenna runs away with an axe)

Lisa: Ha ha

(Lisa decapitates Ange with a scimitar but Francine responds with a harpoon to the chest)

(Ashley and Elisabeth use their dagger and spear to kill Peter)

(Tarah uses her mace to kill Tyler)

(Jaques grabs a pointy stick and runs)

Ashley: I'm gonna go crazy

Elisabeth: Maybe we should split

Ashley: Okay

Tarah: If I stay in this tree I should stay alive for a while

Jenna: The river source will help me

COnnor: In my book there are genetically altered animals

Phineas: That was crazy I think some cut my shoulder at least there aren't genetically altered rats

(something pierces Phineas's back)

Phineas: Ow what was that

(notices the rat)

Phineas: Gotta get this rat off

Elisabeth; Hey

Phineas: Can you help me

(Elisabeth spears the rat and removes it

Phineas: Thanks

Elisabeth: You look awful

Phineas: I know I was hit like 30 times at that giant tent

(gun fires and the scream)

Elisabeth: What was that

Phineas: I think a gun

(6 more fire)

Elisabeth: I'm scared

Phineas: None hit us I wonder who

Connor: In my book the cannon means a death so that's probably what the gun is for

Phineas: I can't believe that rat pierced me

(Adrianna screams)

Phineas: What was that?

ELisabeth: Let's see

(Adrianna is seen being eaten by 3 beavers)

Phineas: What's wrong

Elisabeth: Oh my gosh

Phineas: She's just a skeleton with organs and some muscles

Elisabeth: What could have done that

Phineas: The rats were altered maybe the beavers are too

(Elisabeth spears the beavers and a gun fires)

COnnor: That is horrifying

ELisabeth: I found some food

Phineas: Food I forgot

ELisabeth: You can have my beaver

Phineas: No thanks beaver meat isn't something I wanna eat today I'll find some edible plants

Roger: Day 1 is over

Phineas: I can't believe this place

(Beaver starts to eat Phineas)

Phineas: Help I'm being eaten

Ashley: Don't worry

(slices up beaver)

Phineas: Thanks that's the second tim I was attacked by an animal

Ashley: Oh when was the first

Phineas: When a rat pierced its incisor into my back

Ashley: Ouch

Phineas: I witnessed something awful last night

Ashley: What?

Phineas: Adrianna was eaten by 3 beavers

Ashley: And you didn't help

Phineas: By the time I was there she was dead

Ashley: Ouch so how are you doiing

Phineas: Not good I only got edible leaves

Ashley: No one offered you food

Phineas: Elisabeth did but I didn't want to eat beaver meat

Ashley: Oh wow

(Jaques tosses Francine into a tree)

Francine: Please stop

Jaques: To late

(stabs her eye and a gun fires)

Phineas: Why does that gun keep firing

Ashley: I don't know

Connor: Man it's noon and Francine was already killed

Phineas: Ashley, find any food

Ashley: No

Phineas: Looks like we are going hunngry tonight

Ashley: Yeah

Roger; Day 2 has ended

Ashley: Good morning

Phineas : Morning

Elisabeth: So Jenna you know Connor very well huh

Jenna: Yeah pretty well but Celeste is my best friend I want to win badly

Elisabeth: Does everyone in your town have dark skin

Jenna: Most people do

Phineas: Look I'm going to was the blood out of my face I'll be right back

(Phineas goes to the river)

Phineas: (to himself) I'm the only person who hasn't killed anyone yet good to know I know killing will bew awful but what Connor said


Connor: Phineas killing isn't always a mechanism of harm. Sometimes its self defense, you may need to kill to save yourself or someone else. I know it will be difficult to but you need to be ready you will have to kill someone to win.

(flashback ends)

Phineas: Maybe I do need to kill someone but only if they are attacking

(screen switches to Ashley)

Ashley: Where is he?

