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Summary of Books I and II

This is a record of what has been happening since Heinz Doofenshmirtz took over.

I, Ferb Fletcher, my step-brother Phineas Flynn, and my twin sister Jessie, became agents of the Resistance--an agency that works to protect Danville and hopes to someday overthrow Doofenshmirtz.

Phineas and I used to have regular battles against Doofenshmirtz. We didn't know just how dangerous Heinz was until one day when he decided to get revenge and kicked me off of a high platform.
I ended up dying in my poor brother's arms.

Phineas was so broken that he went insane and swore to avenge me. He began terrorizing Heinz, with the help of our friend Eric.
I was able to watch all of this, but of course no one noticed me since I was a ghost.

One night, I visited Phineas and warned him that if he continued down the evil path, he'd destroy himself. I don't know how I did this, but since he was so broken I gave him a hug before I left him again.

It seems that he listened to my warning and made up to everyone. Not too long after that, he built a machine that somehow brought me back to life, and we were soon reunited, and we shared a group hug with Jessie.

Sometime after that, we went on another mission to see what Heinz was up to. We discovered that he had someone new working for him--and left during an argument between him and his main minion, Platyborg.
We decided to look for this new minion, so we walked through the streets of Danville, searching for anything suspicious. Phineas overheard a man saying that he would no longer resist Heinz. When Phineas asked him why, the man replied that a girl had persuaded him to just accept Heinz as his leader. He also said that the girl was a teenager with orange hair and that she had gone down Maple Street when he last saw her.
When Phineas reported this to me, we suddenly realized that the teenager's description sounded like Candace!
We went to our old home, thinking maybe Candace was there, and sure enough, she was!
Unfortunately, she was now working for Heinz, and tried to persuade us to join her, but we refused and ran away as far and as fast as we were able.
After we stopped and sat down to rest, Phineas suddenly lost all hope and began to despair. We had lost almost everyone in our family, which is very depressing. But I wonder if maybe he also regretted the fact that he had let his anger take control of him and gone down the evil path not so long ago.
Phineas, like I said before, lost all hope and began to cry. I comforted him and reminded him that he wasn't alone.
We fell asleep out there, until somebody found us and put us in our beds in the Resistance Hideout.

The next day, we were sent on a mission to convince Candace to join our side. Unfortunately, Candace was very stubborn and even knocked Phineas unconscious, and I ended up having to rescue him and bring him back to the hideout.

Later that night, we all went on a mission to install spy cameras in Heinz's building.
Phineas, Jessie, and I had the job of distracting any enemies that spotted us. Not only did Candace and Stacy show up, but so did many of Heinz's cyborg animals! We fought for a while, until the cyborgs ran away and it was just us, Stacy, and Candace (who wasn't fighting at all). Stacy's weapon was a whip, and she was using it a lot on Phineas and I. Jessie told her to leave us alone, but then Stacy attacked her--leaving a scar on Jessie's eye.
After Phineas and I recovered from shock, we totally took Stacy down! Well, we didn't hurt her--we just pinned her to the ground and tied her up. Then Candace used a stun gun on us...

We woke up in the Resistance Hideout sometime later.
That night, we both had visions where the ghost of Phineas's dead father spoke to us, saying that Phineas was the one that would convince Candace to come back to our side.
Soon, Phineas had gone off to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated.
From what the rest of us were told, Candace was still being stubborn, until Heinz began hurting Phineas and eventually choking him until he passed out.
Candace suddenly realized that she had to save her brother, so she kicked Heinz in the face and ran off with Phineas. She supported him until he woke up, and stayed and talked with him as he recovered. A long time later, they came back to the Hideout.
So Candace (and Stacy) are both on our side again. Candace helps Alem (our leader) with a lot of his tasks. (The two also seem to be falling in love.)

I have no idea what to expect now, but I hope that we will be free from Heinz someday. And even if we aren't, at least I've got my brother, sisters, and friends.

--Ferb Fletcher


Platyborg silently went down the streets of Danville, along with Puppyborg, a cyborg chihuahua, and Doggyborg, a brown cyborg dog. They were stealing supplies from many homes. They had power over these people, of course, so this was going to be an easy job...or so it seemed.
Suddenly, they stopped in their tracks. With Doggyborg's good sense of smell, Puppyborg's good sense of hearing, and Platyborg's very good robotic eye combined, they were able to sense enemies nearby.
"It's...the Resistance!" said Platyborg (thanks to his translation device).
Sure enough, a group of kids in black clothing jumped out and began to attack the cyborgs.
Doggyborg turned on his headset and wildly called for back-ups. "We need back-up! Back-up, I say! The Resistance is here! I repeat..."
A group of other cyborg animals jumped out from the shadows and joined the fight.
On the bad side, there was Platyborg, Platyborg 2.0, Doggyborg, Puppyborg, Kittyborg, Kangaborg, Pandaborg, and Raccoonborg.
On the good side, there was Phineas, Ferb, Jessie, Candace, Isabella, Eric, and Stacy. Candace was the one leading the attack.
Each fighter had a particular opponent: Phineas vs Platyborg, Ferb vs Doggyborg, Jessie vs Kittyborg, Candace vs Kangaborg, Isabella vs Platyborg 2.0, Eric vs Raccoonborg, and Stacy vs Pandaborg. Each of them threw their punches and kicks with great skill. Stacy mostly used her whip, and Jessie used her throwing star, which had lightsaber blades instead of normal blades, which extracted when thrown, but then the weapon would come back to her hand like a boomerang and the blades would retract.
The battle went on for about 15 minutes. Then Platyborg shouted, "Retreat! Retreat!"
All of the other cyborgs heard the call and scampered off, with Platyborg leading the way.
The Resistance retreated as well, now that their work was done for now.

When they got back to the Hideout, they were treated for some injuries, but nothing too severe.
"What do you have to report?" asked Alem Jones, the leader of the Resistance. He was seventeen years old, and had short, light brown hair and blue eyes.
"We stopped Heinz's cyborgs from stealing more supplies," said Candace. "Unfortunately, they still got away with a lot of stuff."
Alem sighed and shook his head. "Why can't Heinz just get his own supplies?"
"Because he's E-VIL!" Candace replied with a smirk.
Alem sighed again, and began to pace back and forth. After a while, he said, "I shall have to start a mission to secretly give some supplies to all of these people. We must do what we can to help them survive Heinz's reign."

