Irving and Albert go on a cruise ship overseas, and Irving meets Jane Brown. They fall in total love.


Irving is in the wave pool of the cruise ship and wipes out of his board. Jane walks over and shouts "ARE YOU OKAY?" Irving looks up in awe. He believes Jane to be the most beutifal thing in the world. "yes, yes i am" Irving says quitely "We got to take you to the cruise hospital!" Jane yelled. She picked up Irving and saw that he broke his bone. At the hospital, the nurse mended his bones and gave him a cast. "He will probably be be able to take of his cast when we arrive back at Danville. "Yay!" Irving shouted. He followed Jane the rest of the day, and she didn't even mind. "Something tells me we are 'shipping overseas'. GET IT?" Albert joked. "ha, ha, ha, very funny." Irving replied sarcasticly.


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