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This is a Q&A. there are A LOT OF THESE so i wanted to do one too...

Phineas:Okay, Goldfish, What ARE you wearing?

Goldfish: This is meh Q&A hat. Want me to wear my press hat instead so I can ask some questions?

Phin: Sure...Why not...

GFish:(puts on press hat)...HEY FERB!!! What's it like to have an accent, i mean does it feel weird? Or like what? I mean is it weird to(starts Brittish accent) Talk like this old bean?

Ferb:...IDK i haven't known any other voices soooo...IDK

GFish:...(puts on Answer hat)Now let's wait for some questions... thumb|300px|left|Goldfish starts singing

Phin: Where DID you learn that song?

Gfish: Irving told me! a nerd...

Buford:(walks in) And i Thought Baljeet was a nerd

Gfish:...Wow this is boring...SOMEONE ASK A QUESTION IDIOTS!

Phin:Dude, no one will ask us questions if we call them idiots!

GFish:...I know...

5 minutes later..

Gfish: Yay first question from Smilez221: No, I am not normally evil, but generally sometimes very angry, and some useless facts:

  • The dot on an i is called a tittle
  • there are more chickens than people in this world
  • there is no plural word for platypus
  • Maine is the only state with one syllable
  • the end of a shoelace is called an aglet

I hope that answers your question (PS It is awesome to know useless facts)



GFish:kay...KILL YOU!!!!...sorry, i had to finish...

  • after a few minutes



Doof:...Hey who are you kids?

Phin: I'm Phineas, That's Ferb, Goldfish, And Buford

Gfish:Sup Doof, we're doing a Q&A round, wanna ask a question?

Doof: I already did you moron

GFish:...Oh yeah, well, get back to your battle then

Doof: Bye

GFish: We're watching and we're-



...Okay, Emilylover wants to know where i would go if i could go anywhere in the world...IDK...maybe...uh...YOUR MAMA!...wait...OUTER SPACE!...wait no that's not in this world is it?

Phin: no, no its not

Gfish:Well i haven't been to New York, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, England, Africa, Australia, so anywhere like that i guess

Ferb: I have been to England

GFish: yeah, don't rub it in...

Next question!

Phin:Dude, we DON'T HAVE another question!

GFish: Oh, don't we?

Phin: No, no we don't

GFish:...Oh, well why not?

Buford: Maybe it's because your a loser

GFish: I know you are but what am I?


GFish: Sure!

All: (to the tune of watching and waiting) We're waiting

for some questions

oh why doesn't anyone ask a question

we have the answers don't you want to know what they are-a-are

we cannot wait for another to be asked

we want to answer your questions at last

all of your PFnG related questions todaaaay-a-aaay

so we're waiting

for some questions

we're waiting, for some questions

we're waiting...

GFish: Now let's recheck the mailbag!

Phin: You mean the talk page?

GFish: ya! Yay Finally after our many years our waiting has finally paid off! PerryPerry asks-

Phin: years? it's only been about an hour

GFish: Really? oh well. PerryPerry wants to know how many hats i have. Well lets see. oh crap

Phin: what?


Phin: I expected that...

GFish: I'll say about *one, two* ahem 512

does that answer your question perryperry?

YAY another question from perryperry. Yes, I do like aglets. I believe that "they are one of the most useful, yet tragically ignored inventions in all of history"P.S. that's an exact quote from a book i have, 'Useless shoelace facts, volumes 1-10' specifically, volume 8.

Okay, Perry perry is asking me ANOTHER question. Well, He types lkdhfkjds because he is too lazy to write the real summary.

All right, from HiBy, I enjoy the felling of answering a question no one else knows the answer to.

Phin, Ferb, and Buford: Hey how come goldfish gets all the questions?

GFish: Well it's obviously because this Q&A is in MY style, and i'm the awesomest.

Ferb: Confident, aren't we?

GFish: Well, Ferb, idk about you, but I sure am.

All right now, Rayaquest wants to know stuff about me. Well, you can find all that out and more on my very own pf fanon wiki page, Goldfish Darkskull

Okay, now emilee-


GFish: ooooooookaaaay...Emille wants to know what our favorite types of pies are. I'll start. I like chocolate pudding pie, Phineas?

Phin: ummm...Cherry, Ferb?

Ferb: I'm going to have to go with kidney, how about you, Buford?

Buford: Uh, well first, Ferb, that's disgusting, and my fave is apple.

  • Isabella, Baljeet, and Candace walk in*

Phin: Hi guys, We're doing a Q&A-

GFish: Goldfish Style!

Phin: Yes, in Goldfish style, and Emilee just asked what our favorite pie types are.

Isabella: Umm, Raspberry.

Baljeet: The mathematical kind.

Buford: Of course.

Candace: uhhh...i don't know, maybe uh... Lemon Meringue Pie, i guess.