Chapter 1: Phineas Pheobus

"Thank you children," said an elderly lady. "You're very kind. Bless you!"
"No problem," said Phineas, with a smile.
He and Ferb were just a couple of the young agents that were giving supplies to the unfortunate victims of last night's robbery. They went on to the last house they were assigned to visit and knocked on the door. A tall man answered it.
"Hello?" he said.
"Are you in need of supplies?" asked Phineas.
"Yes, yes I am," said the man. "Do come in."
He closed the door behind them and led them to a faded, light blue soda.
"Please, make yourselves comfortable," he said with a kind smile.
Phineas and Ferb gratefully accepted this man's generousity, and literally flopped down on the sofa. They figured they could rest a bit, since this was the last house they needed to visit, and they didn't have a specific time to be getting back to the Hideout.
The man who lived here was, again, tall, and was battle-worn. He had shaggy brown hair and greenish-gray eyes. His smile was very kind and brought a peaceful feeling to Phineas and Ferb.
The boys gave this man what he needed: pillows, blankets, and some headache medicine. Then the man asked, "Would you like something to eat? I don't have much to offer, but I'd be glad to give you some supper."
"No thanks," said Phineas. "You need food more than we do. Right, Ferb?"
Ferb nodded.
"You sure?" asked the man. "You look starved."
Phineas's stomach rumbled, making the man chuckle.
"Alright, maybe a small portion wouldn't hurt," Phineas said.
The man chuckled again and went into another room. A moment later, he came back with some cheese, which the boys gobbled very quickly.
"Thank you sir," said Phineas.
"No, thank you," said the man. "My name is Phineas Pheobus, but you can just call me Phineas. What's so funny?"
Phineas was snickering. "My name is Phineas as well!" he said.
Phineas Pheobus chuckled again. "Interesting coincidence," he said. "What's weirder is that I had a relative named that! I don't know what happened to him though. Ever since my brother died, I've had no contact with his family. I wonder if they all died too." Phineas Pheobus sighed.
"I'm sorry to hear that," said Phineas, sympethetically.
"It's alright," said Phineas Pheobus. "I've learned to let go of the past and move on. But it gets so lonely here, living by myself. Promise you'll come and visit sometimes?"
Phineas smiled. "Promise," he said.
Phineas Pheobus smiled. "Thank you."
A few minutes later, Phineas and Ferb had said goodbye and were heading back to the Hideout.
"I like that guy," said Phineas. "He's really nice."
"Yes, yes he is," said Ferb.
"But something puzzles me," said Phineas.
"What's that?" asked Ferb.
"He--he seems...familiar..." said Phineas. "I feel like I should remember him, but I don't."
"Hmmm." Ferb didn't say anything else, nor did Phineas. They walked in silence, deep in thought, as they made their way to the Hideout.
What they didn't know was that someone was hiding in the shadows, watching them closely. He strained to hear Ferb say something to Phineas.
"Phineas," the figure heard Ferb say, "What do you think Heinz is going to do next?"
Phineas shrugged. "Nothing good, I can tell you that," he said.
Phineas, thought the figure, as he stalked away. Bingo!

"Interesting," said Alem. "Anyway, this Phineas Pheobus seems to be on our side. If he is ever harmed by Heinz in some severe way, you must at least try to bring him here. If we can find out who else is on our side, we will also help rescue them from Heinz when neccesary."
"'When'?" said Phineas, raising an eyebrow.
Alem looked him directly in the eyes, a serious expression on his face. "Phineas, Heinz is getting even more dangerous than he already was. Thanks to the cameras we hidden in his building, we've been able to track some of what he's been doing, and we think he's plotting to destroy everyone who dares to resist him--which is mostly us. Please, be very cautious. I advise you to stay in the Hideout most of the time. You can go out to help people, do missions, and visit Phineas Pheobus, but please be very careful when you do. He might strike at anytime, even in a way you may not see coming."

A boy with short, orange hair walked into Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated. He wore black glasses, a black headset (like Phineas's headset), and black and dark grey clothing. Written in red on the collar of his shirt were the initials "DEI".
Heinz stood waiting for him.
"Great Doofenshmirtz," said the boy. "I have found another 'Phineas'. I do not know his location, and still haven't found the location of that other guy. But I will find them, one way or another. My urge to dispose of them is still strong, too strong for even me."
"When you do find them," said Heinz, "Don't hesitate to obey your urge. Get rid of them, and satisfy us both."
"Agreed, sir."
As the boy began to walk away, Heinz shouted at him, "Don't fail me now!"

Chapter 2: Flirting With Candace

Alem makes flower

Alem makes a paper flower.

"Come on Alem, you know this isn't the time to be flirting with Candace," Alem muttered to himself, as he was sitting at his desk in his room. "But I can't resist. I must do something nice for her. I don't even know if I'll live to see tomorrow, so I should just do it now."
He stood, and began to pace. After a few minutes, he sat down again, and continued to talk to himself.
"I would get her a flower, but from where? Heinz destroyed everything! Hmmm..."
He thoughtfully eyed the blank papers that he had on his desk. Sometime later, he was holding a carefully folded paper flower in his hand.
"This will have to do," he said to himself.

Candace stood outside of an abandoned building. She was waiting for Alem, who said he'd meet her there. Finally, she heard footsteps, but when she turned around--it wasn't Alem who was coming towards her. It was a teenage boy with short blonde hair and light blue eyes. Candace suddenly realized who it was: her ex-boyfriend.
"Hello, Candace," the boy said.
"Hello, Jeremy," Candace said in a sharp voice.
"Whoa, cool it," said Jeremy. "I only wanted to see if maybe you'd take me back. But I got a job working for Doofenshmirtz, so you'd have to work for him too--"
"No way, Jose!" said Candace.
Suddenly, Alem stepped in.
"Who are you?" he asked Jeremy, evidently not pleased.
"My...EX-boyfriend..." said Candace, glaring at Jeremy. "Apparently he wants me to turn bad so he can be with me again."
Alem glared at Jeremy and began to talk to him angrily.

Meanwhile, a figure lurked inside of the Resistance. She had followed agents here and had found the place at last. Now, she was on a mission. She opened the door to Phineas and Ferb's room and stepped in. They were asleep...

"She was bad for a time," Alem said to Jeremy. "But she's good now. You had a chance, but it's gone now. So go back to whatever nasty place you came from and don't try this again. Got it?"
"Fine," said Jeremy, stalking off.
When he was gone, Candace turned to Alem. "Thanks Alem," she said.
"No problem," said Alem. "Oh, yeah, this is for you." Alem gave Candace the paper flower.
Tbote candalem


"Oh, why thank you!" said Candace, smiling and blushing.
Alem smiled and blushed too. It was a perfect moment. But that moment was cut short when Candace suddenly looked concerned.
"What's wrong, Candace?" asked Alem.
"My brother's in danger," said Candace. "I can feel it somehow."
Alem didn't bother to question her, despite his confusion over this. The two ran back to the Hideout as fast as they could. The mystery figure crept up to the sleeping boys and drew out a dagger. She raised it, ready to
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plunge it into Phineas--when suddenly, Candace and Alem came barging in through the open door.
"Just what do you think you're doing?" Candace demanded.
The startled would-be assassin turned towards her. The criminal was a cyborg platypus that had robotic hands, feet, and torso, and wore an eyepatch. It was Platyborg 2.0!
As she began to run away, Candace and Alem chased her until she was far, far away from the Hideout.
"Wow, we make a great team," Alem murmured.
"Yes, yes we do," Candace replied.
The two ran back into Phineas and Ferb's room to check on them. They were unhurt, but shaking terribly.
"Thanks guys," Phineas said quietly. "If it weren't for you, we'd be gone now."
Candace kneeled down and hugged her brothers. "No problem," she whispered.

