Season 34


Season 34 is a Season entirely Written By Batman123579

First Episode is Mad Chickens.

Phineas Flynn6

Phineas is Happy that Season 34 is underway!


Phineas Flynn - Vincent Martella

Ferb Fletcher - Thomas Sangster

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - Alyson Stoner

Jacob Greenfish - Jacob P

Ian Makapook - SuperCoolF1Fan (He does NOT want his Real name on Here!)

Dill "Fatboy" Anshar - FadhillPF

Goldfish Darkskull - AgentGoldfish

Heinz Doofenshmirtz - Dan Povenmire

Liam Doofensmirtz -Doooomguy


Episode 1: Mad Chickens

Episode 2: Chicken Runs Rampage!

Episode 3: The Story of Jacob Greenfish

Episode 4: What Doofensmirtz Does in his Free Time...

Episode TBA: The Story of Jacob Greenfish 2


The Chickens are Coming (DVD, Blu-Ray) (August, 21 2010)

The Story of Jacob Greenfish (DVD, Blu-Ray) (April, 1 2011)

Free Times..... Free Times... (DVD, Blu-Ray) (July 14 2011)

And You Thought It Was Over (DVD, Blu-Ray) (December 6 2011)

Across The Jacob Dimensions (DVD, Blu-ray) (August 5 2011)

The Complete Season 34 (DVD, Blu-Ray) (December 6 2012)

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