GFish: Cool, Now let's wait for more questions.


Everyone else:.................................................................

Phin: What are you talking about?

GFish: I don't know! anyway, another question from emilee- do we prefer peanut butter or chocolate. Well, does reese's peanut butter cups count? anyway, i prefer chocolate

Phin: Peanut Butter

Ferb: Chocolate

Candace: Peanut Butter

Isaballa: Chocolate

Baljeet: Peanut Butter

Buford: Chocolate

  • Jeremy Walks in*

GFish: Cool, another question from Emilee, Oh, well then...we need a private place to answer this one by one.

Ferb: How about that storage closet over there?

GFish: Closet? That's Perfect!

Okay, Phineas, you first.

  • goldfish pushes phineas in

GFish: All right, now emilee is asking who in this room you would ask out. well?

Phin: You mean, like on a date?

GFish: No, to a wrestling match. OF COURSE A DATE!

Phin: okay, okay, i guess isabella.

GFish: expected. you're free to go.

  • phin walks out

GFish: All right ferb, come in here.

Ferb: What's the question?

GFish: Who in this room would you ask out?

Ferb: Well, you and i are the only ones in this room, so that's creepy on so man-


Ferb: oh, well do they HAVE to be in that room?

GFish: I guess not...why?

Ferb: Well, I would ask Vanessa.

GFish: Vanessa, Doofenshmirtz?

Ferb: Yes

GFish:(thinking) huh, ferb likes doof's daughter. whoda thunk it.

Ferb: Can i leave now?

GFish: Sure. ISABELLA! COME IN HERE AND ANSWER THE QUESTION! (thinking) as if i didn't already know

Isa: What goldfish?

GFish: Well, the question is, who would you ask out, as if i didn't know already.

Isa: Well Phineas, of course.

GFish: expected, hey do you wanna know what phineas said?


GFish: he said, you

Isa: Wait by 'you' do you mean 'you' or 'me'?

GFish: Okay, to avoid confusion he said isabella.

Isa: (walks out smiling)

GFish: Okay, Baljeet and Buford next. Candace, Jeremy, I think we all know who you would ask out. BALJEET!

Baljeet: What?

GFish: Who would you ask out?

Balj: Oh, Mishti, Isabella, Ginger, or Wendy? its very hard to choose...i guess...ummm....Mishti.

GFish: Kay, Now Buford.

Buf: What now, hat-wearer?

GFish: Just answer the question woodland pixie.

Buf: Did pointy tell you that?

GFish: Yes, yes he did

Buf: AAARGH! now im too angry to answer your question.

  • Goldfish walks out of closet; computer dings. You have 1 new question from Emilee.

GFish: HOW DID SHE GET MY E-MAIL!? anyway. Isabella, this is a warning for you. Back off of Phineas. He's mine! ooooooookay


Phin: What are you talking about?

All: Uuuuuuhhhhhh...

GFish: Oh another! What letter do we like better? P Y E Z or X? Well, uhhhhh E because it is versatile!

Phin: P because my name starts with it!

Ferb: Z

Isa: P

Balj: X

Buf: Y

Can: Z

Jer: E

GFish: Well emilee, why are you asking random questions? there's YOUR question! okay emilee responds that the randomness is filling in our mailbag, so yeah...thank you?

  • hunter, tom, and luca walk in

Tom: Sup Guys!

Phin: Q&A!

Luca: Awesome bring on the questions *raises fists in the air* Woohoo!...usually when one of us does that, cookie gets hit. huh.

jeet: Tom, where is cookie


Luca: now while Tom saves cookie from starvation, lets enjoy some jokes. Now, What do you get when you cross Kanidio with Sasquatch?

Hunter: What?



Everyone else: o_o

GFish: Okay, there's a nun, an astronaut, and a hairdryer-

Buf: I've heard it.

GFish: Fine; What do you call a vampire who's car breaks down 3 miles from the bloodbank?

all: What?

GFish: A CAB!


GFish: oh, now more questions. Emilee has 3 more. First off, everyone, what was your favorite time with whoever you wanted to ask out. Okay, Phin. Into the closet.

Phin: Fine...

GFish: Well?

Phin: Aaargh, um, when we went on that romantic cruise around danville harbor. (that sinking feeling)

GFish: kay, Ferb!

Ferb: Uhh, let's get this over with. when i helped her get the pizzazium infinionite. (vannessassary roughness)

GFish: Kay, Isa?

Isa: Yeah, first i want to confess that i was listening when you were talking to phineas. sorry...

GFish: it's okay, now let me guess, the same as phineas?

Isa: yeah, except he barely noticed me...

GFish: Don't worry, bud. I know boys his age are just kind of scared to express their feelings about a girl. he likes you. he just doesn't know how to show it.

