When Perry gets sick, Phineas leaves Perry in Irving's hands. But when Irving stumbles the OWCA upon he ends up on Perry's mission. Meanwhile, Phineas and Ferb help Albert when they learns he has a crush on Stacy.


Irving The Human Boy Theme

Running Gags

"Whatcha Doing?"


Ferb's Line


Too Young Line

Phineas: Hey Albert, I kinda noticed you were looking at Stacy back there.

Albert: What of it?

Phineas: Do you have a crush on her?

Albert: No, No I don't!


Doofenshmirtz: Are you a little young to be a Secret Agent?

Irving: Yes. Yes I am


Irving mentions Planty. (No More Bunny Businesses)

Carl asks if the breach of security is a teenage girl (Does This Duckbill Make Me Look Fat?)

They mention erasing the memory of other people who know about the O.W.C.A. like to the Ballpit Kid (I Was a Middle Aged Robot)

The Irving The Human Boy theme is a rendition of The Perry The Platypus theme.

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