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Phineas and Flynn: Teenage TrialsPhineas and Freb (Season 5)Phineas and Greg: A Christmas Crossover
Phineas and IsabellaPhineas and Isabella's BirthdayPhineas and Isabella's First Date
Phineas and Isabella's Great AdventurePhineas and Isabella's Happy EasterPhineas and Isabella's Honeymoon
Phineas and Isabella's MomentPhineas and Isabella's Newest Level RelationshipPhineas and Isabella's Relationship
Phineas and Isabella's RomancePhineas and Isabella's new date
Phineas and Isabella (spin-off)Phineas and Isabella Go to South Carolina
Phineas and Isabella Meeting a New BandPhineas and Isabella gets trapped
Phineas and Isabella go to South KoreaPhineas and Isabella in LovePhineas and Isabella kiss
Phineas and Isabella weekPhineas and LuigiPhineas and Mario: Save Summer
Phineas and Milo: Christmas CrossoverPhineas and SpongeBob: The MoviePhineas and SpongeBob: The Movie/Transcript
Phineas and StitchPhineas and Stitch!Phineas and THE BULLY
Phineas and TailsPhineas and The Birds Part 1Phineas and The Birds Part 2
Phineas and The Castle in the SkyPhineas and Vanessa help Shanna, melissa and zacPhineas and Zhu Zhu Puppies!!
Phineas and ferb/Sonic the hedgehog (Crossover)Phineas and ferb/recess/Clifford/south park
Phineas and ferb: A New Agent CenterPhineas and ferb: Aline Alert
Phineas and ferb: Go To Tokyo JapanPhineas and ferb:the high school
Phineas and ferb : the next generationPhineas and ferb are fish hooked in gravity falls
Phineas and ferb around the world in 20 daysPhineas and ferb dance while candace and her friends relax
Phineas and ferb go to the North polePhineas and ferb meet the annoying orangePhineas and ferb mission amazing spiderman
Phineas and ferb season 63Phineas and ferb thanksgiving special
Phineas and ferb the movie 3 the big great battlePhineas and ferbs ultimatimate story!
Phineas and his Future FamilyPhineas and isabella help Zac K, shanna and Melissa witha concept they have
Phineas and isabella meeting henry the ocpotus, captain feathersword, and wags the dogs
Phineas and pocoyoPhineas and the BeanstalkPhineas and the Chocolate Factory
Phineas and the FerbstersPhineas and the Magic Lamp
Phineas and the peepos
Phineas crushes on new tiffany
Phineas for Ferb-sidentPhineas gets BustedPhineas gets amnasia
Phineas gets amnesia part 2Phineas gets amnesia part 3
Phineas gets the Swine FluPhineas goes into the real world
Phineas helping Melissa getting her kite downPhineas is seriously ill (Phineas ist schwer krank) German
Phineas meets a Guru
Phineas of the Rings(series)Phineas the Acrobat
Phineas the Cyber-SoldierPhineas the Hedgehog
Phineas the LeprechaunPhineas the MenacePhineas the Platypus
Phineas the PoohPhineas the SecondPhineas vs. Isabella
Phineas vs. Isabella/TranscriptPhineas vs Road RunnerPhineas vs Thaddeus
Phineas y Ferb go to EspañaPhineasland's Next StarmodelPhineasland Management Blog
Phineasland to the extremePhineaspaloozaPhineastein and Ferbgor
PhinebellPhinebox One or Ferbstation 4?
