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Crazy Candace

run! its candace!!!!!!!!!!!

� Note: If you haven't read The Curse of the Inator then read it first so everything makes sense! So, Candace finds a cursed necklace (which causes the wearer to grow 50 feet tall between midnight and sunrise) and puts it on, but the chain locks so it's stuck on her neck

Plot Details

Candace finds a nice necklace lying around in the backyard and puts it on. Later that night, she wakes up a little before midnight and goes outside for some fresh air. Suddenly, she rapidly grows 50 feet tall! Phineas and Ferb come out and wonder what's going on. Isabella comes and asks, "Watcha doin?" to which Phineas replies figuring out why Candace is 50 feet tall. Isabella notices the cursed necklace on Candace and waits until sunrise. Nothing happens. They realize that the curse CHANGES for each person affected by it. They head out of town to fix this and Phineas leaves a note saying Candace took him and Ferb to the museum for most of the day. Phineas searches the web for blueprints for shrinking machine and finds that he could buy an assembled Shrink-inator at a building in Danville. He heads to the building (Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated) and asks the owner about the Shrinking machine. He gets it and is asked if he's a little too young, to which he responds, "Why yes. Yes I am." He shrinks Candace back down, gets the necklace off, and burys it. He hides the Shrink-inator in his closet (which he uses to store his blueprints) and things pretty much go back to normal.






Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Running Gags

"Too Young" Line

Isabella: "Hasn't Candace already been there, done that with the 50 feet tall thing?"

Phineas: "Why yes. Yes she has."

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: "Aren't you a little too young to buy an Inator from a mad scientist?"

Phineas: "Why yes. Yes I am."

Ferb's Line

Phineas: "Hey! There's an assembled Shrink-inator that's for sale from this guy named Doofenshmirtz!"

Ferb: "The name Doofenshmirtz has origins in Drulselstein, which is where my ancestor Ferbgor lived."

"Watcha Doin'?"

Isabella: "Hey Phineas, why are you up? It's like midnight! If you're up, then watcha doin'?"

Phineas: "Trying to figure out why Candace is 50 feet tall."

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