Heinz shook his head, a piercing glare on his face. "You should have just fought them off and then disposed of the boys!" he scolded. "You failed a very important mission. I will never trust you again!"
"I-I'm sorry M-master," Platyborg 2.0 stammered.
"I don't care!" Heinz snapped, knocking the platypus down with his fist.
Platyborg stood nearby, watching in shock. He ran towards his master and halted in front of him, his arms crossed.
"How dare you hurt your own minion--who also happens to be my girlfriend!" Platyborg said sternly.
"She failed an important mission because she was a coward!" Heinz replied. "I've had enough of you stupid platypuses! You're the ugliest minions ever." And with that, he stalked off, murmuring more insults under his breath.
Platyborg got down on his knees next to Platyborg 2.0, who rolled over towards him and groaned softly.
"He's gone now," Platyborg whispered. He reached out and grabbed his girlfriend's hand. And for the first time in a long time, he felt hurt. How could Heinz suddenly turn on his minions like that? Not had he only just insulted him in his face, but he had also hurt his beloved!
Platyborg 2.0 was thinking of this too. "I wish we could work for someone else," she whispered. "I don't wanna work for Heinz anymore."
"Neither do I," said Platyborg. He blinked back a tear that was forming in his one real eye. Then he suddenly realized what Heinz had turned them into: cold-blooded, heartless robot slaves!
"My eyes have opened for the first time in a long time," he said quietly. "We've been deceived, my dear Delilah. Heinz has nearly destroyed us. I am feeling reluctant about this, but maybe we should--"
"--join the Resistance?" Platyborg 2.0 finished. "That would be a bit awkward, especially since I tried to kill the boys last night, but it's our only hope."

Phineas and Ferb were on their way to Phineas Pheobus's house to pay him a visit. They had to sneak past Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated in order to get there. As they crept by, Phineas looked up and saw Heinz on the roof, building some kind of device.
"Ferb, you go on to the house," said Phineas.
"What--oh." Ferb saw what Phineas was looking at. "But Phineas--"
"I'll be careful," said Phineas.
Ferb swallowed hard. "Alright," he said reluctantly.
Ferb went on his way, and Phineas snuck inside Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated and walked up the stairs. He snuck past a couple of minions and used the elevator that lead to the roof. When he got there, Heinz turned around at the sound of the elevator but saw no one, because Phineas had dashed behind a crate. Heinz was suspicious, but he turned back around and pretended he didn't care. Phineas peeked over at Heinz and watched him work. He seemed to be building a big weapon. It looked like a sort of cannon.
Sometime later, Heinz spoke. "You can stop hiding," he said. "I know you're there, Phineas Flynn."
Phineas froze. How did Heinz know he was here?
Heinz walked over to him and lifted the crate, throwing it next to him. He crossed his arms and glared down at the frightened boy. Phineas stood slowly, and tried to glare back at him as fiercely as he could.
"What is that?" he demanded, gesturing at the machine.
"That? It's none of your business, kid!" said Heinz, inching him towards the edge of the building. Phineas didn't notice until too late. He slipped, but grabbed onto the ledge just in time!
Heinz smiled evilly down at him as he struggled to hang on.
"You know, this view reminds me of something," Heinz commented, rubbing his chin. "Ah, I know! This is just like when I killed your birth father."
Phineas's eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. "Y-you killed my father...?"
"Yes, yes I did," said Heinz. "In fact, I pushed him off the edge of this very building!"
Heinz got down on his knees and grabbed Phineas's hands. "And now it's your turn!" he declared, tossing Phineas off of the building.
But they weren't alone. Platyborg had been watching the whole time. As Phineas began to scream while falling to what he thought for sure would be his death, Platyborg's robotic wings popped out, and he flew to Phineas and caught him.
"Wha--" a very stunned Phineas started.
Heinz was surprised too. "What the--come back you!" he said, shaking his fist.
But Platyborg didn't obey. Phineas was very confused, and didn't move. But then it suddenly dawned on him that a dangerous enemy was taking him to who-knows-where, so he began to kick and yell.
"Stop that!" said Platyborg. "You don't want me to drop you and let you fall to your death, do you?"
Phineas ceased his movement, and stayed still. A few minutes later, Platyborg found a safe place and set Phineas down, then sat next to him.
"You're playing some kind of trick, aren't you?" said Phineas.
"No," said Platyborg. "Let me explain--"
"No way, liar!" Phineas snapped.
"Whoa, calm yourself Phin!" said Platyborg.
Phineas would have responded, but without warning he heard a voice speaking in his headset.
"Phineas! Come quickly! Something has happened!" Ferb's voice said urgently.
"I'm coming!" Phineas answered. He looked down at Platyborg and narrowed his eyes at him. "We'll try Ferb's lie detector on you," he said in a sharp tone.

Phineas and Platyborg halted to a stop in front of Phineas Pheobus's house--or, what was left of it. It was falling apart a bit, but the biggest shock was when they stepped inside. Ferb and Phineas Pheobus sat on the couch, with a First-Aid kit next to them. Phineas Pheobus was covered in bandages.
Phineas glanced at Platyborg, and was surprised to see that the platypus appeared to be as shocked as he was!
"What happened?!" Phineas asked Ferb.
"What's Platyborg doing here?" Ferb asked Phineas, raising an eyebrow.
"We're gonna use your lie detector on him," said Phineas. "But first: what happened here?"
"I was attacked not too long ago," said Phineas Pheobus. "My attacker was only about your age. He had short, orange hair and wore black glasses. The collar on his shirt had the initials 'DEI' on it in red. From the way he was acting, I'd say he was psycho."
"I think I know who it was..." said Platyborg.
Ferb brought out a device with a screen on it. "Who was it?" he asked.
"I think it was a certain newer agent of Heinz," Platyborg answered. He turned to the man. "Do you have 'Phineas' in your name, by any chance?"
"Yes, yes I do," Phineas Pheobus answered. "Why is that important?"
"Because this agent is, like you said, psycho," said Platyborg. "We don't know why, but for some reason he has been after everyone who has 'Phineas' in their name. Heinz recruited him because he thought he could maybe use him to get rid of young Phineas Flynn, if he didn't do it himself first. We keep the kid locked up in chains most of the time, due to his mental condition. Heinz sometimes lets him out in hopes that he'll fulfill his plan, but he still hasn't succeeded. Heinz released him earlier today, and he must've found and attacked you."
Ferb's device glowed green. "He's telling the truth," he said.
"Here is some more truth," said Platyborg. He explained how Heinz had hurt Platyborg 2.0, and how they had decided to join the Resistance.
The three humans were so surprised and shocked that they were silent at first. Ferb's lie detector was still green. Platyborg was telling the truth--he had turned from the bad side.
"Let's all get to the Hideout," said Phineas. He turned to Pheobus. "And that includes you," he added.
"What is the name of the agent that attacked this man?" Ferb asked Platyborg.
"His name is Irving," was the response.
Phineas and Ferb's jaws dropped. Irving?!

Chapter 3: A Tragedy

Alem was shocked. Phineas and Ferb had just explained everything that had happened since they left.
"So...let me get this straight," he said. "Platyborg and Platyborg 2.0 have turned good, and your old friend Irving has become a psycho killer."
Phineas, Ferb, Platyborg, and Pheobus all nodded.
"Goodness, what a day!" said Alem. "Well, Pheobus, we'd be glad to let you stay here. We only have one spare room in the boy's dorm, so you and Platyborg will have to be roommates. Is that alright?"
Pheobus and Platyborg nodded.
"Alright then," said Alem. "Come with me to the Lounge. I'll make you some lunch. Then we can discuss how we'll rescue Platyborg 2.0."
"Actually," said Platyborg, "She will be working as a double-agent." He brought out a headset from somewhere and held it up to show everyone. "I will use this headset to communicate with her. That way, we can figure out Heinz's plans and stop him."
"With that and the cameras we hid in the building," said Alem, "It will be so much easier to foil his schemes! Thank you Platyborg for thinking of that."
"Don't mention it," said Platyborg.

