Steambud is a robot created by Dr. Heinz Doofensmirtz. Steambud has emotional mood swings.

Early Life

Steambud started out as a laptop, before Doofensmirtz took nearly every piece of a old laptop he owned and used those parts to create Steambud. The reason for Steambud's emotional mood swings is mostly because he was made out of Doofensmirtz's laptop brain

To have the energy to survive battles and fight Agent P, Doofensmirtz made him have the entire electric power of the whole house.

Failed Missions

While Doofensmirtz prepared to unleash the power of his stupidify-inator, Steambud was in a intense battle with Doofensmirtz's nemesis, Agent P. When Agent P gained the upper hand however, Steambud began to cry. Since being the power source of the entire building, the entire power of the building went off, causing the stupidify-inator to shut off.

In the second attempt to use Steambud, Doofensmirtz fixed him so the entire house wouldn't shut off when he got in a fit. In the battle, Agent P unscrew his back and turned off his power switch.

In the third battle, Doofensmirtz realized his mistakes and made sure no off switch was on his creation. Yet this time there was a power cord plugged in on his back and the other end of the power cord was plugged in the wall. As Steambud chased Perry, the cord plugged and Steambud shut down.

In the fourth and final battle Doofensmirtz made several fixes to his dear creation. This time, Perry punched him in the face. Steambud, fit with emotional rage, literally exploded.

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