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The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb

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Directed by

WikiaIvan1997 (formerly)
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Number of Seasons


Number of episodes


Running Time

22 minutes
Double-length or sometimes triple-length

TV Rating

TV-PG (sometimes)
TV-14 (mostly)

Phineas & Ferb set off on the exciting adventure yet! Includes new inventions, new characters, new locations and more!

The show's running time is usually 22 minutes, but during special episodes, these can be double-length or sometimes triple-length!

This show is basically a little darker & edgier version of the original Phineas & Ferb show. It contains some bad language, lots of violence & disturbing content. That's why this show is mostly rated TV-14, sometimes TV-MA, with a few occasional TV-PG episodes, and does not air on Disney Channel or Disney XD. Instead, it's aired on Disney Mature (Disney's take on Cartoon Network's [adult_swim] channel). Apart from the crossovers, some Family Guy & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters also appear in a few episodes. After the 365th episode, the series were cancelled. Now they no longer air on Disney Mature, but the reruns can be seen on [adult_swim].

In Russia, this show was going to be dubbed and aired on 2x2 during weekends at 10 PM, but the network banned it for being too much like South Park & Family Guy. Also, the show is banned from broadcasting on Disney Channel & Disney XD in Russia, because it's for more mature audiences. The show contains both original musical numbers, older Phineas & Ferb songs, as well as licensed songs by real artists.

The show is divided into 9 seasons, each being 40 episodes long, except for the 9th season. which has 25 episodes. It was sold on DVD & Blu-Ray with bonus features.

Note: The ones that are marked in bold take place in the future. The ones that are marked in italic are non-canon.


Season 1

1. Adam Williams arrives

Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Isabella are excited when their cousin Adam arrives. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz attempts to turn Perry into gold.

2. Adam's gang

Adam introduces his friends to Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Isabella.

3. Sleeping Beauties

After hearing that Phineas & Isabella has trouble sleeping, Adam, Ferb, Candace, Buford and Baljeet must find a way to put Phineas & Isabella to sleep. Meanwhille, Perry's shocked to know that Monogram has been captured by Doofenshmirtz and must save him!

4. Phineas & Ferb Meets Family Guy

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meets the Griffin family. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz and Perry goes to the Drunken Clam to meet Family Guy characters.

5. Phineas & Ferb: Wizard of Odd 2

Interested in L. Frank Baum's book The Wizard of Oz that Adam got, Phineas & Isabella decide to read it, but Phineas & Isabella become so tired they fall asleep. When they wake up, Ferb, Buford, Baljeet and everyone else are like the characters from The Wizard of Oz! Now, Phineas & Isabella explore the magical land of odd and must get to the wizard, but things are not what they seem to be.

6. April Fools! 2

When Adam and his friends play tricks on Phineas & Ferb, this makes Phineas & Ferb angry and they decide to plan revenge on Adam and his friends!

7. Evil Phineas and Isabella

After being hit by Doof's latest inator, Phineas and Isabella become evil and plans to destroy one person: Adam! Meanwhile, Perry must get Phineas & Isabella back to normal before it's too late!

8. Act your Age

After finishing their latest invention, Phineas, Ferb & Isabella decide to take a nap, but while they're asleep, they have a strangest dream that they are adults!

9. TBA


10. TBA


11. TBA


12. TBA


13. TBA




15. TBA




17. TBA


18. TBA


19. TBA


20. Night of the living Marks

Mark's latest machine turns the citizens of Danville into contagious Mark zombies who ran rampant all over town! Agent P and the kids must work together to save Danville and avoid becoming Mark zombies themselves! Plus, Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace, Buford and Baljeet must face their dramatic, epic showdown with Mark!

21. Death in the family

Adam is devastated to know that his grandfather has died.

22. Phineas & Ferb: Metal Gear Solid 2

Adam retells the story of Metal Gear Solid 2: Son of Liberty.

23. Adam's wife

Phineas & Isabella are stunned when Adam's wife Ashley arrives! Because of that, it puts their relationship in jeopardy! Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz builds the "Clone-Inator."

24. Phineas & Isabella's wedding

It's the day when Phineas & Isabella get married! Meanwhile, Brendan plans to ruin their wedding!

25. April Flynn arrives

Linda is glad that Isabella gave birth to a baby girl named April! Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz builds his "All purpose-Inator 2."

26. The Dream Machine

Adam builds the dream machine to view people's dreams. He decides to test it on Phineas, Isabella & Candace.

27. TBA


28. TBA


29. TBA


30. TBA


31. TBA


32. Ashley's Birthday

Adam is determined to get a gift for Ashley's birthday, so enlists Phineas & Isabella's help.

33. The death of Ashley Part 1

Adam is enjoying his date with Ashley, but disaster strikes when Ashley gets ran over by a car!

34. The death of Ashley Part 2

Adam is hoping Ashley would make it, but is given devastating news.........

35. The Funeral of Ashley

Adam is struggling when he gets ready for Ashley's funeral.

36. Why the Caged Bird Sings

Ferb and the gang builts the biggest trampoline. Meanwhile, Phineas & Isabella helps Adam, who is struggling with Ashley's death.

37. Thomas Flynn arrives

Phineas is stunned and excited to see his biological father again, but Candace is not happy when Thomas arrives.

38. Invasion of Dr Doofenshmirtz

When Mark's latest invention malfunctions and hits Doofenshmirtz, it causes Doofenshmirtz to have a ability to touch anybody and transform them into him!

39. The Flynn-Fletcher house Siege Part 1

Phineas, Ferb and the gang are having their pajama party, but Mark comes in with a gun and takes them hostage!

40. The Flynn-Fletcher house Siege Part 2

Mark holds Phineas, Ferb and the gang hostage and shoots his 2 victims!

41. The Flynn-Fletcher house Siege Part 3

Mark's 2 victims has been shot and are dying! Who are Mark's 2 victims?

42. The Flynn-Fletcher house Siege: Aftermath

It's been 2 weeks since Mark took Phineas, Ferb and the gang hostage and Phineas & Isabella are struggling with their injuries.

43. The Return of Thaddeus and Thor Part 1

Phineas, Ferb and the gang are in for a shock when Thaddeus & Thor returns with their gang!

44. The Return of Thaddeus and Thor Part 2

Phineas, Ferb and the gang & Adam are stunned when the blast from the past appears!

45. The Return of Adam's Long-lost Sister

Adam is stunned when he sees his Long-lost sister!

46. Grand Theft Phineas: San Andreas

Phineas, Ferb and the gang meet Carl and his family and friends and team up with them to save Danville!

47. Invasion of Marvel Zombies

Using the time machine, Phineas, Ferb and the gang travel to New York city Earth 2149. But when they got there, they encounter the Marvel Zombies and the Earth 2149 version of themselves!

48. The day Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro were born

When Phineas & Isabella get poisoned and are dying, it is up to Adam, Ferb, Candace and Mandy to save them before it's too late!

49. Journey to the center of the earth

Adam, Ferb and the gang attempt to travel down to the center of the earth, but Isabella is worried about Phineas when he suffers Asthma attack. Meanwhile, Mark attempts to siphon up the energy located at the earth's core to drain the Earth of it's resources. Also, Adam is reunited with a old friend......

50. Back to the Future

Phineas, Ferb and the gang use Adam's time machine to time travel, but disaster strikes when they accidentally create a time paradox! Now, to avoid changing the future, Phineas, Ferb and the gang must put events back to the way it was before it's too late!

51. Birthday Blues

Phineas, Ferb & the gang get ready for Adam's birthday party, however, Adam is worried about Phineas & Isabella when they are tired & sleepy.