A few days later...

Heinz paced back and forth. His minions stood nearby, watching him, waiting for him to make a decision. Finally, he turned to them and cleared his throat.
"Since Platyborg has betrayed us, I have chosen a new right-hand man," he said. "Puppyborg, you will take that position now. You must lead the others to do my bidding."
Puppyborg saluted. "Your wish is my command," he said.
"Good," said Heinz. He smiled evilly. "Good."

Alem shook his head in disbelief. " can't be. He can't possibly..."
"What's wrong, Alem?" asked Candace's voice suddenly.
Startled, Alem whipped his office chair around. "Candace, you scared the Doonklestump out of me!" he exclaimed.
"Sorry," said Candace. "I just wanted to see whacha doin'."
"Hey, that's my catch phrase!" Isabella's voice shouted.
"How'd she hear me?" asked Candace.
Alem shrugged. "She must've felt a disturbance of some kind. Anyway...Heinz is about to carry out a horrible, horribly cruel scheme."
Candace and Alem

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"Even worse than killing my step-brother?" asked Candace.
"Much, much, worse," said Alem.
"W-what is it?" asked Candace, afraid to know.
When Alem answered, Candace's eyes widened, and she shook her head in disbelief.
"Candace, he's going to completely destroy Jeffville!"
"We cannot allow this!" said Candace. "We need to protect the innocent people that live in that city."
"Agreed," said Alem.
The two teenagers stepped out of Alem's office and walked up to where the other kids were discussing something. As soon as the older ones came near, everyone looked up at them--except Buford, who was still talking.
"And then Stacy was like--" Buford was suddenly cut off by Ferb elbowing him.
"What--oh...hi Candace, Alem."
"Speaking of Stacy, where is she?" Candace asked.
"She's stopping another robbery," said Alem. "It's a very small one this time."
"Oh, okay," said Candace. "Anyway...we have an emergency."
"Heinz is plotting to destroy Jeffville!" said Alem.
Everyone's jaws dropped.
"We need a guard," Alem continued. "Who can see well enough in the dark, and can be hard to detect?"
Ferb pointed to Phineas.
"Phineas? You can?" asked Alem.
"Uh...yes, yes I can..." Phineas said, a bit nervously.
"I wouldn't have even known when he was sneaking into Doofenshmirtz's building when I was there if it weren't for my strange sixth sense..." Candace pointed out.
"What sixth sense?" asked Jessie.
"I can feel Phineas's presense somehow," Candace explained. "I also felt it when he was in danger some nights ago. I don't understand it, but it's very useful."
"Well, back to the point," said Alem. "I say Phineas will guard the city."
"M-me? But..." Phineas started.
"Alem, are you sure about this?" asked Candace. "This is going to be extremely dangerous..."
"I know," Alem said, sadly. "But we don't have much choice. I'll put Ferb nearby in case something does happen to Phin."
* Phineas stood in front of the closed gates of Jeffville, his eyes, which had adjusted to the darkness, shifting
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back and forth, watching for anything suspicious. Ferb hid some distance away. He couldn't see his brother, but he had a very good sense of hearing, and that was enough for him to tell if he needed to run over and help Phineas.
Phineas took a deep breath, turned his head, and glanced over his shoulder. Nothing suspicious. So far, so good. He began to pace back and forth, constantly looking all around him, but nothing was in sight.

Ferb didn't notice anything either--until he heard a quiet noise behind him. He turned, and could just barely make out a dark figure that was about his height.
"Who goes there?" Ferb demanded in a loud whisper.
"That doesn't matter," a familiar voice replied. "Tell me where Phineas is, and let me...take care...of him. Or, you can try to defend him and die too. Either way, knowing who I am wouldn't help the situation."
"ME? Let YOU hurt MY brother? In your dreams," said Ferb.
"Oh really?" the figure said. He took out a knife and lightly pressed it against Ferb's neck. Ferb began to tremble, but dared not move, or he'd be killed for sure. As the figure leaned closer, Ferb suddenly recognized his face, despite the fact that he could still barely see him.
"Irving..." he mouthed.
"Yes, yes I am he," Irving said quietly, but in a scary tone.

Phineas squinted, and saw another figure by Ferb. The figure seemed to be threatening him. Suddenly, it raised it's hand, which held a knife. Whoever it was seemed to be about to kill Ferb, who was cringing.
I can't lose Ferb again! Phineas thought. I must save him!
Without hesitation, Phineas rushed over to them and tackled the mysterious figure. He pinned him to the ground--and recognized him.
"Yes, it's me," Irving said in a bitter tone. "And you're the one I'm really after...Phineas Flynn."
Phineas shuddered at the way Irving said his name--he made it sound like it was a horrible thing.
"Get off me!" Irving shouted, shoving Phineas off of him. As he walked over to Phineas, Ferb suddenly jumped in his way and planted his feet into the ground.
"Out of my way!" said Irving.
"I don't think so," said Ferb. He didn't move.
Irving shifted to the side, but as he tried to run past, Ferb suddenly lunged at him and pinned him against the wall of a nearby building.
"Keep your hands off my brother!" Ferb growled.
"Oh yeah?!" Irving replied.
"Uh, Ferb..." Phineas interrupted. "What about Jeffville? Should I get back to the gates where I'm supposed to be?"
"F-Ferb?" Irving stammered, his eyes widening in fear. "Your name is Ferb?!"
"Yes, yes it is," said Ferb.
Irving suddenly looked horrified. "Get away from me! AHHHHHH!" Irving shouted, shoving Ferb away and running off like a mad wild animal.
"I think he's afraid of your name," said Phineas, when Irving was no longer in sight.
"Could be," Ferb replied. "Now, about the ci--"
Without warning, Ferb was interrupted by a loud noise, and a familiar cackle. Phineas's eyes widened in fear.
"Oh no!" he said. "Heinz snuck past us!"
They crept closer to the gate, close enough to see what was happening, but far enough to not be exposed. Sure enough, Heinz was standing there with his army of cyborgs, with the gate burning down in front of them! Heinz had his strange cannon-type weapon with him, which had probably caused this.
"Now," Heinz said to his cyborgs, "We will begin the destruction of everyone who is opposing us!"
The cyborgs cheered, while Phineas and Ferb watched in horror as Heinz turned a dial on his weapon to "High", and fired right at the city of Jeffville.
"No..." Phineas said, trying to run towards the city, only to be held back by Ferb.
"Don't!" said Ferb.
"But all those people--"
"There's nothing we can do now. I can't let you get killed too."
The brothers watched in horror as all of the houses in Jeffville suddenly went up in flames at the same time. Many screams were heard, then fell silent as the houses blew up.
Heinz and the cyborgs let out a horrible cackle into the night.
"The Resistance is next!" Heinz declared.
Then he and the cyborgs all dashed back to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, running right past the boys without noticing them.
Phineas and Ferb were both shaking terribly, and breathing hard, choking back tears as they stood nearby where Jeffville had once stood. Slowly, Ferb let go of Phineas, and they walked close together as they made their way into the ruins of the city.
Not one house stood in one piece. Everything was destroyed.
"Hello?! Is anyone alive?!" the boys kept screaming. But no one answered.
Near some of the ruined houses, they thought they could see some of the people that had perished, lying lifeless on the ground, their faces clearly showing fear.
Phineas looked like he was going to cry. Ferb swallowed back his own tears and put a hand on his brother's shoulder.
"Phineas," he said, his voice shaking. "We need to get back to the Hideout, now."
"But the people--" Phineas started.
"There's nothing we can do now," Ferb said very sadly. "Come on!" he added, grabbing his brother's arm and pulling him away. The two ran as fast as they could, not stopping until they were safe inside the Hideout.
Their friends stood, waiting for them. They could tell that something was wrong.
"What happened?" asked Alem. "Aren't you two supposed to be guarding Jeffville?"
"Jeffville--is no more," Ferb said softly, his head hanging low.
Everyone's expressions changed as sadness overcame them.
"L-let us go say goodbye t-to th-them," Alem stammered weakly.
Too much for phin

