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Talking Zebra

The Talking Zebra.

The Talking Zebra exists as a figment of Candace's imagination. He always calls her "Kevin", why is not known. The talking zebra appeared to Candace many times, originally in The Ballad of Badbeard. Candace thought that the talking Zebra was the result of her touching a appaerently hallucinationic moss, but the talking zebra appears even after this incident.


  • For it's Appearances in real episode, go to the canon webside.
  • In Don't Mind My Mind, the talking zebra was seen by Phineas when he wore a mind-reading helmet and read Candace's mind. The zebra became very upset about someone outside of 'Kevin' seeing him and walked away using the "Out, peace"-line.
  • In Summer Belongs to Irving (And Albert Too), the Zebra appears in front of Irving, even calls him Kevin, and Irving points how the Zebra is supposed to appear for Candace, but the Zebra just questions how Irving knows that and dissapears
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