Spinner is a episode in Season 4.

Chapter 1

It all starts one day when Phineas wants to build a carnival.

He includes a spinning thing.

321 go

Phineas and Ferb blast into this old abandoned mansion and have to get out


On the first floor Phineas and Ferb have to build a weird device.

Phineas: Hmm... What's this machine.

Ferb: ....

Isabella: Maybe it has to do with sound.

Buford: Maybe.

Phineas: It has a handle on the top.

Isabella: But where's the handle.

Baljeet: Maybe it's in those rooms.

Gretchen: We must be careful though.

Perry jumps down through floor hole in floor falls into monogram's HQ.

MM: Your mission today

MM: - is to stop

MM: Doofenshmirtz

MM: from

MM: de-t-ing.

MM: Sorry, we're breaking up.

MM: Al......places.....he.....hates.

TV goes blank.

Just a link to Spinner ch 2


Bob's revenge

Episode before


Episode after

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