The Hot-Air Balloon
Season: 2
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Broadcast number: TBA
Story by:
Jane Howley
Written by:
John C. Bohen
Max Powers
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The Hot-Air Baloon is an fake episode of Phineas and Ferb. It aired on July 6, 2009.


Linda tells Candace she's off to do some errands while Phineas and Ferb test out the LoveMatic 5000 and then it breaks. Phineas and Ferb soon finds Candace looking at the worst hot-air balloon races in history. Phineas and Ferb soon gets the idea of making a hot air ballon race so they get supplies and the have a balloon race with friends.

Soon, Doofensmirtz is planning on ruining every hot-air balloon in the entire tri-state area. Perry finds out and then uses the Pax Mowers Burger Bread Stacker 5000, and then stacks a giant cheeseburger and names him "Cheesy". They stop Doofensmirtz together while Cheesy sits of Doofensmirtz and yells "Curse you, Perry the Platapus! And you too, giant cheeseburger!".

Linda soon returns home and Candace pushes her to the backyardand then Linda stops and then tells her to pick up the tree and Canadace and Linda argue as Phineas and Ferb return home as a small balloon appears in the backyard as part of the balloon. Candace finally goes into the backyard with Mom and Dad finding Phineas and Ferb with no harm done. Phineas tells Ferb "That was a brilliant race! So what should we do tommorow?" Ferb says "Well, I don't know." and then the episode ends.


  • Cheesy was going to be designed as a Phineas-shaped head with blonde hair looking like cheese but then he was designed as a cheeseburger instead.
  • When the small balloon appears, it dissapears in the next scene.

Perry's entrance to the lair

The shower cap.

Ferb's Line

"I don't know."

People in the episode

  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • Candace
  • Linda
  • Lawrence
  • Perry
  • Doofensmirtz
  • Monogram
  • Buford
  • Baldjeet
  • Isabella
  • The Fireside Girls
  • Thaddeus (very short cameo)
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