Isa: Thanks Goldfish, you always know how to cheer someone up.

  • isabella walks out smiling*


jeet: if you KNOW then WHY MUST I ANSWER!?

GFish: I know, but the viewers don't. Patience my young padawan.

Jeet: Great, more star wars references. Just what WE need


Jeet: Why did you say bleepin bleep?

GFish: Cussing is banned on this wiki.

Jeet: oh...well, when we went on the cruise. (that sinking feeling for the 3rd time. ugh.)

GFish: Cool, Candace?

Can: Well, i don't know, maybe the summer cotilian. (gaming the system)

Gfish: Cool. Jeremy, let me guess the same?

Jer: Yeah.

GFish: all right now emilee asks-

  • irving walks in

Gfish: well, does THAT answer your question?


GFish: yeah, and goldfish.

Irv (or as i like to call him, Super-Obssessive-Cumpulsive-Stalker-Nerd, SOCSN is what we'll call him.): EEEEEEEEEEEE! wait, what are we doing?

GFish: Q&A Goldfish style!

SOCSN: Why not PnF style?

GFish: because this is the one and only q&a starring me.

SOCSN: oh...

GFish: OOH next question! what are our favorite animals. Well, I'm partial to Platypeece, Flying Squirrels, and Salamanders.

Phin: Uhh, Bears

Ferb: Piggy

Isa: Unicorns

Jeet: Isabella took mine...i guess monkeys

Buf: Shark

Ferb: Then how come you got angry when you thought i called you a shark?

Buf: uhhhhh....shut up.

Can: Bunnys

Jer: dogs

SOCSN: PLATYPUSES! like perry...

GFish: And people say I'M a nerd?! Anyway, SOCSN, Emilee wants to know your answers to the following questions:

whats your fav type of pie I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!-Emilee

do u like penut butter or choclate better -Emilee

I LOVE U ALL if u can ask anyone in the room out who would u ask U 2 ISABELLA-Emilee

back off of phineas isabella he mine. gfish tell her that plz and 4 phineas *kiss*-Emilee

um do you like the letter p y e z or x better-Emilee (i will not stop)

not to make you mad but all my randomness is filling this in so... oh and i would think you would like it because. oh now my moms mad at me because of my randomness. -Emilee

what was your fav moment with the person you whanted to ask out

can iving come he is my role modle-Emilee

what is your fav animal-Emilee

ask iving my questens from before-emilee

Irving: First my name is IRVING not SOCSN! and my favorite type of pie is...triangle pie, because it's shaped like phineas' head. Peanut butter. Candace so i can marryu her and be related to phineas and ferb.

Can: Ew!

Irv: P. When we shrank. I'm already here. There you go, glad you love me. unlike SOME PEOPLE! *cough* Goldfish *cough*.


Irv: What?

GFish: More questions for the stalker. Emilee wants to know why you are so *bleep*in obsessed with Phineas and Ferb!

Irv: Well, i saw them doing this stuff, and it was awesome. so now i am obsessed with them and stalk them. Just like edward cullen.

GFish: Uh AND your obsessed with twilight!?

Irv: Yes.

GFish: fine, heres another question irving, do you like phineas or ferb better?

Irv: Ferb, because of his accent.

Ferb: thanks, i'm glad the stalker likes me more than my brother...

GFish: A question! Who would we kick out. Irving

Phin: irving

ferb: irving

isa: arrow

jeet: buford

buf: baljeet

can: phineas

jer:no one

irv: Goldfish

hun: tom

tom: hunter

luca: no one

cook: tom

All arguing

GFish: THIS IS WHY WE NEED CLOSETS! now lets just sing a song.

GFish: Ullman shorts, Christmas show,

All: Marge's fling, Homer's bro,

Bart in well, Flanders fails,

Whacking snakes, Monorail

Mr. Plow, Homer space,

Sideshow Bob steps on rakes,

Lisa's future, Selma's hubby,

Marge not proud, Homer chubby.

Homer worries Bart is gay

,Poochie, U2, NRA

,Hippies, Vegas and Japan

,Octuplets, and Bart's boy band.

Marge murmurs, Maude croaks,

Lisa's Buddhist, Homer tokes,

Maggie blows Burns away,

What else do I have to say!

They'll never stop The Simpsons,

Have no fears, we've got stories for years,

like:Marge becomes a robot,

Maybe Moe gets a cell phone,

Has Bart ever owned a bear?

Or how about a crazy wedding?

Where something happens, a-do-do-do-do-do.

Sorry for the clip show.

Have no fears, we've got story for years!

(that was "They'll Never Stop the Simpsons" look it up on youtube)

GFish: Okay, now, this is not going to end well...Emilee says everyone needs to kiss the person they would ask out. (shudders) Sorry Candace. Irving has to kiss you.