Phinebox One or Ferbstation 4?/TranscriptPhinebunkPhinebunk and Gerb
Phinebunk and Gerb's Cavetalk to English GuidePhinedroids & Ferbots Redux (Another Story)Phinedroids and Ferbots/Multilanguage
Phinella FlynnPhinella VinnPhinelle
Phinelle and FerbettePhinello's Girlfriend
Phinello JamesonPhinemonPhinen Jump
Phinen Jump/TranscriptPhineoKart 8Phiner Pan
PhinerbPhines and Ferb: Doof of AgesPhinetron 2000
Phinevil and FreakPhinfan
Phingoth (2nd Dimension)PhinigascarPhinigascar 2: Escape to Africa
Phinman and BatferbPhinnyass and LianaPhinnyass and Liana: Across the second diaphragm
PhinocchioPhinronimo StiltonPhinsworld
Phintasmic!Phintastic DazePhintastic Things
Phintastic and Ferbulous PartyPhintendo (Company)Phinton Finn
PhinzillaPhobe, a Girl PlatypusPhoebe
Phoebe FinnPhoebe JonesPhoebe Vlynn
Phoenix FlynnPhoenix and FernPhone Guy
Phyborg and Feronster: Part IPhyborg and Feronster: Part II
Phyllian the PlatypusPhysical
Pi DayPicklePicture page!
Pie Guy ATTACK!!!!!!!!Pierce RamirezPierre Suarez
Pierze SuarezPigeons With A Chance! (JWAC)
PilotPilot IsabellaPinata Smash
Pinhead N PussPinhead PierrePinhead Pierre Theme Extended
Pinkberry GirlsPinky Rooster
Pinky The Chihuahua Theme SongPinky and the Vain
Pinky the ChihuahuaPinky the Chihuahua (Theme Song)Pinky the Chihuahua Theme Song
Pinky the Chihuahuaborg
Piper FlynnPirates of DanvillePirates of the Tri-State Area
Pixie the PlatypusPizza DeliveryPizzazz-5
Planet Doofensmirtz
Planet of the NormsPlat PlatPlatacar
Platy-PurchasePlatypaloozaPlatypus's Creed
Platypus DayPlatypus Day (song)Platypus Evil Inc.
Platypus FamilyPlatypus Family (Perry's)Platypus Forest (song)
Platypus GunsPlatypus MouthPlatypus Place
Platypus Place (Series)Platypus RockPlatypus Season
Platypus SeasoningPlatypus TownPlatypus VS Kat
Platypus WarsPlatypus in BootsPlatypus in the Booth
Platypus vs PlatypusPlayStudio
Play is Illegal?Play the SchoolPlaying With the Wind
Please, Mom!Please Bring me Some Food
Please Remember Me, Izzy
Plinius FletcherPnF Primeval
PnFaramaPnelope the PlatypusPnf Caper: DEUUEAUGH
PoemsPokemon... Phineas and Ferb's style???Pokemon Theme Song
Pokemon and the Attack of DoofenshmirtzPoltPony Express
Pool DazePoompa Boompa Quartet SongsPoompa Boompas
Poor IrvingPoor Lil' Rich GirlsPoorly Phineas
Poorly Phineas/TranscriptPop-Boom PopsPop Goes Old Candy
Pop StarzPopina SharinaPopquizes! Class 1
Popquizes! Class 1/Anthony's Answer SheetPopquizes! Class 1/Chad's Answer SheetPopquizes! Class 1/Irwin's Answer Sheet
Popquizes! Class 1/Monty's Answer SheetPopquizes! Class 1/Peter's Answer SheetPorcelina Dryxna Miyako Midnight Summerstar Bloodsoul Flynn-Fletcher-Garcia-Shapiro
Porcupine Attack!Portal
Portraying myself in a negative lightPossessedPovenville
PowderPower-Up SchoolPower Rangers Summer Force
Power of sixPre-Classic Phineas and Ferb
Prescott BlackPretty Perfect Platypus Palooza
Primita RosiePrince Jerome "Jerry" FritzPrince Jerry Is Cool
Princess Ammita
Princess BaldegundePrincess CanderellaPrincess Isabella
Princess Isadora Castillo of Spain
Princess the BunnyPrincipal JorganPrincipal Lang
Printer PanicPrisa DavisPriscilla Pe Loux
Prison PlatypusesPrisoner of Metal and FleshPrivate Phineas
Professor Artuior

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