Without another word, they all walked outside and ran to what was left of Jeffville.
Everyone, even Buford and Platyborg, lost it and began to cry softly.
"I'm sorry," said Phineas, on the verge of tears himself. "I'm so sorry..."
"There was nothing you could do," Alem managed to say.
Suddenly, Phineas fell to his knees and sobbed heavily. "This is too much," was all he was able to say.
Ferb, who was in tears himself, kneeled down next to him and hugged him tightly, letting him cry on his shoulder. Jessie began to cry heavily too, and Candace walked over to her and wrapped her arms around
Jeffville&#039;s demise

Thanks Fossy!

her. Phineas Pheobus got down on his knees next to Phineas and Ferb and hugged them both, tears running down his cheeks.
This was the worst thing they had ever experienced, even worse than when their parents and other relatives had disappeared. Even worse than Ferb's death.

That night, as Phineas and Ferb went to bed, Phineas was still despairing. He was very sure that the demise of the people of Jeffville was his own fault, since he was supposed to be guarding the gates.
I can't take it anymore! he suddenly thought. I should just die. I should pay for what I've done...
"Phineas," Ferb's voice said, snapping Phineas out of his thoughts.
"Huh?" said Phineas, rolling over and looking at Ferb.
"I know you're upset, but you need to take your medicine," said Ferb.
"Oh, right," said Phineas. Stacy had started wearing perfume at night for an unknown reason, which everyone else found odd. It was so strong that it could be smelled in the boys' dorm, and Phineas had turned out to be allergic to it, so Alem had given Phineas a medicine to take, since Stacy had refused to stop using the perfume.
That Stacy, thought Phineas as he went into Alem's office.
Alem looked up at him. "Here for your medicine?" he asked.
"Yeah," said Phineas. "I'll be right out."
"Kay," said Alem.
Who wears perfume at night? Phineas thought walked to the medicine shelf, which was behind a curtain in Alem's room. Why in all of heck does Stacy do that? I guess it's best not to question.
He scanned the shelf, and saw the medicine he needed. It had no label, but he knew what the medicine looked like, so he didn't need one. As he reached for it, he spotted something next to it. It looked a bit similar, but Phineas knew the difference. This other medicine was called "Doloris". It was supposed to cure something, but not many people knew what. All he knew was that Doloris was dangerous, especially if one got an overdose. Coincidentally, both Doloris and Phineas's allergy medicine were both taken in the same way: breathing it in. An idea struck Phineas. He looked carefully around. No one was watching. He grabbed the Doloris and took off the cap. He held it up to the end of his nose and breathed in. You're only supposed to breath it in for a few seconds, then quickly put the cap back on, but Phineas kept breathing it. The smell was horrible, but he didn't stop. After a couple of minutes (which is how long he was supposed to be breathing in his medicine), he quickly put the cap back on and stuck it back on the shelf. Hopefully, Alem wouldn't notice.
Phineas was starting to feel dizzy. He needed to hurry. He walked out of Alem's room as normally as he could. Alem glanced at him and smiled.
"Good night!" Alem said.
"Good night," said Phineas, as casually as he could.
When he got to his room, he quickly flopped down on his bed, not glancing at Ferb at all.
"Good night," Ferb whispered, as Phineas closed his eyes and prepared for the effects of the poison.

Sometime later, Ferb heard Phineas groaning. He rolled over, and saw Phineas in the bed next to his, clutching his stomach.
"What's wrong, Phineas?" Ferb asked, very concerned.
Phineas didn't answer. He just continued groaning. The poison was doing its work. It was making him feel like he was going to lose his lunch, and gripping pain shot throughout his body.
Ferb quickly stood. "I'll get Alem," he said.
Before Phineas could choke out a protest, Ferb was gone. Not too long after that, Ferb and Alem came running into the room. Alem picked up Phineas and carried him off to the Emergency Aid. He gently placed him in a bed, then turned to Ferb, who had followed him.
"Please wait outside while I check on him," said Alem.

Phineas didn't want to be helped, but there was nothing he could do. Suddenly, his vision blurred a bit, and he couldn't tell where he was or even who he was.

Meanwhile, Ferb waited outside, pacing back and forth, very scared for his poor brother. What could have possibly happened?
After a while, the door opened, and Alem's head peeked out of it.
"Yes?" said Ferb.
"I don't know how," said Alem, "But he's been poisoned with Doloris!"
Ferb gasped, and began to sweat in anxiety.
"Don't worry kid," said Alem. "I have an antidote. Go into my room and look on the medicine shelf. Look for a bottle labeled 'Anti-Doloris'. When you find it, hurry and bring it to me. Kay?"
"Okay," said Ferb. He dashed into Alem's room, scanned the shelf, found the antidote, and ran back to Alem, panting.
"Thank you," said Alem. He grabbed the bottle from him. "You can come in," he said.
Ferb followed Alem inside. Alem shut the door and walked over to the bed where Phineas lay.
"W-who? W-what?" Phineas stammered, very weakly.
"He's delirious," said Alem. He took the cap off of the bottle and gave it to Phineas.
"Hold this up to your nose and breath," said Alem. "Don't stop until I tell you to."
Phineas absent-mindedly obeyed. Alem turned to Ferb and said, "You keep an eye on him. I'm going to check on the cameras."
Ferb nodded. When Alem had left the room, Ferb grabbed a chair, dragged it next to the bed, and sat down next to it, silently watching Phineas as he took his antidote.

Phineas's mind began to clear, and so did his vision.
"Ferb?" he whispered weakly.
Ferb said nothing. He just looked scared to death.
Just then, Alem came back.
"Alem?" Phineas whispered, more strongly this time.
"I see the antidote is working," said Alem. "Tell me: what happened? You got poisoned with Doloris. Do you have any idea how?"
Phineas knew he had to think fast. "Well..." he said. "I wasn't thinking straight, and must've accidentally grabbed that instead of my allergy medicine," Phineas lied.
Alem and Ferb both raised an eyebrow.
"How did you not notice the smell?" asked Ferb.
"Uh..." Phineas started. "I guess I was just so depressed that I didn't pay any attention."
"Well..." said Alem. "Alright. You seem to be okay now, so I suggest getting some sleep. By the time you wake up, you'll feel much better."
Phineas didn't want to get better, but drowsiness overcame him. He closed his eyes, and fell asleep.
"Can I stay with him tonight?" Ferb asked Alem.
"Yes, yes you can," Alem replied. "I'll be right back. I have something I need to do."

