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The Suite Life Of Phineas and Ferb With Hannah Montana ForeverThe Summerstone Girls
The Sun-Beater 3000The Sun RotateThe Super Duper Mario Movie!
The Super Duper Mario Movie!/Movie SummaryThe Super Origins of Phineas and Ferb Part 1The Survivors
The Survivors (Organization)The Sweet Life On DeckThe Sweet Life of Phineas and Ferb, Kings of Candy
The Sweet Pink Heart Girlz!The Sweet Smell of GenerousityThe Sweet Yogurt Girls
The Sweet Yogurt Girls Vs. Heinz DoofenshmirtzThe Sweet smell of scamming
The SwitchThe Tale of FerbellaThe Tale of Two Bufords
The Tales of William Aubrey and Other Fairly Stupid StoriesThe Tangerine, Brown, and TealThe Tank and the Furious
The Taste Of GumThe TaxesThe Teenage Phineas and Ferb
The Terran EmpireThe Terran Empire (Parallel Universe)The Terrible Trombone Trouble
The Terrific Taco StandThe Test Of Love
The Thing in the MailThe Third Side of the Fight
The Thoroni (Singular: Thoronon)The Thrift ShopThe Tiki Curse
The Time of the Dirty BitThe Timelord Brothers SeriesThe Tip That Teaches
The TitanicThe Tornado
The Train MysteryThe Tri-State Area
The Tri-State Area Skyline World TowerThe Tri-State Area TakeoverThe Tri-State Area Training Video
The Triassic Mode for all SummerrangersThe TrickThe Troop Wars
The Trouble with GeniusesThe Troubled ChildrenThe True Love Stories
The Truth About Bill and BobThe Truth About Bucky
The Truth About MeapThe Truth About Phineas FlynnThe Truth Fairy
The Truth about Ferb FletcherThe Truth about Phineas FlynnThe Truth of Perry
The Ultimate Battle of OC'sThe Ultimate Cartoon Clash!The Ultimate Cartoon Clash! (Season 1)
The Ultimate Doofenshmirtz Clip ShowThe Ultimate PowerThe Ultimate Ride-Failed!
The Ultimate WarThe Ultra-CompetitionThe UnPrincess Princess School
The UnbustablesThe UnexpectedThe Unforgetable Temple of Bubbles
The UnknownThe Useless Magical Beans that DESTROY THE WORLD!
The Vampire's LifeThe Vampire Princess
The Vanessa Doofenshmirtz ShowThe Very Liked DesignerThe Villain's Agenda
The VisitThe WHAT?The Wacky Adventures Of Phineas and Ferb
The WallThe WantedThe War
The Weather ChroniclesThe Web of DoomThe Webshow
The Wedding of Ferb (2nd Part)The Weird FourThe Weird Name
The What-If-O-MaticThe Wheel You HaveThe Wheel of WOW
The Wheels On Candace's BicycleThe Whirly Twirly RideThe Wild Turkey Chase
The Wild WestThe WildnessThe Windy Day
The WinnerThe Winner is...The Witch Saga Part 1
The Witch Saga Part 2The Wizards of Odd and Oz (The Full Version of The Wizard of Oz)The World's Most Boring Field Trip
The World According to BufordThe World That Never WasThe World is Mine!