Can: AAAAAHHHHHHH! (runs away)

GFish: I would do the same thing...Anyway, you first Phineas. (Here you go PhinBella Shippers! Phineas kisses isabella)

Phin: That felt good...


(Vanessa walks in)

Ferb: (thinking) oh yeah baby!

GFish: Hey vanessa, Ferb has to kiss you now.

Van: For what?

GFish: Q&A Goldfish Style!

Van: How does me kissing him have to do witha Q&A?

GFish: it's a long story. just do it. we already had one teenage girl run screaming from having to kiss a kid.

Van:...Fine...(Ferbnessa shippers will love this, they kiss)

(mishti walks in)

GFish:...I heart convenience! Go on, 'Jeet.

Jeet: Well, Mishti, We're doing a Q&A Gold-

GFish: Goldfish sty...sorry, i didn't think you would say goldfish style...

Jeet: Anyway, i must kiss ou now...

Mishti: okay Baljeet. (Baljishti [or whatever its called] shippers, it's your day! THEY kiss now)

Jer: I'm sensing it's my turn Should i go get her?

GFish: If you would? Thank you!

(Jeremy leaves to get candace)

GFish: Okay, SOCSN, You will NOT kiss candace unless you want her to throw up. Now, do yo WANT to see that?

GFish: Okay, good.

(candace and jeremy walk in and kiss. There you go, all of you Canderemy shippers, the moment you have been waiting for!)

Can: Wait-do i still have to kiss IRVING!?

GFish: No, we worked it out. None of us want to see you throw up.

Can: Thank you...

GFish: Now, Hunter, How about you, anyone special?

Hun: Yes, Luca.

All: NO WAY!

Luca: R-Really?

Hun: Yes.

Luca: I, kinda like you too.

All: NO WAY!

(Now, for Hunuca shippers [are there any?!] here you go! they kiss)

GFish: Okay, now emilee has 3 count 'em 3! comments and suggestions:

dont get rid of iving plz-Emilee

misti baljeet is cheating on u with wendy so... good luck with that-emilee

candice next time to bust phin and ferb here r the steps 1 take pic of thing 2 put pic in water proof fire proof tear proof bag 3 strape glue and tape pic to u 4 bring pic to mom 5 if she do not belive u...hert her till she dos-Emilee

Irv: So, i have a real fan?

Can: Thanks for the suggestion

Shti: (Slaps baljeet and walks away)

Jeet: IT WAS CHRISTMAS! WE WERE UNDER THE MISTLETOE! YOU WEREN'T HERE! Oh, man. Thanks a lot emilee. I guess i'll stick with wendy.

(wendy walks in)

Wen: Hi Baljeet!

GFish: YAY MORE CONVENIENCE! okay, now, wendy, Emilee has a comment that-

jeet: OH NO YOU DON"T! (attacks goldfish)

GFish: AAAAAAAH! NERD ATTACKING ME! Funny, i thought Irving would attack me before Baljeet would. well it just shows ta go ya. owowowowowowwwww... AHA I GOT YOU NOW! (beats up baljeet)

jeet: owowowowowowowwwwww...and i thought buford could hurt me! Owowowowowowowowww

GFish: Anyway, emilee realized that i never said who i would ask out. Well, there's no one that i know in danville that i like, but back in CA, There was someone...But that's a backstory for another day! Anyway, everyone, what's your fave pizza topping? I like Xtra Cheese...

Phin: canadian bacon...even though its not bacon, but just fancy ham...stupid canadian false advertising...

Ferb: Uhhh, Pineapple

Isa: supreme

jeet: pepperoni

buf: idk...maybe...uhhh...all toppings...

Irv: Ham and Pineapple...i mixed phin's and ferb's...

jer: I like sausage

can: I too enjoy sausage

hun: mushroom


luca: I too enjoy candy pizza

cookie: CANDY PIZZA?! I like it too...

GFish: Wait- you can choose CANDY pizza?! well, i still like xtra cheese... Now emilee...wants to know our holiday wishes...idk...a GOOD webcam. Mine sucks...

Isa: I already got mine...

Phin: What was it isabella?

GFish:...really...really phineas...really? wow...

Phin: Anyway, i want to be just like santa...

Ferb: I want a harmonica...and world peace...


jeet: I want a christmas kiss with a pretty girl, but mishti-uh oh...

Wen: Who is this Mishti of which you speak?

jeet: uh oh...

Buf: I want to be thought of as nice

GFish: That ain't gonna happen! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!


(Buford and Goldfish fight. Goldfish wins)

GFish: Yeah, don't mess with me...

Can: Well, anyway, i want awesome earrings...

Jer: I want a silver guitar...

Jeremy and Candace: THAT'S WHAT I GOT YOU!

Irv: Phineas and Ferb's clothes...

