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When Irving and Jane Brown go back to Danville, they get ready married!


"Hello, my soon-to-be-bride!" Irving yelled to Jane. "Hello, my soon-to-be-husband." Jane replied. "Ready for the Pre-Wedding-Party?" Irving asked. "NOOOO... I mean YEEEES!" Jane said. "Wait a minute, you aren't in your dress!" Irving said. Jane blushed. "Well, at least I'm not getting any bad luck." Irving said. "You believe those superstitions?" Jane said coldly. "Um, nooo..." Then Albert comes over in a limo. He picks them up and Jane goes into the limo closet and gets into her dress. At the pre-wedding party, Irving and Jane make a cake and eat it all. Then Phineas comes and sings for the party. Then, Bowser does the comedic act.

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