The Irving and Albert: DISCO! is a song sung by Irving and Albert in Irving: The Musical.


Italics means talking

Irving: I'm gonna make a confession, that I am power-hungry

Albert: I'm going to a session,

Irving: For a secret-agent thingy (How'd you know?)

Irving and Albert: It's very hard and difficult to live in the Stommeling household,

We sometimes, have to put are personal stuff on hold,

We are with each other,

Rather we like it or not,

You shouldn't even bother,

To plan over-worked plot,

Irving: You better be careful,

Albert: To never get caught,

Irving and Albert: I know, it's hard, we sometimes fought,

We have to be thankful,

For the brothers we got,

Even though, when I go into his room,

It's as hot as a draught

Albert: Just so you know, that's an insult...

Irving and Albert: Yeah, we're very thankful,

That we are brothers,

Oh, just, don't bother,

Irving: I'm just glad you're not any gother,

Albert: Oh, please is that even possible?

Vanessa: (outside of window) Excuse me?

Albert: Oh, uh...

Vanessa: ''You aren't goth at all, and I'm way gother!

Irving: Hey look it's Phineas and Ferb's-

Albert: Oh, don't get me started!

As I can see all the times you say those names,

Cannot be charted!

Irving: You hate them?

Your body must be darted,

Irving and Albert: Out of this hou-s-ehold!

Out of this hou-s-ehold!

Out of this hou-s-ehold!

Out of this hou-s-ehold

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