52. The Good, The Bad and the Flynn

Phineas's loved one is worried when his behaviour begins to change. Is Phineas hiding something? Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz is worried about Perry when he is ill.

53. The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk

Phineas, Ferb and the gang get involved in the accident which causes Gamma Radiation! Thankfully, Adam, Ferb and the gang survives. Phineas & Isabella also survives, but they get infected by Gamma Radiation and it causes Phineas & Isabella to get angry and transform into Hulk and She-Hulk! Now, Adam, Ferb and the gang must create the cure in order to get Phineas & Isabella back to normal. Luckily, Bruce Banner & Jennifer Walters is there to help them.

54. Phineas & Ferb Drift

Phineas & Ferb decide to build a race track to have a race. Plus, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr Eggman and Metal Sonic from Sega make their guest appearance!

55. Killer Animals

When Doof's latest inator malfunctions, it causes the animals to get highly aggressive and attack humans! Now, Phineas, Ferb and the gang must create the cure in order to calm down the animals.

56. Split Personality 2

Phineas & Isabella accidentally gets hit by Adam's molecular separator ray which causes them to have two different personalities - Romantic Phineas & Isabella and Busy Phineas & Isabella, so Adam, Ferb & the gang have to figure out a way to put them back together again. Adam is a bit nervous when he meets Romantic Phineas & Isabella. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz tries to get over his fear of high diving, but he figures that if he can't, he will just use his "Look-away-inator 2" to zap everyone so that they do not witness his shame.

57. Night of the Giant Floating Baby Head 2

When Phineas, Ferb and the gang accidentally get telported to Brown Evil Inc, they see Mark with his latest Inator which turns people into a Giant Floating Baby Head!

58. Invasion of Adam Williams

In this sequel to "Invasion of Dr Doofenshmirtz," Mark's machine hits Roger Doofenshmirtz, which turns him and the citizens into a contagious mindless repulsive Adam clones! Now, it is up to Phineas, Ferb and the gang to save Danville and avoid becoming a contagious mindless repulsive Adam clones themselves!

59. Phineas & Ferb: Dream Team

Phineas finds a mysterious pillow in a backyard and becomes so tired he falls asleep. Little does Phineas know that his friends are going into his brain to see what's going on.

60. The Return of Phyllian the Platypus Part 1

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace, Perry and Doofenshmirtz have been kidnapped by Phyllian, who has returned to destroy them and Adam, Buford, Baljeet, Irving, The Fireside Girls and Stacy must save them!

61. The Return of Phyllian the Platypus Part 2

After Ferb, Candace, Perry and Doofenshmirtz are freed, Phineas & Isabella face their dramatic battle with Phyllian & Mark to save The Tri-State Area!

62. It came from Danville

Mucus bubbles form from the beach. Mark, however, plans to use them.

63. Bref Flynn Arrives

Bref returns to destroy Phineas, Ferb & the gang, along with his friends!

64. CF-921

Candace accidentally freezes herself for 2000 years and somehow ends up having complications using a time machine. It's up to Phineas, Ferb & the gang to rescue her!

65. The Fireside Girl Lodge Massacre

Mark & his minions take The Fireside Girls hostage and threatens to blow up The Fireside Girl Lodge using a bomb! Plus, 1 Fireside Girl has to die, but who!?

66. Phineas & Ferb Meets the Simpsons

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meet the Simpson family. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz and Perry go to Moe's to meet the characters from the Simpsons.

67. Phineas & Ferb Meet Futurama

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meet Planet Express by means of time travel. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz & Mark goes to New New York to meet Mom, while Perry spies on them.

68. Phineas & Ferb go to South Park

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meet the South Park gang. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz & Mark teams up with Scott Tenorman to terminate Danville & South Park.

69. The Mona Lisa

Phineas & Ferb decide to paint Candace as the Mona Lisa. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz & Mark plans to steal Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.

70. TBA


71. TBA


72. TBA

73. TBA


Season 2

74. Within the woods

Isabella, Ferb & the gang are hoping Phineas would make it, but they're worried he might not recover.

75. Behind the Bust

In the style of VH1 show "Behind the Music", this mockumentary takes us back to the beginning of the show. We see Phineas' lousy directed 'pilot' episode, before he & Ferb went to rehab, Candace makes bizarre business investments, Isabella opens up a dating service, Baljeet went to college, Buford is now directing horror movies and Adam & Abigail are now a lovely couple. Afterwards, the show is put on hiatus when the cast split up, but phony awards show manages to reunite them.

76. Rare Seance Theater 2000

Phineas, Ferb & the gang decide to watch terrible movies that have come out recently and write a review on it. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz & Perry decide to play old video games that everyone hates.

77. Phineas & Ferb Meet Spongebob Squarepants

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meet Spongebob & his friends. Meanwhile, Mark teams up with Plankton to steal the Krabby Patty Formula.

78. Sleepwalk Surprise 2

After learning from Adam that they're sleep inventing, Phineas & Isabella go back to their dream to find out what's happening.

79. Adam's New Neighbour

Adam, Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Isabella go to see Adam's new neighbour, but they're stunned to know that Adam's neighbour is......... Cleveland Brown!

80. Evil Villain Team up

Mark escapes from jail and teams up with Rodney, Sasha, Phylian, Doofenshmirtz, Katie and Link to destroy Phineas & Ferb! They kidnap Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace and Adam and plots to kill them!

81. The death of Thomas Flynn

Phineas is devestated to know his " biological father" Thomas Flynn died in a car crash and blames Candace for his death. Meanwhile, Doof and Perry is stunned to see Professor Mystery and Peter in Doof Evil Inc. Plus, Phineas, Candace & Isabella faces a shocking and devastating family secret........

82. Phineas & Ferb: Mission Marvel 2

Mark uses his "Drain-Inator" to drain the super villains powers. Now, Mark now has the villain's powers and is more powerful! Now Phineas, Ferb & the gang must team up with Hulk, Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man, Red Skull, Venom, M.O.D.O.K, Whiplash and Dr. Octopus to save the world! Plus, Phineas face off against Mark while his loved ones watch. Will Phineas be able to defeat Mark?

83. Mark Brown kidnapped!

Mark gets knocked out by his mystery kidnappers and gets kidnapped. when he wakes up, he is shocked to know Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace, Adam, Buford & Baljeet are his kidnappers!

84. Giant Phineas & Isabella

Thank's to Mark's "Giant-Inator", Phineas & Isabella are now giants and Mark becomes a giant too!

85. Phineas & Isabella: City of Love

Phineas and Isabella are enjoying their day out at Paris, but disaster strikes when Mark plans to destroy the Eiffel Tower! Plus, Phineas & Isabella come face to face with the guy that keeps following and spying on them....

86. Phineas & Ferb Busted!? Part 1

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are shocked to know that Mark has recorded their inventions on his phone and threatens to send it all over the world and must stop him!

87. Phineas & Ferb Busted!? Part 2

Phineas, Ferb & the gang must stop Mark from sending the video! This episode will end in a very dramatic cliffhanger!

88. Phineas & Ferb Busted!? Part 3


89. Phineas & Ferb's Christmas Wish 2

When Adam, Ferb and the gang learns that Phineas & Isabella are dying, they must make their christmas wish to save them!

90. Phineas & Ferb: Save Summer 2

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are surprised to know that the Earth has moved away from the sun again, but they're shocked to know that Mark and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N are behind this! Now Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Candace, Buford, Baljeet, Adam, Perry, Pinky and Doofenshmirtz must all team up to save Summer and defeat Mark & L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N before it's too late!

