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S'lar (Judge)

S'lar in his judge robes

S'lar is a powerful being who has watched over humanity for a long time and has been rather
S'lar (Earliest Uniform)

S'lar in a 2020's Captain's Uniform

disappointed in the lack of progress it has made from being as savage as its history has shown it to be. Although powerful, he is not omnipotent; he is granted
S'lar (2030's Uniform)

S'lar in a 2030's Captain's Uniform

his abilities from a deity known by some of ancient humanity as The Great I AM (the God of the Judeo-Christian faith). He is first featured in Ad Astra 1: Encounter at Alpha Centauri, where he takes Phineas and Isabella to fight Mitch and a Sorunon reptilian on a semi-arid desert planet of unknown location (in 2030, when Phineas and Isabella are married and have their first child). In Ad Astra 2: Youth and Nostalgia, he recreates the battle of Across the Second Dimension for Phineas, his adult friends, and their children to see the children at their best. He is based on the character Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation, a bit of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and a bit of Star Trek: Voyager.
Q in Judge Robes (Star Trek TNG)

Q in his judge robes (Star Trek: The Next Generation pilot episode Encounter at Farpoint)

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