(Jaques grabs Ashley's head and tosses it into the ground)

Ashley: No stop Phine-

(Jaques stabs her in the neck)

Phineas: I can't kill anyone

(starts raining)

Ashley: (weakly) Help

Phineas: (seeing what's happening to Ashley) Oh no

(Phineas pulls back and fires his arrow and Jaques falls dead with an arrow in his head and a gun fires)

Phineas: Ashley, Ashley are you okay

Ashley: No he stabbed me too many times I think I am going to die

Phineas: Don't die please

Ashley: I'm trying as hard as I can, I'm not going to make it

Phineas: Try to get up

Ashley: (getting weaker) I don't think I ca-

(falls dead and a gun fires)

Phineas: Ashley

(He puts his hand on her chest then tears start running down his cheeks)

Connor: (on the phone) Isabella did you see that

Isabella: We lost a Fireside Girl

Connor: Well technically you since I am not a Fireside Girl or a girl for that matter

Isabella: You know what I mean (starts crying)

Elisabeth: Phineas why are you crying

Phineas: Ashley died

Elisabeth: Was she eaten

Phineas: Stabbed

Elisabeth: By who

Phineas: Jaques

Elisabeth: What happened to him

Phineas: While he was stabbing her I killed him

Elisabeth: You didn't

Phineas: Yes, Connor told me that killing can be self defense or defense of others I only killed him to save Ashley but it was too late

Elisabeth: It will be okay

Phineas: I guess

Roger: Day 3 is over

Isabella: This is just awful

Elisabeth: I think we need to keep on moving forward

Phineas: That's my motto

(The final 7 meet each other)

Jenna: So we meet each other

Phineas: I haven't gotten any sleep in 4 days I need to rest

(Josef tosses Elisabeth's head into the ground)

Phineas: No not again

(Phineas picks up a rock the size of a tennis shoe and throws it at Josef and he is knocked unconscious)

Connor: Oh

Candace: My

Isabella: Gosh

Elisabeth: Thanks for saving me uh oh I think he's coming to

Phineas: He is not

(Phineas fires an arrow into the back of Josef's neck and a gun fires)

Elisabeth: Phineas why did you do that

Phineas: I think my lack of sleep is getting to me

Jenna: You are so out

(Jenna swings her axe into Irwin's gut and a gun fires)

Jenna: Consider that a thank you for saving me at the tent

Phineas: I did


Irwin: You must die

(Phineas accidentally disarms Irwin and Jenna runs away with an axe)

(flashback ends)

Phineas: Wow but why did you kill him to save us

Jenna: He was ready to kill you with a machete

Phineas: Thank you so much for saving me

Jenna: You're the one who saved me

(A parachute starts falling)

Jenna: That can't be good

(she throws her axe and the parachute explodes destroying the forcefield)

Elisabeth: We can get out

Phineas; Hurry

Elisabeth: This rocks

(Phineas gets hit with a branch and is knocked out cold next thing you see is him waking up in his room)

Ferb: Phineas you're awake

Phineas: I had a nightmare that I was fighting in a battle to the death

Ferb: It wasn't a dream

Phineas: Oh my gosh what happened

Ferb: After the arena blew up tarah swung a branch at you knocking you out

Phineas: How long was I out

Ferb: 3 hours let's go outside

Connor: Phineas you're okay

Phineas: Yeah what happened

Connor: You were knocked out

Ferb: He knows that part

Connor; Okay after all five of you escaped they didn't know what to do so they declared the five of you winners.

Phineas: What happened to the other winners

Connor: Tarah is in the hospital after cutting her forehead open, Monty got burned by the blast luckily they will both be okay. Elisabeth got out with no problem, and Jenna is being charged for blowing up the arena.

Phineas; Wasn't it an accident

Connor: Yeah 75% of the town doesn't believe that

Isabella: We're holding the funeral for Ashley in 10 days and Connor and Celeste can't come

Connor: Because we need to defend Jenna in ten days during her trial she could spend 5 years in prison

Celeste: Which is disproportionate.

Connor: But the worst thing is this could lead to worse battles in the future


  • As of this episode Elisabeth and Jenna will become recurring characters
  • The title and plot are a parody of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • This episode contains the most deaths in one episode, 15
  • If Phineas hadn't killed Josef, Elisabeth would have died similar to the way Ashley did
  • It was actually Roger's fault the arena blew up. He sent the bomb that Jenna unknowingly caused to blow up the arena
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