Santa: (outside listening) What? This is how i find out what people want when they don't write me a letter. You think this is wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong. A phone company that charges hidden fees. yeah...

Hun: For tom to SHUT UP about santa claus trivia...

Tom: For hunter to BELIEVE!

Cookie and Luca: FOR YOU TWO TO SHUT UP!


Phin: This "Emilee" person has poor grammar and spelling...

GFish: Well, let's do said dance i have never heard of...

(All do bad dance moves)

GFish: This ain't gonna and "Miranda" Have some Q's and C's!

Phin: Q's and C's?

GFish: Yeah, questions and comments...



Phin: Still bad grammar! But my fave soda is Soda Brand Soda, and to drink it what else?

GFish: Uhhh, Diet coke to drop mentos in!

Phin: We should try that one day...


GFish: Totally! Now here's the coke and mentos. LETS DO THIS THING!

  • reaction blows the roof off.

GFish: Heh heh heh...

who would you ask to go to prom with but it cant be the one you would ask out! lol :miranda

GFish: OH COME ON! they're going as far as to actually edit the page!? anyway, i already said, SHE'S THE ONLY ONE I LIKE! I'M SURE NO ONE ELS WOULD PICK ANYONE ELSE!

All: No, no we wouldn't!

who is your bestest friend in the world (cant be related to you):miranda

GFish: GAH! MIRANDA! STOP EDITING THIS PAGE! LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE TALK PAGE! GOSH! Anyway, My best friend is phineas...Ferb is second...

Phin: Well, i can't choose ferb, so Isabella or Goldfish? ummmm...that's hard...come back to me...arrg

Ferb: Goldfish i guess



  • irving leaves

GFish: Finally!

Isa: Phineas

jeet: Ferb

Buf: Ferb

Can: Stacy

Jer: Coltrane

Van: Lacey

Hun: Tom

Tom: Hunter

Luca: Hunter

Cook: Tom

GFish: And now, for your reading pleasure, A question from...SOMEONE OTHER THAN EMILEE! HOOORAY! Anyway, smilez asks i Goldfish is my real name. Why yes, yes it is. It was also my first word i was like this (in a baby voice) Gofissh. ahh, i was a CUTE baby. Anyway emilee, Irving left 'cause he's a loser...and a nerd...

where is the talk page uhhhhhhhh u aggervate me jk lol.but siricely wheres the talk page

GFish: THE BLEEPIN TALK PAGE?! Oh well, you see up on the top where it says edit this page, history, move etc.? well, go over to where it says "Discussion" and click that...Okay? Now Miranda asks what our favorite songs we have sung are. Well, I'm partial to "We're Waiting For Some Questions" earlier in this Q&A.

Phin: I still like "Gitchee Gitchee Goo"


Phin: Yes, yes it was.

(Doof and Perry walk in with Perry's hat off)

GFish: Hey, Doof, we have a question for you. What's your fevorite song that you have sung before?

Doof: I loved "My Goody Two Shoes Brother". It's so true, he is a goody two shoes. and the favorite of my mother.




Isa: I liked "Come Home Perry"

Jeet: "Give Me A Grade!"

Buf: "Danville For Niceness" AKA "Santa, What Gives?"

Can: Squirrels in my Pants...(mumbling) even though there were actual squirrels in my was still quite catchy...

Jer: "Thank You Santa Claus"

Hun: (Singing to the tune of come home perry) We don't sing very too often...

Tom:...we do not it's very true...

Luca:...we hope that you forgive us...

Cook: For all the trouble taht we caused...

Pterosaurs: Squak squak squak squak squak squak sqauk squak

SQ: What they said, we hope that you could understand, because it is unreapeatable, 

BV: Singing ain't our strong suit, we just beat Kanidio,

SJr.: We just answer your questions first, Oh singing

RB: Singing just ain't what we do

'F: it is a hobby that none of us have, oh singing

CFKS: No, we just do not sing!


GFish: WOOOOHOOOOO! GREAT SONG! Anyway...Here's more Q's and C's from our favorite askers, Emilee and Miranda! Plus a new person, Polodo!

Okay then... anybody try to get out of Danville recently? - Polodo

What was your fav Q or C i have asked befoure-emilee

what was your least fav Q or C i asked-emilee

who do yall like more Emilee or me.:miranda

GFish: Okay, well, No, we haven't tried to escape this town...why woulld we? My favorite question you asked was what's our favorite pizza topping...

Isa: Kiss the person you want to ask out!

Phin: Favorite pie...

GFish: Look, i'm bored, so let's not answer the question...or the next one...Well, for this one, I don't like either of you very scare me...Hey, why don't you make your own account?

  • emilee and miranda walk in

Emilee: Good idea! Let's go make free acouts for wikia!

Miranda: Yes, yes we should...

