The Adventures Of Irving and Friends (Soundtrack) is the "Official" soundtrack album for The Adventures of Irving and Friends, feature songs from the show as well as it's specials, and songs which were cut out of episodes.

Track Listing

1. Irving And Albert theme by Bowling For Soup

2. Larry The Lemur Theme by Laura Dickinson and Randy Crenshaw

3. My Girlfriend by Albert Soundtrack Exclusive

4. My Fanboy by Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

5. Irving The Human Boy Theme by Laura Dickinson and Randy Crenshaw

6. I'm Better by Rodney and Lloyd Wexler

7. Help Me Out by Rodney andAlbert

8. I'm The Boss of You by Norma

9. I'm Crazy By Candace Flynn

10. What is this place? by Albert

11. I Hate Musicals by Albert

12. My Robot Friend by Irving

13. Berserk by Stacy Hirano

14. I'm the Winner By Albert, Irving, and Candace Flynn

15. NinjaDude and Flynn Fan theme by Danny Jacob

16. Birthday Song by Everyone

17. How It All Began (Song) by Danny Jacob

18. We Are Minor Characters by Albert, Chad, and Sabu

29. This is the Villain Song by Rodney

20. They're Phineas and Ferb by Irving and Django

21. I'm Not A Stalker By Irving

23. The Coolest Coaster Ever by Irving

23. Christmas isn't coming this year By Santa Claus

24. Portraying myself in a negative light by the Abominable Snowman

25. Christmas Campfire Song by Irving, Albert, Will, Zoey, Blay'n, and Clwen't

26. The Order of Doof by Dr Doofenshmirtz

27. You Can Do It! (Just Enjoy the Day!) by Everyone

28. The Obligatory Song by Albert, Irving, and Phineas

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