91. Sleep Away

After having trouble sleeping, Candace drinks the sleeping potion to make her sleep. Meanwhile, Vanessa goes to the party with Johnny. Plus, Adam's sister and Ex Total Drama contestant Lindsay arrives!

92. Phineas & Ferb's Big Score

Phineas, Ferb & the gang discuss how they are going to proceed with the L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. bank heist. They decide to go with the Loud & Obvious approach.

93. Adam Gets an F

It's the last day of school, and Adam has an extremely difficult exam coming up, and if he fails it, he will spend his summer in summer school and he will be held back a year. In a last-ditch effort to avoid being held back, Adam asks Isabella & Phineas to help him pass the exam, but Mark possesses them & they give him wrong answers!

94. Phineas vs. Isabella

Isabella cheats on Phineas, and then he buries her new boyfriend alive. However, Isabella doesn't like what Phineas did to her boyfriend, and plans to kill him!

95. The Return of Brian & Stewie Griffin

Phineas, Ferb and the gang are stunned when Brian & Stewie returns! Meanwhile, Mark teams up with Big Bob to plan a attack!

96. Hospital Siege

Phineas, Ferb & the gang go to visit Eric at the hospital, but disaster strikes when Mark and Big Bob takes everyone hostage! Then, Phineas & Isabella get shot!

97. Mark kills Phineas & Isabella!

Phineas & Isabella are enjoying their honeymoon on a cruise ship when Mark bursts in and kills them!

98. Phineas & Isabella kills Mark!

After hearing that Mark are now elected the new president of the United States, Phineas & Isabella must go to the White House to kill him! It's Phineas & Isabella vs Mark in a dramatic showdown! Who will win!?

99. Trapped In the Vault

Phineas & Isabella get trapped in a vault, thanks to Ferb & Adam.

100. Adam Gets Busted

Phineas & Isabella follows Adam to know what he's up to and makes a stunning discovery......

Season 3

101. Evil Dread Part 1


102. Evil Dread Part 2


103. Phinebox One or Ferbstation 4?

Anticipation for the biggest shopping day of the year is building. The dark days of winter are coming and that can only mean one thing: the fight to be the first in the mall on Black Friday has begun. Phineas, Ferb & the gang start arguing about whether they should buy Xbox Ones or PlayStation 4s, which divides the group. Phineas, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford, Jeremy, Candace, The Fireside Girls & Adam all want to get the Playstation 4, while Vanessa, Ferb, Cameron, Stacy, and all of Vanessa's friends want to get an Xbox One.

104. Will the real Phineas & Isabella rise?

Mark creates the evil clones of Phineas & Isabella and kidnaps the real Phineas & Isabella.

105. No Boys Allowed

Isabella gets sick & she can't participate as a Fireside Girl to earn her patch, so Phineas disguises as her.

106. Phineas & Ferb's Mind Flip-Flop!

Phineas & Ferb invent a mind switching machine that can switch the minds of them & the gang, but everything goes haywire and they can't change back.

107. Candace & Jeremy's wedding

It's the day when Candace & Jeremy get married, and Mark is up to no good!

108. I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

Mark puts on a heavy disguise and gives Phineas, Ferb, Adam, Isabella, Baljeet, Buford & Brendan flyers about ziplining. The gang is excited to spend a day ziplining. But high in the mountains, far from their families, their trip takes a bad turn. Chances of survival are slim. All they can do is wait to be rescued. But will help come too late?

109. Put That Putter Away 2

Adam & Phineas compete in a miniature golf tournament hosted by Mark, who tries to scam them into helping him if one of them wins.

110. The assassination of Linda Flynn-Fletcher

Candace & Phineas are devestated that their mother, Linda, was killed by an unknown assassin, and must find the person who planned to assassinate their mom. When they come face to face with the assassin at Mark's Evil Incorportated, things take a tragic turn.....

111. Inventor

After hearing that Adam, Ferb & the gang is having a pajama party and that Phineas has returned from the hospital, Mark plans to use a ghost figure of Linda Flynn-Fletcher to scare them and put them to sleep!

112. Get Mark Week

Phineas & Isabella are shocked to learn that Adam, Candace and Ferb has been kidnapped by Mark, Johnny and Danny and must team up with Jake Moon and Phil & Grant Mitchell to save them!

113. Phineas & Ferb: Road to the Multiverse

Adam, Cameron, Phineas, Isabella, Stewie & Brian goes on an out-of-this-world trip, but Mark plots to ruin it!

114. Phineas and Ferb: Across the 3rd Dimension

Phineas, Ferb & the gang travels to the 3rd Dimension, but is stunned to know that The Tri-State Area is destroyed!

115. And then there were fewer

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are invited to a party at a remote mansion. The guests discover that the event was orchestrated by the born-again Christian James Woods and his new girlfriend to their shock and the whole event is to make amends with each guest who he has wronged in his life. Things turn dark, however, when several guests including James Woods and his girlfriend start dying off inexplicably. Now, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must solve the mystery and find who killed them. However, when Phineas & Isabella was looking for the killer, they come face to face with the 2 killers......

116. Superpowered Phineas & Ferb

After being exposed to toxic waste, Phineas, Ferb & the gang now have superpowers. Phineas gains telekinetic abilities; Ferb is able to start fires by thought; Candace can change herself into any person or object; Baljeet can move at incredible speed; Buford gains super strength; Adam can turn invisible & create force fields; Isabella can stretch any part of her body to unimaginable length & thickness, and also mold it into several shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, Mark & Doofenshmirtz get superpowers of their own too, where Mark has the ability to copy powers, and Doofenshmirtz gets the ability to fly & shoot lasers.

117. Radio Ferb

Phineas and Ferb create their own radio stations that play indie rock, indietronica, 80's pop & rock, house music, and much more.

118. TBA


119. Isabella the Beauty Queen

Isabella feels that she is ugly after she sees a caricatured drawing of herself by Buford. To boost her confidence, Phineas enters Isabella in the Little Miss Danville beauty pageant. Although reluctant to enter, Isabella does well, winning second place, then becomes Little Miss Danville by default after the original winner is handicapped by Mark and hospitalized.

120. Ms.Plow

Candace wrecks the family car during a blizzard, buys a snowplow, and goes into business by starting her own plowing service business, "Ms. Plow." Candace's business succeeds, but she ends up facing competition as Stacy starts her own rival snowplow business, the "Plow Queen".

121. Three Tall Tales 2

Phineas can't sleep because he has nightmares, so Isabella reads him 3 stories.

122. The Sleep-Inator

Mark invents the Sleep-Inator and puts it in Phineas', Ferb's and Isabella's bedrooms.

123. Candace vs. the Monorail

Doofenshmirtz is fined three million dollars for illegally dumping nuclear waste, and a town meeting is held to decide how to spend the money. The people are about to adopt Candace's idea to repair Main Street, when a smooth-talking stranger named Brad Smarty, who happens to be Mark in disguise, shows up and convinces them to buy a monorail, even though the town has no need for one.

124. Abigail's Birthday

It's Abigail's Birthday and Adam proposes to her and gives her the ultimate present of all.

125. Adam & Abigail's Wedding

It's the day when Adam & Abigail get married. However, Mark is up to no good!

126. Poorly Phineas


127. Swimming Pool Stalkers

Phineas & Isabella go in their swimming pool and start to enjoy their date. However, little do Phineas & Isabella know that Mark & Tim is spying on them!

128. Phinabella Busted!

When Cameron discovers that Phineas & Isabella had a relationship, he has to do something that could threaten to break his relationship with Phineas & Isabella....

Season 4

129. Finding Phineas & Isabella

Realising his mistake after the events of "Phinbella Busted!", Cameron, with the help of Adam, Jenson, Candace, Dana, Ferb, Buford & Baljeet, set off to find Phineas & Isabella.