Alem walked out of the room. Candace stood there, waiting.
"I had that weird feeling again," she said. "But it seems you have it under control."
"Yep," said Alem. "Can you do me a favor?"
"Sure!" said Candace.
"Can you go into Stacy's room and take that so-called 'perfume' away from her?" Alem asked.
"Sure thing!" said Candace, smirking. As she walked away, Alem chuckled to himself. "Who wears perfume at night?" he whispered to himself. "Especially that stuff she uses. It smells more like a garbage truck than perfume."

And so, that night, nobody even suspected that Phineas had tried (and failed) to commit suicide.

Chapter 4: The Secret's Out

Phineas's eyes blinked open. It took a few seconds for him to remember what had happened. He was still in the Emergency Aid. He turned his head and saw Ferb, still sitting by his bedside, looking drowsy but still very shaken.
"A-are y-you a-alright Ph-Phineas?" asked Ferb, his voice trembling.
"I guess..." said Phineas.
"Come," said Ferb, still looking worried. "Let's get you back to your room."
He helped his brother slowly get to his feet, then supported him by the shoulders as they walked back to their room. When they got there, Phineas gently lay down on his bed and looked up at his brother. He seemed to still be a bit weak, but was looking much better than he had last night.
"I'm going to see if there is a mission today," said Ferb. "I'm leaving you here so that you can get better."
Phineas slowly nodded. Ferb was still worried about his brother, but he knew he had other business to take care of, so he quietly sighed, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Phineas sighed, and rolled over for the 100th time. He still felt a little tired, but he felt that he could just get up and walk if he needed to. He also still felt very depressed and full of guilt. More negative thoughts went through his head.
I can't take this anymore! he thought. He struggled to his feet and began to walk towards the door. His legs felt very stiff from not being used. He practically waddled to Alem's room and knocked on his door.
"Yes?" said Alem, opening the door.
Phineas took a silent breath. "Is anyone else here?" he asked, as casually as he could.
"Not that I know of," said Alem. "Why do you ask?"
"Just wondering."
"Okay," said Alem. "Glad you seem to be feeling better," he said, shutting his door.
Phineas crept towards Buford and Baljeet's room. (Why they were chosen to be roommates, I do not know.) He quietly opened the door and tip-toed to where Buford kept strange, random things on a shelf. One of those things was a knife. They weren't supposed to keep weapons in their rooms, but Buford hadn't listened. Phineas looked around him, and saw no one. He snatched the knife, walked out of the room, soundlessly shut the door, and snuck out of the Hideout, looking for a place where he could be alone.

"Phineas, I'm back!" said Ferb, opening the door to his room--only to find that nobody was there. "Phineas?"
Ferb ran to Alem's room and knocked on the door. Alem opened it and peeked out at Ferb.
"Where's Phineas?" Ferb asked.
Alem shrugged. "He's not in his room?"
"No, no he's not," replied Ferb.
"Well," said Alem, "He did seem to be feeling better, because he was walking again when I last saw him. Maybe he went outside--though, he really shouldn't be out there right now..."
"Thanks," said Ferb running to the front door, opening it, and dashing outside. He had one of those weird feelings, like something wasn't quite right.
He searched the streets of Danville, looking all around for his brother, but didn't have any luck. Suddenly, he saw someone duck behind a building. Ferb crept up to that building and peeked around it. There was Phineas!
But what Ferb saw shocked him. Phineas, not noticing Ferb, was holding a knife in his hand. He pointed the blade towards himself, closing his eyes, a look of despair on his face.
Without hesitation, Ferb leaped out of hiding and snatched the knife away. He put it in his pocket, then crossed his arms.
Caught red handed

"Phineas, what did you think you were doing?"

"Phineas, what did you think you were doing?" Ferb asked, sternly.
Phineas didn't answer. Instead, all he could get out was a high-pitched squeak. He looked scared witless.
"Phineas, what is going on?" Ferb asked, a bit more gently.
Phineas gulped. "I was trying to end my pain," he said, slowly backing away.
Ferb grabbed his arm, and looked him in the eye. "Stabbing yourself doesn't end pain," he replied in a serious tone.
His brother squeaked again.
Ferb continued, a concerned look on his face. "Sit down and talk," he said, sitting down and motioning for Phineas to do the same.
Phineas had no choice but to obey. He sat down next to his brother, but didn't look him in the eye.
"Phineas, what's wrong?" Ferb asked, his voice shaking slightly.
Phineas knew he couldn't hide it. Ferb knew something wasn't right. Phineas took a deep breath, and began to pour everything out.
"I-I am very depressed about Jeffville," he said. "I-I also feel sure that it's my fault that all those people perished."
Ferb nodded in understanding. "But why do you think you're responsible for it?" he asked.
"I was supposed to be guarding the gate," Phineas answered. "But then I left my post, and didn't return."
"Oh, Phineas!" said Ferb. "It's not your fault. You left because someone you cared about was in danger. Besides, you were guarding the gates alone, so Heinz and his cyborgs could have gotten right past you anyway. All we can do now is to pick up the pieces and try to move on, learning from this incident. Next time a situation like this occurs, try to find a way to save both the person you care about, and all of the innocent bystanders."
"I-I g-guess you're right..." Phineas stammered, obviously still depressed.
"So...were you telling the truth about the poisoning being an accident?" Ferb asked. "Or--w-was it--"
Phineas sniffed. "I did it on purpose," he said quietly, but in a very distressed tone.
"A-and tried again just now..." said Ferb, solemnly.
Phineas nodded.
Ferb felt strong feelings of grief. His brother was so broken that he had nearly lost him--his best friend in the whole world.
Phineas was a bit surprised when Ferb's eyes began to fill with tears. Suddenly, Ferb threw his arms around his brother and began to sob heavily.
"Ph-Phineas...d-don't th-that...again!" he choked out.
Pnf cry hug

"Phineas, don't ever do that again!"

Phineas returned the embrace and cried just as hard.
"I'm so sorry..." he said.
After what seemed like eternity, they quieted down, but the two friends didn't let each other go just yet.
"Phineas," Ferb whispered. "Life is the greatest gift you'll ever receive. Never throw it away. Ever. You'll be alright, buddy. It's gonna be alright. I'll always be here to help you get through the hard times. Always."
"Thanks Ferb," Phineas whispered, tears running down his cheeks. "That means a whole lot to me."
The boys knew they needed to get back to the Hideout as quickly as possible. Reluctantly, they let go of each other and stood, then silently ran back towards the Hideout.
As they neared the entrance, a tall figure in black with long brown hair was watching them.
She raised a communication device up to her mouth and said in a loud whisper, "Targets located."
"Alright," came Heinz's voice in response. "You know the plan."
"Roger that," said the girl. Then, like a cat, she slinked off to the entrance of the Hideout.

