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Stories of the Vanished Man is a fanfiction series centered on Perseus Papadakis, Phineas and Candace's dad.


  • Perseus Flynn - The main focus of the story. It doesn't necessary mean that he's the main protagonist.
  • Linda Flynn-Fletcher - Perseus's ex-wife. She's often worried and even paranoid about Perseus's obsessiveness.
  • Candace Flynn - Perseus's daughter. He loves her very much but regrets that his actions had affected her behavior.
  • Phineas Flynn - Perseus's son. He also loves Phineas just like Candace, but he's less worried about him because he doesn't exist in Perseus's life as much as Candace.
  • Major Francis Monogram - Francis used to be one of Perseus's subordinate. .
  • Carl - Major Monogram's trusty intern who worked after Perseus's "death".


There are four stories in whole, but some have yet been created.

What a Man

Perseus started a relationship with Linda, and it got wrong by the end.

Reconstructing the Last Treasure of the Man

Phineas and Ferb found Perseus's last blueprint.

Background Information

  • All of the series' stories end with the word "Man".
  • The series is based on a long theory the author made.

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