130. I Love Stacy

When Albert doesn't get any cards for Valentine's Day, Stacy feels sorry for him and gives him a card to cheer him up. Albert misinterprets the gesture and falls in love with Stacy, relentlessly pursuing her to the point of getting the two of them being a part of a pop-rock band.

131. Phineas & Isabella's Big Fling

Phineas & Isabella's romantic vacation goes disturbingly wrong, when a targeted advertisement appears on TV promoting a resort on Lake Winimahatikihaha, but completely unaware to them, the resort is actually a prison built by Mark & Doofenshmirtz. When Candace, Adam, Baljeet & Buford find out about this, they set off to rescue Phineas & Isabella before it's too late!

132. Wedding Siege

During Baljeet & Mishti's wedding, Mark takes them & the guests hostage!

133. Phineas & Ferb: The Apprentice


134. Uh Oh, Grand Theft Auto!

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are playing Grand Theft Auto Online on the PS4. Meanwhile, Mark hacks into the GTA Online servers & marks Phineas, Ferb & the gang as Bad Sport users. It's up to them to stop Mark!

135. Trial By Warfare Part 1

Inspired by Candace's brave intentions, Adam decides to take on the war world by revving up the classic game "Capture the Flag". But, Phineas & Isabella wants no part of it, as they don't condone violence, and their refusal to play sparks a big fight between them and their brother figure. Meanwhile, Candace's military training intensifies, and an old face from the Flynn-Fletcher family rears its ugly head around again, and not in a good way. Plus, Mark leads Perry & Pinky on a goose chase to keep them distracted so he can complete his greatest plan ever.

136. Trial By Warfare Part 2

Phineas, Isabella & Adam finds themselves in a world of trouble when they are separated and discovers they've been kidnapped, and things get worse they discover who kidnapped them and why. Meanwhile, Danville scrambles to find Phineas, Isabella & Adam, Perry & Pinky are sent out to locate them and bring them home, which could threaten to reveal their secret, and Candace's military training comes to a halt when her biggest mission ever arrives.

137. Trial By Warfare Part 3

Commandent Dawson and his army of cadet trainees arrive in Danville, in order to help with the search to find Phineas, Isabella & Adam and get them back from Thomas Flynn, Nick Williams & Mark Brown. But what happens next will change Danvile's history forever. Plus, Adam discovers who Thomas Flynn really is and discovers Phineas & Isabella didn't tell him. Plus, Perry & Pinky knows that if their secret are out, they'll have to be located. Will it happen?

138. Trial By Warfare Part 4

Thomas Flynn & Nick Williams has left everyone under rubble, and has taken over the Tri-State Area. With their new army under their belt, it seems that they could not be stopped. Plus, Phineas & Isabella and Adam's relationship is put in jeopardy after the revelation. And how will everyone get out of this situation? And what will happen to Perry & Pinky? And will Phineas & Isabella and Adam's relationship be mended?

139. Hollywood Brendan

When Brendan's viral video gets him noticed, he is entered into a contest to create the most inane, ridiculous and crazy viral video ever! Meanwhile, Adam takes care of Phineas & Isabella, who has got a cold and has a heart-to-heart conversation about the good times they had.

140. Enter Sandman

A town-wide epidemic of insomnia prompts Phineas, Ferb, and friends to investigate, but disaster strikes when Phineas & Isabella gets involved in it as well! Meanwhile, Mark creates the "Sleepy-inator" in the hopes of using it on himself to rid himself of his insomnia.

141. Attack of the Killer Phone

After Mark launches his new phones & tablets, iDroidPod & iDroidPad, running on both iOS & Android without restricted access, Phineas, Ferb & the gang race to getting a million followers on Brenbook.

142. Evil's Vindication

After a mishap results in various homes in the Tri-State Area left in shambles and Adam is framed, Phineas, Ferb, and friends investigate the crime, and are recruited by the Danville Police Department for assistance to get Adam out of the crime. But the case takes a turn when someone steps up and takes credit for the crime.

143. Phineas & Isabella runs away

After Candace teases them, Phineas & Isabella are offended and feel like no one in their family appreciates their view on summer. So they set off and run into the one person that tricks them into thinking that he shares their view as well: Mark Brown.

144. How Far Part 1

Phineas is stunned to know that Adam has got illness and is dying! Thankfully, Phineas has made a life pad machine to save Adam. The machine works and Adam is saved, but the illness gets transfered to Phineas!

145. How Far Part 2

Isabella, Ferb, & the gang is worried about Phineas and is shocked to know that he has got Adam's illness and is dying!

146. TBA


147. Happy Birthday, Isabella

Phineas is nervous that it's Isabella's birthday, so enlists Adam's help to get her the best present ever!

148. Night Lights

Adam gathers Phineas, Ferb & the gang and ventures off into the night, but Phineas & Isabella is very tired & sleepy and needs to find a place to sleep. Meanwhile, Brendan turns to science to deal with his insomnia.

149. Phineas & Ferb: Five Nights at Freddy's


150. Accidents Will Happen

When Phineas & Isabella gets badly injured in a accident, it leads Adam & Cameron to investigate to know what happened!

151. The assassination of Phineas & Isabella

Adam, Ferb & the gang is shocked to know that Mark is plotting to assassinate and kill Phineas & Isabella and must save them!

152. Phineas & Ferb in Super Smash Bros. Online!

Phineas, Ferb & the gang plays Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS online, and Brendan joins in the fight! 153. Phineas & Ferb: Across the Soviet Dimension

Phineas, Ferb & the gang decide to travel to the Soviet Dimension, where they & their friends are living in Moscow, Russia, and is quite similar to the 2nd Dimension.

154. Phineas & Ferb: Road to Aspen

Phineas, Ferb & the gang decide to go to Aspen in Colorado. Meanwhile, Candace & Jeremy are excited about an INXS live concert in Aspen, but Mark tries to ruin the reputation of the band!

155. TBA


156. Phineas & Ferb Meets The Loud House

Phineas, Ferb & the gang travel to Royal Woods, Mitchigan where they meet the loud family! Also, Adam is reunited with his long-time friends, including two of the loud siblings he knew for a long time......

157. Cameron Gets Busted


158. Monster From The Id 2

Phineas & Isabella is hit by a flying object that sends them into a coma. Phineas & Isabella awakens within their own subconscious and discovers they have gone insane! If something doesn't happen soon, Phineas & Isabella will be in the coma forever! Thankfully, Adam, Ferb & the gang has entered Phineas & Isabella's subconscious to stop the madness. Now, Phineas, Isabella, Adam, Ferb & the gang must defeat Mark and find a way to stop the madness! Plus, Phineas & Isabella finally faces the personification of their trauma: Mark & Thaddeus & Isabelle!

159. Sister From the Same Planet

A year has passed since Linda Flynn-Fletcher died, Phineas, fed up with Candace's horrible attempts to be a mother, joins the Big Sister program posing as an abandoned child so he can hang out with a better mother figure. Candace & Isabella find out about Phineas' cool, attractive new girlfriend, Amy, and Candace exacts her revenge by donating her time as a big sister to a real orphan named Gus, who also happens to have a crush on Isabella.

160. Croquet Losers

Phineas & Ferb build a croquet field in the backyard to play Croquet Y-9. Meanwhile, Mark wants to ban croquet, because he hates the sport really much.

161. Baby, come back

While Phineas & Isabella was taking their nap, Mark's baby-Inator transforms them into babies!

162. Where's my Money!?

Thinking that Phineas & Isabella has their money, Mark & Stewie decides to pay them a visit......

