The Dark Angel Trilogy is a series of fanfics of PeaceLoveAgentP. They chronicle the lives of Phineas, Ferb, Jessie, Candace, Bobbi, and Zachary, as well as their alternate dimension selves after a string of serial murders.

1. Among the Dead

Teenagers have been dropping dead all over Danville. No obvious cause of death and, after further examination, no actual cause of death actual cause of death either. Intrigued, Phineas builds a contraption to go into another dimension, believing the cause of these deaths can be rooted there.

When he arrives with Ferb and Jessie, second dimension Candace tells them there have, also, been a string of deaths among teenagers but, instead of dropping dead, they have been brutally murdered. Now recruited by the resistance, the kids go on a mission to not only find the serial killer, but to also find second dimension Phineas and Ferb, who have been kidnapped.

But when they themselves get kidnapped, they are forced into a battle of wits and strength to not only save their lives, but the lives of their friends.

From the writer of award winning fics Time and Time and Time Again and Something’s Amiss on Old Hallow’s Eve comes the first story in a new paranormal fanfic trilogy.

2. Among the Infected

Phineas, Ferb, and Jessie don’t remember anything about their recent abduction in the other dimension. The only proof that their trip to the other dimension actually happened is the few dozen dead teenagers. Only these dead teenagers don’t want to stay dead.

One of these dead teenagers has begun to attack others in a vampire-like frenzy. Further examination proves that this teenager has a new necrovirus--one that also exists in the bodies of every other teenager that has died due to the killings in the other dimension.

The kids take a notice of this and, with the help of Vampire Queen Bobbi and vampire hunter Zachary, set out to stop the infection before they all perish.

From fanfic writer PeaceLoveAgentP comes the second story in The Dark Angel Trilogy.

3. TBA

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