Emilee:well i cant its all like we cant make you a thing cause were stupid so....OMG ITS PHINEAS I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU

Emilee slaps Phineas and hugs him


Emilee:because i love u and hate u for saying that i have bad grammer and spelling


Emilee:hugging  my dream man


Emilee: can Miranda come

isa:i dont care

Emilee: good cause we stick together right?

Miranda:yes i come to her house evry day and we talk about  Phineas and Ferb

Emilee:lets goooooooooo!!

evryone looks at Emilee

Miranda she is weird like that

Emilee:thank you


  • in the closet, uh oh!


GFish: (outside) WOAH! ISABELLA'S MAD!

Phin: Why?


Phin: Yes! Why is she so bleepin mad?

GFish: You cussed, well REPLACED a cuss word, with my clean replacement...but if you did cuss for real, they would just censor it, cuz this is a kid's show...and cussing is banned on this wiki...and STUFF!

  • isa emi and mira walk out

Emi: Now, i have one last question Goldfish seemed to have forgotten to ask (Glares at goldfish)

GFish: What?

Emi: Why don't you talk more ferb?

Ferb: Well, i don't need to talk, i barely need to show facial expressions, because, well, phineas talks a lo already, there's nothing i can say, that he can't. If there is something, i'll sy it, but only if someone cares...


  • Goldfish's laptop dings "You've got mail"

GFish: Who could that be? Oh Smilez! now, here's the q's:

Hey, this is Smilez, a coupla of my followers have questions...

Q4 Phin, could you stay offa followers? You're annoying. -- JoJo

Way to keep it subtle. Anyways, do any of you have accents? I mean, besides Ferb? I have a British accent 2, btw, and since I can't here your voices, I wanna know -- Zo

Hey, Goldylocks, what's it like being stung by a wasp WITCH? You know, instead of just a plain, old, regular WASP? Teehee. -- Myndy

Do any of you monster hunters (besides Luca) do anything cool? And if you're wondering how I'm talking, I ain't, I'm typing. -- Number 4

Can one of you ask a q on our Q&A? We're getting very bored. -- Number 1

Phin: WELL I NEVER! FINE! If you don't want me, don't have me!

GFish: None of us have accents...sadly ;_;...oh and it HURTS! BADLY!

Hun: Well, i have a magic sword, and Tom here has a magic ax... Cookie can fly AND suck blood, like a CUTE vampire...unlike SOME PEOPLE!


Hun: Not you, Edward Cullen...

BV: oh...

Emilee:penuts and pie and phineas are my fav things

isa:i dont think so

emi:fine you have the penuts then

emilee throws a pack of penuts at isabella


emi:tee hee

isa runs into closet crying

emi: :-)

phin:wheres isabella

emi:in the closet with some penuts and a broken heart


emi:i love u




emi:too many peole love you




Emi:you r a loveless jerk but a cute hot cool loveless jerk


Emi:and isabella

phin:what about her

Emi:she like you

phin:and you do to



Emilee:i am a female iving


Emilee:and i am here to stay


  • Goldfish runs into closet also

GFish: Hey, isabella. Look, Emilee is just a weirdo that likes phineas. And you like phineas, but are NOT a he likes you more than emi and mira together...okay?

Isa: YAY! Now, can you kick them out?

GFish: I'll try, but it might be hard...

  • they walk out...

Mira: Do any of you like twilight?



GFish: YAAAAY! a question from Agent's good friend, FadhillPF! Okay...YES! A question involving the dislike of a nerd!

  • Irving walks back in

GFish: Aww come on!


GFish: Oh, COME ON! Anyway, Say I if you hate SOCSN...I I I A THOUSAND TIMES I!

Can: IIIIIIII!!!!!!!

  • silence

GFish: No one else?

Phin: Well, it's not that we LIKE him, I mean, he stalks us, but we just don't HATE him...


Ferb:I hate him!



GFish:ANYWAY!(glares at phineas and ferb)Another question from FadhillPF! WAIT.....UHHHH! IT INVOLVES IRVING! ANYWAYS SOCSN WHO DO YOU LOVE BETTER PHINEAS OR FERB!

Irving:My name is not SOCSN!

GFish:Whatever.So......IRVING  who do love better Phineas or Ferb?!

Phin:WAIT....PLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE DONT SAY LOVE! IT JUST SOUNDS ODD!!! (winces,then shakes his head furiously)


Jeet:You just said bleep again.

GFish:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(runs out of room)

Jeet:What's wrong with him?

Irving:Wow he's a nerd.

Everyone stares at Irving.

Phin:Hey anyone up to some pie!


Everyone leaves the room.

Phineas sneaks back in the room.

Phineas picks the microphone.

Phin:Hey it's Q&A Phineas style!!

(Offscreen)GFish:OH NOO YOU DON'T!!!!!!!

Phineas screams.