163. All Singing, All Dancing

Anticipating a great winter-themed movie, Phineas and Ferb are horrified to discover that Frozen, is actually a musical. Several song and dance moments from the canon show and the past episodes of this show are recalled.

164. Ferb TV 2

Phineas and Ferb create their own TV shows and commercials that include Candace starring as a police officer showing the criminal side of Danville to the public, Adam getting his own talk show, Baljeet & Buford starring in a game-reviewing show, Isabella hosting a talent show & so much more.

165. The Camping Episode

Phineas, Ferb & the gang build a camping site in their backyard, much to Candace's dismay.

166. TBA


167. Trapped In the Vault 2

Phineas & Isabella gets trapped in the vault again. This time, Adam & Ferb didn't lock them in there!

168. Sleepnapping

While Phineas & Isabella was sleeping, they get kidnapped by Doofenshmirtz, who takes them to Mark's Evil Inc! While there, Mark orders Doofenshmirtz to not wake Phineas & Isabella up, however, disaster strikes....

169. Phineas, Isabella & Adam Vs Mark, Brian & Stewie: Chicken Fight


170. Candace the Fugitive

Jeremy has to cancel his plans with Candace because he got his arms stuck in two vending machines, so Candace goes out with Stacy Hirano. It turns out, Stacy is somewhat of a wanted criminal! In a Thelma and Louise style story, Candace and Stacy are being chased by Adam Williams and Jeremy! All the while, Phineas & Ferb are left to babysit Xavier & Fred!

Season 5

171. Phineas Framed!? Part 1


172. Phineas Framed!? Part 2


173. Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella & Adam Vs Mark Brown

Can Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella & Adam win the dramatic, epic battle against Mark!?

174. The Return of the Evil Clones


175. Man's Treasure

Phineas, Ferb & the gang is surprised to find money left over the streets, but Phineas, Ferb & the gang wants to return the money to it's owner, but Adam, Cameron & the gang wants to keep the money and use it to be rich. It's a battle for who gets to return the money & who gets to keep it! It's Phineas, Ferb & the gang VS Adam, Cameron, & the gang. Who will get the money first!?

176. Will the real Adam rise?

Phineas, Ferb, Isabella & Candace is confused when Adam looks different, but it turns out that he's actually Adam's twin brother, Bob!

177. Phineas & Isabella Vs Adam

Phineas & Isabella is getting ready to fight their next opponent: Adam! But why is Phineas & Isabella fighting their own Step-cousin!? Find out in this episode!

178. In Dreams

When Phineas & Isabella are trapped in their dreams by Mark & the Dream Beavers, Adam, Ferb & the gang must figure out how to wake Phineas & Isabella up before their life force is drained out of them.

179. Which Phineas, Ferb, Candace & Isabella?

Adam is confused when Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Isabella's behaviour begins to change, but he's shocked to know that they're actually Mark's evil clones! Now, Adam, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must defeat the evil clones before it's too late!

180. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Phineas & Isabella buy a car & go on a date, but Mark causes a car crash & ends up injuring them both, especially Phineas, so his head is stuck in Isabella's body.

181. The Return of Linda Flynn-Fletcher!?

Phineas & Candace are stunned to see their mother rise back from the dead, but they're shocked to know she is actually Mark's evil robot!

182. Phineas & Ferb: Return to the 2nd Dimension


183. Phineas & Ferb: Sonic.EXE


184. How Mark Stole Christmas

Phineas retells Dr.Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to his family & friends during a blackout.

185. Perry in Love

When mysterious stains appear on the Flynn-Fletchers carpet, they assume someone spilled water. But when Candace finally confesses that Perry made the mess, Linda encourages her to seek animal therapy. In an attempt to end his uncontrollable problem, Perry retires from his agent job and tours the world in search of himself. But nothing prepares him for what he discovers: he's in love with his Phineas & Ferb's sister, Candace!

186. Phineas' Birthday

It's Phineas' Birthday and Adam, Ferb & the gang sets up a surprise party while Isabella distracts him.

187. Phineas & Ferb: Portal

Candace retells the story of Portal during a blackout.

188. Unnamed Phineas & Isabella episode


189. REHASH (Part 1)

Candace can’t figure out why Phineas, Ferb and their friends want to watch people comment on things going on around them rather than experience it for themselves. Meanwhile, Mark creates a profile called MarkDood and plans to take over the world with it.

190. HappyHolograms (Part 2)

Still burning over Phineas calling him a "Nagging Mom", Candace teams up with some heavy hitters in the entertainment industry to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever. She’s sure that this event will be just the thing to bring families together again. Meanwhile, multiple holograms are still on the loose in Danville, and it seems like Mark cannot be stopped...

Season 6

191. TBA


192. Mandy Gets Busted

Adam is confused when he sees Mandy texting someone and decides to follow her to the park where he makes a shocking discovery......

193. Phineas & Ferb: In Space


194. Just You and Me

Adam accidentally handcuffs Phineas & Isabella together, and the handcuffs are laced with glue!

195. Phineas & Isabella Busted

Candace spies on Phineas & Isabella to know what they're up to and makes a stunning discovery...

196. Sunset Phinedrive

Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Adam & the gang get trapped inside the game "Sunset Overdrive" when Mark creates a Gaming-Inator that traps every person in Danville except for Mark, who plays the game on Vanessa's Xbox One.

197. Drunk Phineas & Isabella

After not getting enough sleep, Phineas & Isabella uses the medicine to help get them to sleep, but it turns out to be beer! Because of that, Phineas & Isabella gets drunk! Now, Adam, Ferb & the gang must find a way to get Phineas & Isabella back to normal!

198. Titanic 2


199. Phineas & Ferb Meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

When Mark teams up with The Kraang & other villains to destroy New York City, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must team up with Leo, Raph, Donnie, Mikey, April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami & The Mighty Mutantanimals to save New York City!

200. Grand Theft Phineas V

Phineas, Ferb and the gang meet Franklin, Trevor, Michael & their friends & teams up to save Danville from Mark & Doofenshmirtz who teamed up with Devin Weston & Steve Haines!

201. The Return of Bertram

Stewie & Brian is shocked to know Bertram has returned for revenge! Now, Mark, Brian & Stewie must defeat Bertram! But the problem is in order to defeat Bertram, Mark & Stewie has to work together with Phineas, Ferb & the gang!

202. You Fans Are So Busted! AKA Phineas & Ferb Meets Futurama 2

Fry is an avid Phineas & Ferb fan, but when he discovers that the show has been banned, he seeks out the forgotten DVD seasons 1-4 box sets, so Fry, Leela, Bender & the Flynn-Fletcher family heads go back to Omega 3 to find out where are the rest of the Phineas & Ferb cast.

203. The disappearances of Perry the Platypus & Pinky the Chihuahua

Phineas & Isabella is shocked to know Mark & his minions has kidnapped Perry & Pinky and is plotting to kill them! Now, Phineas & Isabella must stop Mark & his minions and rescue their pets, but Phineas & Isabella is about to make a shocking discovery........

204. Life is Hilariously Cruel

After failing to take over Danville once again, Mark decides that he is tired of failing and wants to switch lives with Phineas, believing that he will have a better life.

205. The Quarterback

Phineas, Isabella & Candace is stunned to know that Finn Hudson was Adam's long-time friend. But when they realise that it's Finn's anniversary and Adam declares it's his fault Finn died, Phineas, Ferb & the gang team up with the Glee cast to write a song to cheer Adam up. Meanwhile, Mark tries to persaude the producers to bring back Glee, as it's his favorite show.

