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In one parallel universe, Stacy is part of a resistance movement against the
Stacy (Anti-Terran Empire)

Stacy (Anti-Terran Empire Resistance)

Terran Empire, an earth-based empire ruled by Emperor Heinz Doofenshmirtz that seeks the conquest of all other worlds possible. She is a minor character in A New Star is Born and is mentioned in Balance of Terror. She appears to maintain some of her ditziness despite being toughened up by the constant brutality of fighting the Doofenshmirtz regime. She is friends with Candace Flynn and Django Brown, who are members of the resistance in this universe.

Creator's Comments

  • "I just wanted to get Candace, Stacy, and Django in the story to show how they'd turn out in the Terran Empire Universe from the brutality of resisting such a monarch as Doofenshmirtz, so I threw them in as minor or semi-minor characters in A New Star is Born. I kept Stacy's ditsy personality because I felt that that was something that you just couldn't get rid of that easily in a well-defined girl like her. She just looks tough in the picture. Haha..."
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