As Phineas and Ferb entered, they saw all their friends standing there, looking relieved.
"Looks like you found Phineas," Alem said to Ferb, who just nodded.
"You guys were gone a while," said Candace. "And I had this weird feeling I get when you're in danger, but it went away, though you still weren't back."
"We-we're fine," said Phineas.
"What happened?" asked Pheobus.
"We don't want to talk about it," Ferb said for Phineas.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
"What the--" Alem started. "Stay in the shadows, everyone," he instructed, walking up to the door.
"Who's there?" he demanded.
"Only another unfortunate victim of Heinz's reign," answered a female voice. "The cyborgs are after me. Please let me in!"
Alem felt a bit suspicious, but he opened the door and let the girl inside.
"Who are you?" Alem asked her, raising an eyebrow.
"My name is Vanessa," the girl said. "I am the daughter of Heinz. I am not like my father. Instead, I have abandoned him and his ways. Judge me now for who I am--or am I to be blamed for crimes I didn't commit?"
Alem pondered her words. "Alright," he said, after a while. "But I don't know where you can stay."
"I'll just sleep in this room. I'm used to being uncomfortable, and do not seek being comfortable."
"Okay...?" said Alem, looking a bit concerned and confused. "Well, we might as well get some much needed sleep," he said, nodding to the kids in the shadows.
They nodded back, and headed to their rooms.
Then Alem turned back to Vanessa. "Don't cause any trouble," he said, sternly. Then he walked to his office.
When he was out of sight, Vanessa raised her communication device to her mouth.
"I've gained their trust," she said.
"Good," Heinz replied. "Good."

Phineas was sound asleep, but then he blinked his eyes open and looked around. Had it been a dream? No, there it was again! He thought he could hear a faint whisper. Something about it seemed...familiar...
It's just my imagination, Phineas thought. There it is again! What's going on? I must be losing my mind...
"You okay, Phin?" his brother's voice said, drowsily.
"I thought I heard a voice," said Phineas. "But I'm sure it's my imagination."
Then he heard the voice again! This time, it was a bit louder.
"I hear something too," said Ferb.
"Phineas..." an echoing voice called. "Help me..."
"It's so...familiar..." said Phineas.
"Phineas!" the voice called, louder this time, still echoing. "Heeelp meee!"
"D-Dad?" said Phineas, shocked as he recognized the voice. "It-it's my Dad! I-I th-thought he was..."
Ferb began to feel suspicious. Wasn't Phineas's father clearly dead?
"It might be a trap," Ferb said carefully.
"How could it be?" Phineas asked. "It's clearly my Dad's voice!"
"It may be, but it might be a trick!" said Ferb. "Phineas, you're stressed out, and not thinking straight. Your father is dead, so he can't be alive now, can he?"
"You died once, and you're alive now," Phineas pointed out. "I'm going to go find him!"
Ferb sighed. He knew he couldn't win this one.
"HELP ME!" the voice called again--the voice of Phelan Flynn; the voice that haunted Phineas's dreams.
Phineas stood, and quickly began to exit the room.
"Be careful!" Ferb called softly.
Phineas didn't answer. He gently closed the door and went towards the front door. Oddly, Vanessa wasn't in the room anymore. Where did she go? he wondered. He shrugged it off, then went outside, and listened for the voice again. There it was!
" me!!!" it called.
"I'm coming, Dad!" Phineas answered.
Little did he know that Vanessa was following him at a distance, holding a device that was playing Phelan's voice!
Phineas kept walking, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from.
"Hello?" he called.
Suddenly, Heinz and his army of cyborgs jumped out from behind a building! Phineas stood frozen, his eyes wide and mouth open in shock. Ferb had been right--it was a trap!
Heinz and his minions cackled, then the cyborgs brought out chains!
"Capture him!" Heinz commanded.
The cyborgs ran over to a very stunned Phineas, and began to attack him. They knocked him to the ground, and locked his arms and waist in the chains. They stood him up--but Phineas was ready for them now. He began to kick the cyborgs with his unchained legs. Two of the animals, at just the right time, chained up his legs, and knocked him back down. He struggled to move as the cyborgs dragged him towards their master.
"Stop moving, boy!" one of them said.
"Platyborg 2.0! Knock him out!" another shouted.
Platyborg 2.0 hid a sigh, then walked over to Phineas and pointed a stun gun at him. Before she fired, he heard her whisper something that no one else heard: "I'll do what I can to help you, friend."

"What are you doing?" asked Pheobus.
"Trying to get a hold of my girlfriend," said Platyborg. "She hasn't been contacting me. She's supposed to tell me what Heinz is up to."
Pheobus slowly nodded.
"Hello?" Platyborg said into his headset. "Delilah? Hello???"
"Hey Perry," came Platyborg 2.0's voice.
"Delilah!" Platyborg exclaimed. "Why haven't you been contacting me?"
"Sorry," said Platyborg 2.0. "I haven't had a chance to until now. I have unfortunate news."
"Go on..." said Platyborg, beginning to feel worried.
"Heinz has captured Phineas and thrown him in prison!" said Delilah.
Platyborg gasped. "We need to do something!" he said.
"I'm working on it," said Platyborg 2.0. "In the meantime, you should give Ferb the heads-up. Oh, gotta run! Bye."
Platyborg took off his headset, and stood. He walked out of his room and to the door of Ferb's, and knocked lightly.
"Come on," came Ferb's voice.
Platyborg opened the door and saw Ferb sitting on his bed, looking a bit scared.
"Where's Phineas?" he asked Platyborg.
"H-he-he was captured and thrown in the dungeon," was the response.
Ferb's eyes widened. "No..." he said. "I shouldn't have let him go."
Platyborg raised an eyebrow. "You have explaining to do, it looks like," he said.
Ferb explained how they had heard the voice of Phelan, and how Phineas had gone to look for him.
"It must've been one of Heinz's tricks!" said Platyborg.
Suddenly, Platyborg 2.0's voice was heard in his headset.
"Perry!" she said. "I have more information. Heinz built a voice simulator, and made it sound like Phineas's late father."
"We sorta figured that out," Platyborg replied.
"There's more," said Platyborg 2.0. "Vanessa was the one using the machine. She clearly was helping Heinz, who is her father."
"Vanessa is...a traitor..." Ferb said, shocked.

Chapter 5: Climax

Ferb tip-toed into Heinz's building, looking around for Platyborg 2.0. There she was.

"The coast is clear," she whispered.
Ferb quietly ran to her. Platyborg 2.0 looked around. Seeing no one, she handed Ferb a map.
"The dungeon is downstairs," she whispered. "It's easy to get lost, so you'll need this map."
Ferb nodded. "Thanks," he said, as he began to follow the map.
Alt phin chained

Dun dun dun!

Phineas lay down on his side, still chained up.