206. O.W.C.A Vs L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N


207. Stacy's Undercover Origins

Stacy explains her origins on how she became a member of the Danville Police Department. Her job was to clean up the town of its criminals. Unfortunately, not all the criminals are on the street as Stacy soon discovers during her story.

208. Phineas & Ferb: Edge of Time

In the year 2099, Alchemax scientist Walker Sloan seeks to gain power and fortune by traveling back in time to the present day in order to use his knowledge of future technology to found Alchemax much earlier in time. This causes the future of 2099 to change to a dystopia where Alchemax rules the world with an iron fist. Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2099 is aware of the plan and finds out that Sloan's actions are not only responsible for the changes in the timeline but will also cause the death of Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro at the hands of a brainwashed Anti-Venom. Miguel & Peter warns Phineas, Ferb & the gang of the impending danger, and they must work together across time to save the future and Phineas & Isabella's life.

209. Phineas & Ferb: Portal 2

Candace retells the story of Portal 2 during a blackout.

210. The End of Phineas Flynn, or is it?

Mark plans to kill off Phineas by disguising as Isabella and chasing him out of town. Mark manages to do it, and frames the real Isabella for it.

211. Road to Peppa Pig

Adam accidentally sends Phineas, Isabella & Candace to the Peppa Pig Universe and must team up with Cameron, Brian & Stewie to get them back!

212. Sickness Danville


213. Phineas & Ferb: 127 Hours

While travelling home from their trip to the grand crayon, Phineas gets his hand stuck by a boulder and gets trapped along with Adam & Isabella! Aaron Ralston guest stars!

214. The End of the Fireside Girls

Mark plans to put the Fireside Girls out of business by disguising as Isabella. He starts by burning down the Lodge, the Clubhouse & the Cupcake Factory & blames the real Isabella for it. But little does he know that the Fireside Girls have a secret bunker hidden somewhere, so he creates the fake Fireside Girls robots to kill off the original ones.

215. Candace of Darkness

During a heatwave in Danville at the summer holiday, Candace ends up breaking her leg when she falls off his treehouse, intending to dive in a swimming pool that Phineas & Ferb had set up. She is forced to remain in her room for the rest of the summer when the leg heals, becoming increasingly paranoid in isolation after Suzy gives her a telescope. Candace then spies on neighbors with a telescope. She finds the view boring until she thinks she sees Jeremy murdering his sister, Suzy. Did this really happen? Is Candace gonna find out about this?

216. Adam loves Phineas & Isabella


217. Phineas & Ferb: Metroid Prime


218. Will the Real Phineas Rise?


219. Phineas & Isabella's Anniversary

Adam is nervous about Phineas & Isabella's Anniversary, so decides to create the best present of all.....

220. Spanish Isabella

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are working on their new invention, but an accident occurs, causing Isabella not only to lose her memory, but also only being able to speak Spanish! It's up to Phineas, Ferb & the gang to bring her memories back!

221. Phineas & Ferb Meets Sonic the Hedgehog

Phineas, Ferb & the gang travels to Station Square where they meet Sonic & his friends!

222. The End of Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro!?

Mark disguises as Candace and plans to kill off Phineas & Isabella and frame the real Candace!

223. Day at the beach


224. The End of Phineas Flynn, Isabella Garcia Shapiro & Adam Williams!?


225. Phineas & Isabella's Nightmare


226. Road to Germany

Cameron accidentally goes into the time machine and is sent to Warsaw, Poland on September 1, 1939! When Adam, Phineas, Isabella & Candace realizes that, they must go in the time machine to save him!

227. Mind Share 2

Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Candace, Ferb, Buford & Baljeet gets their brains swapped, thanks to Mark!

228. Traveling in dreams

Adam and Cameron accidentally enter the dreams of Phineas. Meanwhile, Dr. Doofenshmirtz wants to ruin the encounter of Vanessa with Monty, so enlists Mark's help.

229. Seahorse Seashell Party

In order to pass the time, Phineas, Ferb & the gang take part in numberous activities and games and splits into 2 teams. Adam's Team: Adam, Phineas, Candace, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, The Fireside Girls, Stewie and Brian & Cameron's Team: Cameron, Ferb, Chris, Meg, Stacy & Jenny.

230. The Klimpaloon Ultimatum 2

After hearing that Mark and Millington Random has kidnapped Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Klimpaloon and Cameron, Adam & Brendan must go to the Himalayas to rescue them!

Season 7

231. Phineas & Ferb Meets My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


232. TBA


233. Phineas & Ferb: Civil War Part 1


234. Phineas & Ferb: Civil War Part 2


235. TBA


236. TBA


237. Life of Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro

Phineas & Isabella get hit by a car and are put in a coma! It is up to Adam to save them by time travelling! But there's one problem, he only gets one chance to save them! Will he succeed?

238. Road to Rhode Island

When Adam goes to get Phineas & Isabella from their grandmother, he loses the plane tickets and has to find another way home.

239. The Return of Milly?!

Adam is stunned to see his long-time friend, Milly, rise back from the dead, but he's shocked to know she is actually Mark's evil robot!

240. Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars 2

Phineas, Ferb & the gang are back in Star Wars! In this sequel, Dartenshmirtz rebuilds the death star with his new army! Meanwhile, Phineas, Ferb & the gang is living peacefully in Tatootine, but disaster strikes when the Galactic Empire threatens to destroy it! Now, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must save Tatootine before it's too late! But disaster strikes when Phineas becomes a evil Sith thanks to the Sith-Inator!

241. John P. Tristate Elementary massacre


242. Adam & Abigail gets Busted


243. Hotline Danville

Phineas recieves a mysterious voicemail on his answering machine – and before he knows what’s going on, his sister Candace gets kidnapped! Other boys recieve the same voicemail, and soon Isabella, the Fireside Girls & Abigail are kidnapped too! Who's the guy who keeps kidnapping the girls? Phineas, Ferb, Jeremy, Adam & Cameron go on an 80's style adventure across Danville to find out who kidnapped the girls!

244. Phineas On The Run

Phineas retells the story of Need for Speed: The Run during a blackout.

245. Gender Mess

Mark builds a Gender-inator to change everyone's gender, except his! He uses it on Phineas, Ferb & the gang, and so they must figure out how to get back into their original selves!

246. Terrifying Tri-State Trilogy of Terror 2

In this trilogy of strange tales, Stacy & Ivan tries to defeat a ghost, Brendan recieves a strange call from a mystery caller, and Phineas, Ferb & the gang meets Jason Vorhees & Freddy Kruger, who plans on killing them!

247. Road to Frank

When Cameron accidentally sells Phineas' old teaddy bear Frank, He, Adam, Phineas & Isabella must go to Russia to get Frank back!

248. Jeremy or Jennifer?

Candace gets the surprise of her life, when her boyfriend, Jeremy, starts to go through the change of his life.

249. Phineas, Isabella, Adam, Stewie, Brian & Cameron's Excellent Adventure

To help them get to sleep easily, Adam, Cameron, Brian & Stewie decides to take Phineas & Isabella on a special "dream trip".

250. TBA


251. Phineas & Ferb: SALLY.EXE


252. The End of Perry the Platypus & Pinky the Chihuahua!?


253. TBA


254. TBA


255. Stacy's Birthday

It's Stacy's birthday and Adam, Ferb & the gang sets up a surprise party while Phineas and Candace distracts Stacy.

256. Phineas, Isabella, Adam, Cameron & Candace Gets Busted

Phineas, Isabella, Adam, Cameron & Candace decides to go time traveling to World War II, but they don't know they're being watched by Mandy, Stacy, Jeremy & Adyson!