The Worst Day Ever (episode)The Worst Song I've Ever Heard!/Macadamia Nuts!The Worst Songs of 2004
The Worst Songs of 2009The Worst Songs of 2010The Worst Songs of 2011
The Worst Songs of 2012The Wrath of NormThe Wrestling Show
The Wrestling Show 2The Wrong FutureThe Wrong Side of Town
The X-FactorisationThe Xavier and Fred ShowThe Xtra Phone (By Phineas and Ferb)
The Young and the PhineasThe ZniverseThe Zombie Buck Ends Here
The assassination of Linda Flynn-FletcherThe assassination of Linda Flynn-Fletcher/TranscriptThe assassination of Phineas & Ferb
The assassination of Phineas & Ferb/TranscriptThe assassination of Phineas & IsabellaThe assassination of Phineas & Isabella/Transcript
The bad foodThe builders curse
The choronicles of Meap (Show)The civil war of youtube poop ep4
The danceThe day Phineas Flynn & Isabella Garcia Shapiro were born
The day Phineas Fynn and Isabella Gracia Sharpiro was born Part 1The death of Ashley Part 2The death of Chris Williams & Meg Flynn
The death of Phineas Flynn and Isabella Gracia Shapiro!?The death of Phineas Flynn and Isabella Gracia Shapiro!?/Transcript
The death of Thomas Flynn
The flynn family tree
The future flynnsThe last day of summer
The life storyThe life story 2
The muppets (cartoon-ized)
The new bully
The new lifeThe order of DoofThe phin+kim switch
The phineas and ferb movie part 1The promThe return of the Baljeatles
The search for Phineas and Ferb Part 1The search for Phineas and Ferb part 2
The search for Phineas and Ferb part 3The search for Phineas and Ferb part 4
The smith girlzThe special Wedding of Phineas and Isabella
The sweetest dreamThe trailers of cartoon heroes race against time and space
The truth about MarabellaThe truth about plattipusses, or platipi, or platipeople, well, you know what I mean
The wedding of Ferb (1st Part)The wishful wishThe world trip phineas ferb/recess/south park
Theia Jenesis KnightThelma SweetwaterTheme Song - Candace Style
There's No Candy in MeThere's So Much We Can Do
There's a Mouse in the HouseThere Are Squirrels in My Shorts
There They Go-Go-Go!There is no C in Doofenshmirtz
They're Alive! Part 1They're Alive! Part 2
They're Finally Getting Married! (Well, Kind Of): Isabella's StoryThey're Phineas And FerbThey're Pixies!/Call Me, Beep Me
They're Robots Everywhere!!They All Fall DownThey Call Him Sonic the Hedgehog
Thicker than Water
Things Get HairyThings Will Never Be The Same by Phineas and FerbThinking Of You
Third Dimension: The Resistance BeginsThird Dimension (TV Series)Thirteen Roses
This Everyday LoveThis Is Combat!
This Is a PSAThis Random Episode is Too Random to Even See DaylightThis Random Episode is Too Random to Even See Daylight/Transcript
This is My Town NowThis is Our CityThis is Summer
This is forever PhinabellaThis is the Villain SongThis old man
ThomasThomas FletcherThomas Fletcher (Doofenshmirtz)
Thomas FlynnThomas Itanovich MonogramThomas Kinney
Thomas LeyvaThomas Liberty
Thomas MonogramThomas Silver
Thomas The TrainThomas in Danville
Thor WeaverThor Williams
Those 8 Bit DaysThree-Leaf CloverThree Tall Tales
Three Tall Tales/TranscriptThree Tall Tales 2Three Tall Tales 2/Transcript
Three isn't a CrowdThree Little WordsThriller
Through The Years(Andrew's Version)Through the Blooming Flowers
Through the Lucid RibbonsThrough the stormThrowback Thursday
Throwback Time!Thwart Me PerryTia Lane
Tiamat SquadronTiana WebberTiberius64's Minor Characters
Tick MarshallTickle MonsterTickle Monster/Transcript
Tidal WaveTies That BendTiffany Collins
Tiffany EvangelistaTiffany Harris
Tiffany KinweedTiffany Thompson
Till The Platypus Comes HomeTilla SquadronTilla Squadron/Aircraft
Tilla Squadron/GeneralTilla Squadron/HistoryTilla Squadron/Members
Tilly The CatTimboy and Pumboar
Time SwitchingTime Switching/TranscriptTime Travel
Time and Time and Time AgainTime for School!Timery
Timmy GreenTimmy the Tick
Timmy und Mara MartenTimon's Christmas Wishes
Timon and Pumbaa and Bart and Dudley Puppy as ''The Stupid Comedians''Timon goes to School
Timothy DyroTimothy Maret
Timur BabinTimurland Country ServiceTin'a KurN
Tina SamsonTiny Toons!/AnimaniaTip of the Day - Summers Yet To Come version
Tip of the Day 2TippiTis the Season to Be Perry
Titanette: P-FTo Ferb is Human
To Panda is HumanTo Phin is Human
To Tokyo We Go!To be British or not to be BritishTo lose a girlfriend or a friend
Today I'm Gonna Get Good GradesTogether at LastToleeBloom
Tom RadwasteTom and Jerry and the Coolest Coaster Ever!

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