GFish:OH! YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNNTTTT HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas goes back on screen.

Phin:I'll be right ba...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phineas gets tackled by Goldfish.

Stars are seen while Phineas is screaming offscreen.

The end!

Gfish: What? Who ended my Q&A!? Aaaaargh!!!! Anyway, we have a Q from Raya! If the U.S. Army was out there right now going to arrest you for battling witches, what would you do? And there is no reason I'm asking this. No, really. Really! Oh, And don't look out the window. I would beat them all up! Puh-leez. The army could not beat me. With all my friends! Saltine would shrink them all, and Goldius would eat them.

(Saltine, Asduf, and Goldius walk in)

Asduf: Hey, guys, you know, Santa's out there taking notes...


Saltine: (Whispering) Are ya gonna tell him we just beat the US Army?

Asduf: (Whispering) No. He doesn't need to know.


Phin: You mean Emilee and Miranda?

Gfish: Yes. WE ARE OFFICIALLY RETURNING! YAHOO! Another Q from...Emilee. Have we ever called 911? What kind of a question is that? If you're my biggest fan, then you should know me well enough that I call 911 soooooo often, that they have a seperate line just for me.

Phin: Well, no, I don't think so...

Ferb: Well, yes, but it was an accident.

Isa: No

Jeet: No

Buford: Yeah

Candace: Puh-leez. With my brothers, of course I called 911

Jeremy: No

Vanessa: Yeah

Doof: Yes, yes I did.

Perry: Grururururur

Everyone else: Nope.

  • Goldfish knocks over a candle

GFish: So, as you can see, most of us never have called 91-


Gfish: Yes, it is rather impressive, my ar- AHHHH!!!! IT"S ON FIRE!!!!!!!! CALL (!!!

Phin: I can't understand what you said, you were holdng down shift!

Gfish: CALL 911!!!!!!

Jeet: Ohhh, why did you not just say that!

  • Everyone calls 911

Everyone that said they never called 911: We change our answer to yes.

Goldfish: More Emilee Questions! Here:

i saw yourr phineas and ferb stuff vidio on your page you look so different of how i imigended you~Emilee

If aliens land and ask for you to come leave with them would you go~Emilee(yes)

What is your fear~Emilee(green beans and resses cups i found worms in both one times)

Whats your fav halloween candy~Emilee(i know people that give out mini bags of microwave pop corn)

Who was the last person you hugged~Emilee (mommy)

if you could parachute out of a plane how much money would you do it for~Emilee(for free cause i want to)

fav breakfast food~Emilee(pancakes)

Fav time of day~Emilee(9:00)

if you had a band what would call it~Emilee(WOO-HOO)

If you were in a band what instrument would you play or would you sing~Emilee(sing)

fav type of dog~Emilee(cheewawa)

fav number~Emilee(42 or 9 or 104)

if you hade a mills bills what would you spend it on~Emilee(paying famous people like the people that do the voices of phineas and ferb and to get a part in phineas ans ferb)

something legal your addicted to~Emilee(Phineas and Ferb

FAV meat~Emilee(Hambergers)

fav junk food~Emilee(gum)

Wow thats a LOT. Yes. Evil dogs...Anything chocolate!!! I'd do it for free! Waffles. Midnight. I am in a abnd. It's called Dawn of Night (become a fan on facebook!). Sing. Hot Dogs. 27 and/or 512. I have NO idea what that means. Take a grammar class. Chocolate. Bacon. Lays BBQ Chips and/or chocolate.

Phineas: Yes. Losing my friends and family. Licorice. Free! Cereal. Early Morning. Ever heard of PFT? Guitar. Chihuaua. Idk. Idk. Fun. Steak. Gum.

Everyone else: Really, our answers would be either Goldfish's or Phineas', sooo yeah...

Baljeet: Except, I would not skydive for free.

Goldfish: More! "hee hee i kinda told everyone at school you are boy friend and that your name after a cracker and that you are part cracker and i was lke to my teacher my boy friends name is goldfish darkscull and he was like is he nice and i was like yea but he keeps insulting me and he was like that dose not seem nice and i ran away fake crying but i love you AND phineas~Emilee your "Girl friend"...Creepy...And time for more. First of all, I'd like to say that it may take longer to respond due to wikia changing the layout, making it harder fror me to know when you ask a question.

Hey sweety i need to know if i can print this to show my friend it would be easer that way to show her or would be copyright by the way she say hi ~Emilee

Can Dill walk in? You've Been Warned. PhineasFlynn123 Contact Tri State Tower on 125.45

do Y.O.U know EMILEE ! 22:57, May 31, 2010 (UTC)

Emilee, all you need to do is go to AG's talk page, request for permission, and then just copy and paste the content of the QnA to Word or Pages to print. Or you can also print from your browser.You've Been Warned.

do Y.O.U know EMILEE !Iluvrkman

K type me bak !Iluvrkman 23:35, June 1, 2010 (UTC) 23:33, June 1, 2010 (UTC)23:20, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

Goldfish: Uhh...sure...? Why not, I'd like you to share my brilliance with the world

  • Agent walks in

Agent: What brilliance?

