• " Good Morning !'
  • "Wake Wake Up !"
  • 'Yummy Yummy Crunchy Eggs !'

Chapter 1: A Good Morning

Norm has Woke up and Ready to Rule Dr.Doofenshritz, With a Big Crack on his Wall and put it up with a Big Poster of Dr.Doofenshritz.Then He Set up to get his Head and made Crunchy Eggs.Meanwhile Norm see that Dr.Doofenshritz and Venssna are not in The House, But No One. But Norm went back to his Room ( Closet). He was Thinknig of a Way to Find Dr. Doofenshritz. But Then The Evil Norm Head was into a Powerful Suit. Then Dr.Doofenshritz Told The Norm Head to Get Him. Then Norm Fell out of The Tower and 8use his Jet Pack.

Get Him !!!!!!---- Dr. Doofenshritz

Then Norm was Running Alway from The Evil Norm, When all The Kids Saw him, They called 9-1-1 and The Cops and The Evil Norm was Chasing Him. But When Norm Saw, Why Did They Chase Him ? Then He Remberd The Past and The Time when He Didn't Catch The The Platypus, Making Crunchy Eggs, and ( BLAST ! Went The Evil Norm.

Heh, Heh, Heh ARGHHHH !!!! Die Norm--- Evil Norm ready to Blast Norm.

Then Norm Went to The Street and went to the School of Science. And Some People Made Norm into a Real Boy.

( Starts Singing A Real Boy)

Then Norm starts Saying to The Evil Norm,

Ehhhh Whats Up Scrap ?--- Norm saying Like Bugs Bunny

Then There Signs Saying Norm Season and The Evil Norm dressed like Elmer Fudd, Then went to a Blue Cluse Thing where Evil Norm finds Oil so he can Get Norm, Next The Fairly Odd Parents as The Evil Norm as a Fairy and Norm as The Kid was running, Next Fish Hooks They Became Fish, But The Evil Norm became a Shark. Then Norm was Running So Fast

( To Be Con)

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