Sofie is Jules' 5-year-old sister.


Sofie is your typical kind, sweet, 5-year-old. Her problem is that she's EXTREMELY shy and not very brave. She's pretty much the opposite of her older sister, but they love each other anyway. Sofie doesn't like to try new things or take risks. She is really creative and loves to draw and paint. Sofie is pretty much a girly-girl. She is shy around pretty much everyone besides her family, so only they know the sweet, lovable kid that she can be.


Sofie has light brown, curly/wavy hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a slightly tattered light pink t-shirt with a purple scarf, hot pink skirt, and purple shoes. Sofie also wears a daisy wreath on her head and daisy earrings, both of which she made.

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