257. Come home, Phineas Part 1

Candace is angry with Phineas for spoiling her date with Jeremy, (even though he didn't do it) and wishes she didn't have him as a brother. Phineas is upset and runs away, but gets kidnapped by Mark and his minions!

258. Come home, Phineas Part 2

Phineas gets kidnapped by Mark and his minions, who mind control him to destroy one person: Candace! Meanwhile, Candace is shocked to know it was Buford who spoiled her date with Jeremy and that Phineas was innocent all along. Now, to put things right, Candace must save Phineas, but disaster strikes when she comes face to face with him, who is mind controlled!

259. Mark 101


260. Phineas & Ferb: Shovel Knight

Phineas retells the story of a game that he & the gang have played recently, Shovel Knight, where Phineas is the titular character, Isabella is the Shield Knight, & the rest of the gang are the bosses.

261. Phineas & Ferb: Civil War 2

Phineas & Ferb battles against Family Guy, The Cleveland Show & American Dad in a dramatic, epic battle

262. Phineas & Ferb: Merry Christmas! Part 1

Phineas, Ferb & the gang is looking forward to Christmas, but they're unaware that dark secrets are coming....

263. Phineas & Ferb: Merry Christmas! Part 2

Dark secrets are revealed in this dramatic, shocking episode!

264. Phineas & Ferb: Thunderbirds

When the world is put in danger, thanks to Mark, Doofenshmirtz & The Hood, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must team up with International Rescue to save the world!

265. Accidents Happen

Phineas & Isabella find Adam's machine and attempt to test it, but gets badly injured!

266. Phineas & Ferb: Five Nights at Freddy's 2


267. The Living Years


268. The Curse of Phineas

Phineas is bitten by a bat after reviving Candace when he accidentally killed her and his latest gadgets lead him to believe that he has indeed made the change from a kid to a vampire. It's up to Adam, Isabella, Ferb and Candace to cure Phineas before he turns to dust!

269. Evil Perry & Pinky

Mark turns Perry & Pinky evil and plans to kill Phineas & Isabella with their powerful weapons!

270. Mark Unleashed

Mark builds his latest evil creation and becomes more powerful and easily defeats Phineas, Ferb & the gang! Who's gonna stop Mark now!?

Season 8

271. The Lift

Phineas, Ferb & the gang get trapped with Brendan and have to wait for hours!

272. All Night Long

Phineas, Isabella & Adam has to stay up all night to get a new video game before Mark & his 2 minions get it!

273. Phineas & Ferb: Age of Ultron

Adam builds a global defence program named "Ultron", but Ultron plans to destroy the world and teams up with Mark, Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver to do so! Now, it's up to Adam, Phineas, Ferb & the gang to stop Ultron!

274. Phineas & Ferb Meets The Fairly Odd Parents

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meets Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof, Sparky & their friends! Meanwhile, Mark teams up with Denzel Crocker, Foop, Vicky, Dark Laser, Anti-Wanda, Anti-Cosmo & other villains to destroy Dimsdale! However, Mark is planning to drain the fairy's magic to become a powerful evil fairy! Now, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must team up with Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, Poof and Sparky and save Dimsdale from the villains!

275. Ivan Arrives


276. How Phineas & Isabella met Adam

Phineas, Isabella & Adam tells a story to Chris & Meg about how they first met.

277. Phineas & Ferb: Five Nights at Freddy's 3


278. Mudded Monster

Phineas and Ferb help Ivan learn how to parallel park by building a monster truck track in the backyard. Meanwhile, Mark & Doofenshmirtz are marketing their new line of monster trucks to investors, and proceed to try and get rid of the competition.

279. That Sinking Feeling 2

Ivan wants to impress his girlfriend, Stacy, so he enlists Phineas and Ferb to help woo her. Meanwhile, Mark decides to take a break from his usual evil deeds & he decides to go on Phineas & Ferb's cruise.

280. Phineas & Isabella Busted 2

Adam is about to discover Phineas & Isabella's shocking secret......

281. The Return of Dirty Matt

Phineas, Ferb & the gang is shocked that Dirty Matt has returned to kill them! Thankfully, a hero comes to the rescue....

282. Phineas & Ferb: Back to the Pilot

Adam, Phineas & Isabella travel back in time to the first episode of Phineas & Ferb!

283. Where's My Money!? 2


284. The Great Fire of The Tri-State Area


285. Ice Creamed

Phineas, Ferb & the gang travels to outer space to get asteroids to make the coldest & tastist ice cream to mankind in order to beat the hottest day of the summer. What they don't know is that Mark is the cause of the massive heat wave.

286. Phineas & Ferb: The End of My Little Pony Part 1

Phineas, Ferb & the gang returns to Ponyville and has a celebration party with Twilight & her friends. They even celebrate Spike & Rarity's engagement. However, they recieve bad news from Princess Celestia that Mark has returned! Now, Phineas, Ferb & the gang and Twilight & her friends must all team up to defeat Mark and save Ponyville! However, disaster strikes when Mark finishes them off.....

287. Phineas & Ferb: The End of My Little Pony Part 2

Ponyville is in danger, Phineas, Ferb & the gang and Twilight & her friends are dead and Mark has won. Who's going to stop him now!?

288. Flynn-Fletcher house Siege 2

Mark & his minions takes Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Linda, Lawrence, Perry, Betty, Clyde, Tiana & Bob hostage and threatens to shoot one of them!

289. Phineas and Ferb Musical Cliptastic Countdown 3

The Musical Cliptastic Countdown is back for the top 10 songs from The New Adventures of Phineas & Ferb! This time, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella and Adam are the new hosts! However, Mark and his Minions plots to put Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Adam and the audience to sleep using his "Sleep-Inator".

290. The Big Bang Theory

Phineas, Isabella, Adam, Cameron, Brian & Stewie must travel back in time in order to stop Mark & Bertram from killing Romeo & Juliet, which could erase Phineas & Isabella from the universe!

291. TBA


292. Steampunx 2


293. Battle of the Pop Bands

Ivan wanted to join the Jeremy and the Incidentals band, but when he found out the band was full, he started his own music band, Heavenboy! But he ends up facing competition, as Jeremy's band & the Phineas and the Ferb-Tones also prepare for the battle!

294. Adam Gets Busted 2

Adam's shocking secrets is revealed in this episode! Plus, Dirty Matt's killer is revealed......

295. Ivan the Inventor

Ivan experiences a crisis when he realizes, at the second half of the summer, that he hasn't accomplished anything meaningful. To curve his remorse, Ivan decides to pattern himself after Phineas, Ferb, Adam & Thomas Edison and become the next great inventor.

296. Slumbered Out

Candace, Stacy, Jenny and their friends invite Ivan to a private slumber party, but Mark spies on them with the help of Heinz Doofenshmirtz!

297. Accidental Duckbill

After watching an old sci-fi movie, Phineas and Ferb are inspired to create a teleportation device which causes Candace, Ivan and Perry to switch bodies. Meanwhile Mark has a grudge against a company mascot.

298. Future Danville

After finishing their latest invention, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Adam, Cameron, Isabella, the Fireside Girls, Jeremy, Ivan & Stacy decide to take a nap, but while they're asleep, they have a strangest dream that they are adults, and each one of them has a family!

299. TBA


300. Mark Dies?!

Mark is pleased to be reunited with his wife Jane. Jane arranges Mark to meet her at the docks to destroy Phineas & Isabella! But Mark doesn't know however that Phineas & Isabella plots to kill him...

Season 9

301. The Return of Michael Jackson!?

Phineas, Ferb & the gang is stunned that Michael Jackson has rised back from the dead! But they're shocked to know he's actually a evil robot created by Mark!

