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The Bitterness Trilogy is NotAGothChick101's series about the alternate characters.

Book 1: The Bitterness of Phineas Flynn

Alt Phin with lightsaber (edited 2)

Phineas swears to avenge the murder of Ferb, only to discover that holding on to his hate will eventually destroy him if he doesn't stop.

Book 2: The Bitterness of Candace Flynn

Phineas and [the now resurrected] Ferb discover that Candace is now working for Heinz
Alt phin and alt candace
and try to convince her to return to their side.

Book 3: The Bitterness of The Empire

A double agent...a psycho evil ex-boyfriend...and so much more! The Resistance must now fight the ultimate battle against Heinz. Will he be defeated, or will he completely destroy the Resistance? Find out in the conclusion of the Bitterness Trilogy!

Fire swords clash


Alternate Phineas

Alternate Ferb

Alternate Heinz

The Platyborg (Alternate Perry)

Alternate Eric

Alternate Isabella

Alternate Jessie

Darth Mitchell (Mitch)

The Fox Emperor

Alternate Major Monogram

[Alternate] Alem Jones

Alternate Vanessa

Alternate Irving

Alternate Stacy

Platyborg 2.0 (Alternate Delilah)

Alternate Jeremy

Some characters may be added later.


A Wiki has been created:

Differences from ATSD

There are several. Some are:

  • Candace leads the Resistance in the movie.
  • Jeremy is a good guy in the movie.
  • More will be added.

Please feel free to suggest more on the talk page!


Alt phin in trilogy1

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