He had struggled and struggled to get out, but it was no use. He stared up at the ceiling, an angry and frustrated look on his face. Then, he heard footsteps. He gulped, afraid that it was an enemy coming to torture him. But it wasn't. It was--
"Oh, there you are Phineas!" said Ferb.
"Quick, get me outta here!" said Phineas.
"Well, that's what I came to do," said Ferb. He saw the lock on the dungeon door--and the key on a ring!
"Heinz is intelligent, but not intelligent enough to hide his keys," said Phineas, shaking his head. "However, I'd be free by now if I'd been able to reach them."
Ferb grabbed the keys and unlocked the prison door. Then he walked into the cell and unlocked the chains that bound his brother.
"Thanks Ferb," said Phineas. "I'm sorry. You were right. It was a trap!"
"It's alright," said Ferb. "Right now, we need to run for it!"
The two ran as fast as they could until they were outside of the building.
"Going somewhere?" said an all-too-familiar voice.
Phineas and Ferb froze. They had been caught!
Heinz raised a communicator to his mouth. "Minions, assemble!" he commanded. He gave the boys a mean smile. "And so, it begins," he said.
Phineas turned on his headset. "We need back-up!" he yelled. "Heinz and his minions are going to fight us. We need back-up now!"
"Alright," said Alem's voice. "We're coming!"
Phineas turned his headset off. He glared at Heinz. "Bring it," he said.
Just then, a voice yelled into Heinz's communicator. "Irving has escaped!" it yelled.
Phineas and Ferb gasped. Phineas turned to Ferb.
"He'll be after me for sure," he said. "He'll hurt everyone else if he has to, just to get me. I'm gonna go fight him--alone."
"Phineas, no!" said Ferb. "He'll kill you!"
Phineas sighed. "I'd rather have that happen then see you die again," he said, blinking back tears.
Ferb squeezed his brother's shoulder. "I understand," he said. "I see I can't win this one. Just please, please be careful! Just--don't die, okay?"
"I'll try not to," said Phineas, giving his brother a quick hug. Then he ran back into Heinz's building.
"Well, here's your back-up," said Alem's voice behind Ferb, who turned around in surprise.
"Alem!" Ferb exclaimed.
Alem and everyone else in The Resistance had arrived.
Just then, Heinz's minions arrived too.
Heinz smiled cruelly at his enemies.
"It's over, children!" he bellowed. "Nothing can stop me now!"
Alem's face burned with hatred. "Either step down, or we'll fight!" he said.
"I'll never step down!" Heinz shouted, his smile growing bigger.
The kids realized that stormclouds had begun forming, for lightning had just flashed behind Heinz.
"Attack!" Heinz yelled.
Doof's minions, who were mostly made up of cyborgs (but also included a couple of humans), ran towards The Resistance.
Our heroes did the same, and the fight was on! There was lot of kicking and punching, but there was also a lot of use of Stacy's whip and Jessie's throwing star. It was a real battle, maybe the final battle between Heinz and The Resistance.

Meanwhile, Phineas was inside Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, searching for Irving. There he was. Irving ran towards Phineas, who fled. He came to a ladder leading up to the roof, and climbed up, with Irving following him. Suddenly, his foot slipped, and one of the rungs broke. He hung on for dear life, wildly kicking his legs. As Irving climbed up the ladder and came very close to him, Phineas kicked him in the face and continued up the ladder. When he got to the roof, he ran towards the edge to see if he could see the battle below, and accidentally knocked over a burning torch that was sitting there. Soon, a fire had started in front of him. He was trapped!
Just then, Irving made it up there. He looked at the fire. Then he eyed two swords and a jar of oil that were sitting close to the ladder. He opened the jar and poured the oil onto the swords. Then he carefully picked them up and walked over to the fire. He placed the oil-covered blades in the fire, then quickly took them out. The swords were now burning!
Irving threw one of them down at Phineas's feet.
"Fight me, unless you're a coward," he said.
Phineas picked up the sword. "I fight only to defend. First, my friends; second, myself."
They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then Phineas did a back-flip over the fire and landed on his feet behind Irving, who turned around and charged at him. There was a loud clanking of swords that rang into the night.

Heinz chuckled evilly. Ferb was alone. With no one beside him, Heinz would be able to get his revenge at last. He ran to Ferb and whacked him on the side of his face with his fist. Ferb let out a yell and fell to the ground. Then he got to his knees and glared at Heinz, while rubbing his face. With his other hand, he pulled out a gadget of his. It was the same one he had used on Platyborg before Heinz had knocked him off of a high platform. It seemed like so long ago when that had happened. Ferb fired the invention at Heinz. Next moment, the cruel dictator was tied up, and unable to move. His minions and Ferb's friends all turned their heads and saw what had happened. Ferb went up to his enemy and whacked him on the head, knocking him out cold.
"I'm going to lock him in his own dungeon," Ferb muttered. "I can't let him hurt anyone else."
Heinz's minions began to tremble. Then their faces were filled with rage as they charged at Ferb, who used his gadget to tie them all up. Soon, there were no enemies left. The Resistance had finally defeated Heinz.

Phineas took deep breaths. He was covered in bleeding cuts, and was sweating from the heat of the flames. Irving just kept his eyes fixed on him, a wild look in them. Then he lunged at Phineas, who got down on his knees and rolled out of the way. Irving fell off of the edge, screaming. But Phineas never heard him land. Instead, he heard him yell, "I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!"
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Phineas looked down at where Irving had fallen, but there was no sign of him. Where was he? Phineas was so exhausted and wounded from the battle that he couldn't think. He soon collasped, breathing slowly.

"You comfy in there?" Isabella asked, mockingly.
Heinz and his minions roared in anger, but couldn't move very well due to being chained up. They were now locked in their own dungeon.
"Hey, where's Phineas?" asked Isabella, turning to Ferb.
Ferb's eyes widened. "I need to find him!" he exclaimed.
Ferb ran as fast as he could, calling out Phineas's name. But Phineas was nowhere to be found. His heart pounded. There was one last place to look: the roof.
Ferb carefully went up the broken ladder and onto the roof. It was raining, so the fire had gone out. There lay Phineas, slowly breathing in and out, and bleeding, his eyes shut. Ferb ran to him and bent down. He lifted Phineas in his arms and carried him to where he knew Alem was.

"Is he alright?" Ferb asked, anxiously. It had been a day since Ferb had last seen Phineas.
"Come and see for yourself," said Alem, smiling. "Oh, and remind him what day it is," he added with a wink.
"Oh, that's right!" Ferb exclaimed. "I can't believe I almost forgot!"
He walked into the room where Phineas was, and saw him lying in the hospital bed, covered in banages. He turned his head towards Ferb and smiled. Ferb walked up to his bedside, still feeling a bit worried for his brother.
"Hey Ferb," Phineas said weakly, but cheerfully.

Ferb visits phin

"Hey Ferb."

"Are you alright?" Ferb asked.
"Yes, yes I am," said Phineas. "So--what happened?"
Ferb smiled. "Heinz and his minions are in their own prison cells," he explained.
Phineas's eyes widened. "So...we're free now?" he asked.
"Yes, yes we are," Ferb replied. "Oh, and happy thirteenth birthday!"
"Oh yeah, that's right! Thanks, buddy!" said Phineas. "It's been a month since we were the same age. Finally, I've caught back up."
"Well, as soon as you're feeling better, we'll have to throw you a big party!" said Ferb. "So...what happened to Irving?"
"I'm not sure," said Phineas. "He vanished after falling off of the building. I know he must've survived, because I heard him shout something to me, but I couldn't see him anywhere."
"What did I miss?" asked Jessie's voice.
Ferb turned, and saw his sister standing in the doorway.
"Not much," said Ferb.
"Okay. Well, happy birthday to Phineas!" said Jessie.
"Thanks, Sis!" said Phineas.
"No problem, Bro," said Jessie with a smile.
"So...I guess we'll have to search for our parents soon," said Ferb.
"It looks like we know what our next adventure will be," said Phineas. "I look forward to being back with Mom and Dad again someday."
"Me too, Phineas," said Ferb. "Me too."

The End


  • " scared the Doonklestump out of me!" is from "Put That Putter Away".
  • The part with Buford gossiping about Stacy is a reference to "Candace Disconnected".
  • The part where Vanessa plays Phelan's voice to lure Phineas into Heinz's trap is similar to a scene in Bambi II. (Also, when the voice says "Help me!" it sounds like when Mufasa says it in Simba's nightmare.)
  • "Judge me now for who I am--or am I to be blamed for crimes I didn't commit?" This line is from Lion King II, except that it's altered a bit.
  • When Doof says "Minions, assemble!" it sounds a bit similar to how Gru says it in Despicable Me.
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