Seven teenagers sat outside, sad. Today was the last day of summer before we began college. "I can't believe summer's over already." Phineas said, sitting on his porch next to Isabella and Ferb. "Yea, it seams like just yesterday you guys went hunting for the golden mushroom." Isabella said. Phineas chuckled. "That was yesterday Isabella."

"Oh." we all began laughing. "I'm gonna miss you guys when we all go to college tomorrow." Juliette said, sorrowfully.

"Yea." Baljeet said. Sadly, Baljeet never did really find out how Juliette felt for him. Neither did Phineas, even though Isabella tried time and time again. Ferb found Adyson, one of the formal Fireside Girls and Buford and Emma are still an item.

"So when are you guys leaving tomorrow?" Phineas asked the others. "Tomorrow morning at six." Isabella said. Juliette nodded in agreement. Juliette and Isabella were going to collage together at North Paris University, Baljeet got a scholarship for Harvard, Phineas was going to Yale, Buford and Emma were going to Danville University together, and Ferb and Adyson (who wasn't with them at the time) were going to Darkwood. "Do you think we all can do one last project before tomorrow?" Phineas asked. Baljeet looked at the sun. It was going down. "No, we would not have enough time. Unless, you know, we made a peanut butter sandwhich or something." Juliette chuckled. "Yea." They all sat in silence, rethinking over the summers past, and how many good times they had. Before they knew it, the sun was down and the moon was up. "I wish we could just go back in time to where we were ten again." Emma said, before getting up. "I gotta go. Big day tomorrow." Emma kissed Buford's cheek and walked home. "Yea, we gotta go too. Juliette's mom said that I bring her back by ten." Baljeet said, as he and Juliette walked home. Next who left was Buford and Ferb, and the only two left on the porch was Phineas and Isabella. "I can't believe our summer adventures end today." Isabella said sadly to Phineas. "What do you mean?" "Phineas, when we go to college, we won't be able to do all the cool stuff anymore, and when we graduate, we're going to be too busy to do all of the stuff we did as kids. And then, soon after, we're going to be getting married, then followed by having a family." Phineas looked at his shoes. "I never thought of that," he said, quite sadly. Isabella put on a fake smile. "But we can always tell our children the stories of our adventures," she said.

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