k so were is evert 1 i mean DUDE serrusely this was a blank pg b4 i started writing on it


wat is meap about did some 1 just make it and then just leave it there alone in this pitaful syber space of an wast land i feel like the onley 1 here not just at the moment but in along time i mean this is rediculuc [sorry really bad speller really really bad ] i will check on this chat room [if thats wat u want 2 call it i mean i'm the onley one chating]every day if you would say 2 check the flow of progress:{ >

Summers yet to come

I've been thinking that in Phineas and Ferb: Summers Yet To Come, most of the universe (far away from Earth, but territory quickley closing in towards it), Invader Zim's son, Zor, is takes down Meap's Security Force, and in a battle, has scarred and older Meap across the eye. Most major armies and security forces have been taken down now, and the Irkan army is nearing complete victory. So Meap leads a Resistance Force, known as the Resisty II, against the Irkan army. He spends most of the series (not in actual episodes) fighting the Empire in the universe, but in some episodes, comes to Earth and works with Julia, Adrian and the gang trying to defeat Zor. he also appears with the Resisty II in my upcoming fic video game. May I post this info on this page? -Heinz84 8:00 PM 11/06/10

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