302. The End of Phineas, Ferb & the gang!?

Mark and his Minions plans to kill Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Baljeet and Buford! Mark takes them hostage at the Garcia Shapiro house! It's up to Adam to save his friends! Plus, a gunshot is heard........

303. Road to HMHS Britannic

Adam decides to time travel with Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, Buford and Baljeet to the HMHS Britannic to show them their ancestors!

304. Phineas, Isabella & Adam Gets Busted


305. Candace Gets Busted

Ivan works for the OWCA to spy on Candace to know what she's up to and makes a stunning discovery that Candace works for Mark!

306. Phineas & Ferb Meets Kick Buttowski (TNAP&F Edition)

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meets Kick Buttowski, Gunther, their friends and Kick's fans, who have just recently moved to Danville! Meanwhile, Mark teams up with Gordie Gibble to demolish all paths to Danville and leave Danville the only city wihout paths to any other road in America!

307. Road to Germany


308. Poorly Phineas & Isabella

Phineas & Isabella gets a cold, thanks to Mark, so Ferb & Candace decides to disguise as them until they get better.

309. Does this Chihuahua make me fat?

Adam & Cameron creates a teleportion device, but accidentally gets Phineas, Isabella, Perry & Pinky's brains swapped!

310. Freemium Stupidness

Ivan is addicted to the latest app to hit the market. Meanwhile, Phineas, Ferb & the gang aren’t feeling so good about the fortune they’re making on their new mobile game.

311. Phineas & Ferb: Marvel

After hearing that Mark & the Marvel villains has defeated the heroes, Phineas, Ferb & the gang must take their place and save the world.

312. Rollerblade Rivalry

After Betty Jo Flynn's & Hildegard Johnson's disasterous roller derby race, Ivan & Mark decide to do the roller derby match for them, with Ivan, Candace & Stacy against Mark, Jeremy & Suzy. But Candace is worried that if Mark's team wins, Jeremy might not like her anymore.

313. Phineas & Ferb Meets Regular Show

Phineas, Ferb & the gang meets the Regular Show gang, while Mark tries to get rid of both Danville & the Park with the Destroyer of Worlds 2.0.

314. Cupcakes Part 1

Mark invites Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike for a "special party" at Mark's Evil Incorporated. But they don't know that it's a trap.....

315. Cupcakes Part 2

Worried about Phineas,Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike's disappearance, Adam & Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack decides to go and find them. Meanwhile, Mark and his Minions takes Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike to Mark's lair and they decide to muilate them to death!

316. Get Well, Adam

After the events of Cupcakes, Phineas, Ferb & the gang and Twilight, Spike & the gang is desperate for Adam to wake up from his coma. Will Adam be able to wake up from his coma, or will his family lose their beloved hero?

317. Meap Your Maker

Mitch returns and plans to destroy Meap, Phineas, Ferb & the gang! Plus, 1 hero has to make a sacrifice.....

318. Freaky Jerandace

Due to a freak accident, Phineas, Ferb & the gang accidentally fuse Candace & Jeremy together!

319. Look Before you Sleep

Adam invites Cameron, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity for a slumber party & sleepover at his house. They don't know however that Mark, Brian & Stewie are watching them!

320. Phineas & Ferb Meets Total Drama


321. Evil Counterparts Have More Fun!

Adam & Cameron accidentally enter the machine that can see into an Evil Danville & Evil Ponyville with evil versions of all the characters! There is a good Mark as well.....

322. Phineas & Ferb: Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes


323. TBA


324. Ivan & Adam's Lies

Ivan and Adam's lies end up leading them to an astronaut compound while trying to purchase grilled cheese sandwiches for Phineas & Candace.

325. Nightmare Brendan

Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity gets kidnapped by the nightmare forces and is forced to face off against....... Nightmare Brendan!

326. Sleeping Gas

Mark invents the "Sleeping gas gun" using his family's secret ingredient to put everyone to sleep! He also has a good idea to use it on Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity as revenge!

327. Hello, Tri-State Area!

Phineas, Ferb & the gang is very excited because they've been choosen to be in a rock band tour! However, Mark plans to ruin it.....

328. Evil Counterparts Have More Fun! 2

After finding out that Evil Adam, Evil Phineas, Evil Isabella, Evil Twilight, Evil Spike & Evil Rarity are back for revenge and plans to destroy the world, It's up to Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike to destroy their evil counterparts and save the world!

329. TBA


330. Phineas & Ferb: Five Nights at Freddy's 4

After the events of "Phineas & Ferb: Five Nights at Freddy's 3", Phineas, Ferb & the gang visits "The Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Memorial Museum" to see the attractions, however, they realize that Springtrap and the new animatronics is back to get them, and it's going to give them nightmares!

331. TBA


332. Phineas & Ferb: Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption


333. TBA


334. The death of Chris Williams & Meg Flynn

Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Candace & Ferb is devestated to know that Chris, Meg & Pinkie got killed in the car crash. But someone claims it was not an accident....

335. Cataclysm: The Six Avengers' Last Stand Part 1

The cosmic entity known as Gah Lak Tus has returned to Earth, but now it has been merged with its counterpart from another universe and Mark & Dave, and is even more powerful than before! When Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity hears about this, they must team up with the ultimates, the X-Men & Spider Man to save the world!

336. Cataclysm: The Six Avengers' Last Stand Part 2


337. Cataclysm: The Six Avengers' Last Stand Part 3


338. TBA


339. The End of the Six Avengers!?

Mark decides to form up a new team named "The Dark Six Avengers" to finish off The Six Avengers!

Season 10

340. Bats!

Phineas, Ferb & the gang and Twilight & the gang is shocked to know that Mark has created the bats! Even worse, Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity gets infected and gets turned into bats!

341. Phineas & Ferb: MARK.EXE


342. The Return of Team Improbable & Power Ponies Part 1


343. The Return of Team Improbable & Power Ponies Part 2


344. Roads to Vegas

Adam, Cameron, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity head off to Vegas, but they use a teleporting machine, which malfunctions creating clones of themselves!

345. The Six Avengers: Doomsday


346. TBA


347. TBA


348. Phineas & Ferb: Slender Man

When Phineas, Ferb & the gang receives a letter tasking them to collect 8 pages, they go to the forest, but little do they know that Slender Man is lurking in the forest.............

349. TBA


350. TBA


351. Funeral for a Enemy


352. Evil Counterparts Have More Fun!: Prelude

This episode tells the story about how the alternate universe Adam became evil, including Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Spike & Rarity, which leads up to the events of Evil Counterparts Have More Fun!.

353. Return of Ultron


354. TBA


355. The Deadly Venom


356. TBA


357. Phineas & Ferb Meets Wreck It Ralph


358. TBA


359. TBA


360. Friendship is Closed

Things take a turn for the worst when Mark & Jane closes down Equestrialand & kidnaps Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike. Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Ivan, Applejack & the gang decide to put an end this madness, rescue Adam, Phineas, Isabella, Twilight, Rarity & Spike and find a new place for the ponies to stay! Plus, Mark's tragic backstory is revealed! And so is the shocking secrets!

361. The End of the Beginning

After the events of "Friendship is Closed", Adam struggles to cope with Phineas & Isabella's death.

362. TBA


363. The End of Mark Brown

To avenge Phineas & Isabella's death, Adam decides to do a plan and that involves Killing Mark!

364. TBA


365. Farewell, Adam Williams

In this another special episode and Series Finale, Everyone's devastated that Adam has to leave Danville to go to Michigan to move in with Abigail, Lincoln & Luna Jr, Lincoln, Luna, Ronnie Anne & Sam, so they decide to throw him a party.

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