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Gelatin MonsterGelatin PuccaGemma Tiger
Gender MessGender swappingGenderbent Phineas & Ferb characters
General BufordGeneral Ferb
General KaGenerator Ferb
Geoffdroids and BridgebotsGeon (Pronounced "GUN") Im
George PrelantenGeorge Sivori
George WhiteGeorge Williams
Gerald QuietusGerbGerland
German SongsGerman vs. WildGet Creative
Get MotivatedGet Off My Lawn!Get Well, Adam
Get Well JuliaGet Well PhineasGet Your Game On!
Getting Go NervousGetting HimGetting Hot or Cold
Getting Hot or Cold/QuotesGetting X'dGhana Go
Ghost In the BackyardGhost Whisperer:Case;Phineas and Ferb
Ghost gouls spirits oh my - jr phantom huntersGhostly WellowsGhosts, Ghouls, Spirits, Oh My!
Giant HockeyGiant floating baby headGiants Of Danville
Gilbert the PlatypusGilda Meets the Gang
Gillian The PlatypusGimp-inatorGineas and Gert
GingerGinger's Jealous/Jenny's Big AnnouncementGinger 2.0
Ginger Garcia-ShapiroGinger Hirano (2nd Dimension)
Ginger M. HiranoGinger MerlinGinger Rai
Ginny the Platypus
Girls Just Have FunGirls Of A Feather
Girls UniteGirls With Magic
GishyGitchee Gitchee Goo Means That I Love You!Gitchi Gitchi Goo (New Version)
Gitchie Gitchie Goo (WoP version)Give Geeks A ChanceGive Thanks: A Phineas and Ferb Thanksgiving Event
Gloria FletcherGloryGlory's Big Spa Day
Gnome AloneGnome Alone/Script
Go, Go, Go Phineas, Go!Go (cover song)
Go To School?Go West, Young Perry!
Goes Bad (2011)Going! Going! Gosh!Going Back to School
Going NanoGoing to a new dimensionGold, Silver, Bronze and Doof
Goldfish DarkskullGoldfish DaysGoldfish Discovers the O.W.C.A.
Goldfish in TroubleGoldyGolia Keen
Gone, But Not ForgottenGone: Chapter 8Gone: Chapter Seven
Gone for LongGone to piecesGonna Make a Musical
Gonna Take You For A RideGood, Clean FunGood-bye, Our Monkey Friend
Good King Wenceslas (Extended Edition)Good Looking PeopleGood Luck Apple Bloom
Good Luck GingerGood Luck HailyGood vs. Evil
GoodbyeGoodbye, Old FriendGoodbye, Perry & Pinky
Goodbye, Phineas
Goodbye, Phineas/Transcript
Goodbye ErinGoofy OriginsGoofy Origins/Transcript
GordonGordon GutsofanemuGot Lemonade?
Goth's Christmas DilemmaGoth's Phineas and FerbGoth Dancing
Goth Meets Phineas and FerbGotherb
Gothic AngelGothricGotta Bust Irving For Whatever He's Doing
Gotta Watch Fox 44!Grace Garcia-ShapiroGrace Hudson
Gracie Flynn-ShapiroGracie WalkerGrammastola Gang
Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Theft Phineas:Tri-State AreaGrand Theft Phineas: San Andreas
Grand Theft Phineas: San Andreas/TranscriptGrand Theft Phineas: Vacation in Vice City
Grand Theft Phineas OnlineGrand Theft Phineas VGrand Theft Phineas V/Transcript
Grande MaximusGrantGrant Gets an F/Transcript
Gratuity TucciGrave jail junk yard (No Avengers)Graves
Great! More Mysteries!Great to Be a Teacher
Greatest Christmas Ever!Greece LightningGreece Lightning 2
Green Eggs & Ham (Phineas and Ferb version)Green LanternGreg the Giraffe
Gregor MonogramGreta's Revenge Raid
Gretchen's OpinionGretchen's Pregnancy Experience
Gretchen's Slender FreakoutGretchen-EGretchen (Fireside Girl)
Gretchen BennettGretchen Bennett (2nd Dimension)
Gretchen HollanderGretchen Strom
Grey the PlatypusGriGross Welcome
Grow Up, Phineas Flynn
Guided BlasterGuitarist Fanatic
Gullible's TravelsGun Nac Weapons And Drop BombsGunther Flynn
Gunther Flynn (Phineas's son)GustedGuy that loves chocolate
GwenGwen RichardsHERE
Haddeus, Herb, and Hannah
Hai Hai Poofy Amy Omi! The Series By HyperHearts58 and InvaderKazHail, Hail, Go AwayHail Albertistan!/Roleplay version
Hail Irving and Albertania!Hail Irving and Albertania!/TranscriptHail Phineas and Ferbadom!/Transcript
Haily VerleanHair SensationHakuna Matata
Halfway ThereHall Monitor Adyson
Halloween DreamHalloween NightHalloween Nightmare
Halloween Spectacular Of Unspeakable Doomy HorrorsHalloween TailsHalloween Tales
Halloween in DisneyHalloween is for Nerds!Hamilton and Isabella
Hampshire BrownHandy Family
Hanging on the Edge of Tomorrow: Sneak Peek
Hannah's Infected MouthHannah CrotenHannah Smith
Hannah and Lizzy Flynn-FletcherHanne-Lore
Hanne-Lore EnglishHappy Birthday, Ferb FletcherHappy Birthday Carla!
Happy Birthday Phineas and Ferb!Happy Camping DaysHappy Halloween
Happy Love SongHappy Trail MixHappy Tree O.W.C.A.
Happy WhateverHappy Whatever (Contest)Happy Whatever (Script)
HarKorea Angel SingsHaroldHarriette vs Jekyll!
Harry Do-DoHartwood ChildrenHaruto Yamanda
Hate Crime HassleHatsune Phin-uHaunted Robot
Have A Rocking Summer!Have a Frozen Pirate Cone!Haven's Adventures
Haven's Best Day EverHaven's DilemmaHaven Unleashed
Haven and the Crystal PlatypusHaven and the Quest for StuffHaven and the Raiders of the Lost Yacht
Haven and the Search for Ford's UmbrellaHaven and the Search for Mallory's HairbrushHaven and the Temple of Treasure
Haven v.s. NormHavin' a BallHawaiian Girl
Hayao Miyazaki (and Dr. Nygma 1048) present... My Neighbor FlinnHe's Bigfoot (Extended Version)He's Iron Phin
He's IrvingHe's MothmanHe's Rodney
He's Unattainable!He's a Platyborg, They Don't Do MuchHe Didn't Have To Be
Heal the worldHeart Racing
Heart of Universe scepterHeatherHeaven and Earth
HeavenboyHebrew TrexiconHector Hirano
HeidiHeidi's Fantastic Clip ShowHeidi's Fantastic Music Video Show
Heidi's QuestHeikeHeike English
Heinz Big PlanHeinz Doofenshmirtz
Heinz Doofenshmirtz (2nd Dimension)Heinz Doofenshmirtz (3rd Dimension)Heinz Doofenshmirtz (song)
Heinz Doofenshmirtz on FerbHeinz Doofenshmirtz on PhineasHeinz Jr.
Heinz and PerryHeinz the Platypus (episode)
Helen HartmanHeleniaHelium
Hello?Hello New York,Goodbye L.AHello New York,Goodbye L.A(Revised and Edited)
Hello New York, Goodbye L.A Part 2(Revised and Edited)Hello SeattleHeloise Hitherthorns
Heloise MansonHelp!Help! I’m stuck In a Doof’s Body!
Help Me OutHelp the Poor!Helpful Candace
Helping thy EnemyHenry the HawkHenry the Tyrannosaurus
Her 1 day in Danville part 9Her 1st day in DanvilleHer 1st day in Danville part 2
Her 1st day in Danville part 3Her 1st day in Danville part 4Her 1st day in Danville part 5
Her 1st day in Danville part 6Her 1st day in Danville part 7Her 1st day in Danville part 8
Her 1st day in Danville part 9Her 2nd day in DanvilleHer 2nd day in Danville(the movie)
Her 2nd day in Danville 1(the movie)Her 2nd day in Danville 3(the movie)Her Majesty's Vacation

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