Goldfish: Quiet you!

  • Dill walks in

Goldfish: Does that answer your question? And of course we know Emilee. More Qs n Cs!!!!

cool i'm emilees friend from school i'm 12 but on my account i'm 13 HOORA FOR MATH should check your Q&A more often i'll be here to morrow k k did you know emilee likes [obssesed with] you i feel sorry for you but she is a nice girl it's just that she's shy and when she gets that way she says random stuff Iluvrkman 02:19, June 5, 2010 (UTC)23:35, June 1, 2010 (UTC) 23:33, June 1, 2010 (UTC)23:20, June 1, 2010 (UTC)

you are breaking her haert she really cares about you should join the random clubIluvrkman 02:19, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

sorry for typeing you so much I guess those to things I typed to you I guess they worn't really question so what do you like about emilee p.s.I might not be abel to see your respose tomorrow k till the guys i said hi . And the storys kind of getting boring you might want to think of some new story ideas.Whats your fav band and have you seen the epic move [thas it's real name] it's really cool .Iluvrkman 02:35, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

Whats the funniest movie you have ever seenIluvrkman 02:37, June 5, 2010 (UTC)



REALLY !Iluvrkman 18:06, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

Goldfish: What do we like about Emilee? What do we LIKE about her!? Well, let's see, how would you like someone who tells people she's your girlfriend, stalks you, and uses poor grammar and spelling? It's like Phineas with Irving!

Irving: HEY!

Phineas: Irving, it's true, you know it.

Irving: Except the part about poor grammar and spelling ;)

Goldfish: I have not seen epic movie. The FUNNIEST movie I've ever seen? Wakko's Wish, of course.

Dill: Can i at least speak?

Goldfish: NO! If I let other people speak, it wouldn't really be a Q&A, now would it?

Dill: But-

Goldfish: Just go sit in the corner wih the other nerds

  • Dill goes to sit in the corner with Baljeet and Irving

Don't worry I set every 1 straight at school about the boy friend thing it's all good k ,and she dosn't stalk you[that much] she sure dose talk about you alot but there has to be one thing you like about her1 THING ANY OF Y.O.U like about HER so just answer the DANG question p.s.she is obssed with you Iluvrkman 21:06, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

do you have a facebook p.s.nice add to the storyIluvrkman 21:11, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

Do you have a girl friend GfishIluvrkman 21:13, June 5, 2010 (UTC)

Goldfish: Wait wait wait wait...Am I that famous that people I don't know and will never meet gossip about me?

Talking Zebra: I'm as confused as you are, Kevin

Goldfish: *points at Candace* No, thats Kevin

Kevin, I mean Candace: So wait, he's not just in my head?

Talking Zebra: No, no I'm not

  • Talking Zebra flies away

Goldfish: Well, I don't have a facebook page, but with all my fans, I may have Agent make one for me! If you were my fan, you would know that earlier I said that I used to, but we broke up when I moved to Danville, so currently, ladies, I'm available ;)

Goldfish: Shut up

Dill: Can we use explosives?

Goldfish: For?

Dill: To blow me up?

Goldfish: Ok!

Bob Webber: *snaps* Okay!

  • Bob Webber leaves
  • Dill takes out dynamite and uranium

Dill: See you on the neeeeeeeeeeeeeews! *blows up*

Goldfish: Ah, good, I thought he'd never explode!

Everyone: o_o

Dill walks in again

Phin:Now, charcoaled.

Goldfish:Can we get rid of him?

Phin: I can! *takes out gun and does headshot*

Dill's charcoaled body was sucked into a road sweeper, which blows up across the avenue

Everyone else: Still o_o ing.

I'M A FAN ! you just agervate me so i don't take the time to check. you are cool i don't mean any thing i say when i'm mad .............. well...except. for some things don't think you want emilee to see the whole I'M AVALLABEL THING [sorry i spelled that rong]Iluvrkman 21:01, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

Goldfish: Well, ok then you're a fan. Prove it on my quiz blog!

Dill: *enters room again*

Goldfish: HOW DID YOU RETURN!?!?!?

Dill: Heh. That's my robot.

Phin: Have a seat, bro!

Goldfish: Okay... Whatever. New question from PremierChannel TV '10, What's everyone's fave video game? I like the Johto series of pokemon games, Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver...

Phineas: Hmm... Well, I think I'd have to go with the Mario series

Ferb: Mario spinoff or main Mario?

Phineas: Main Mario

Ferb: Then I'll go with Mario spinoffs


Everyone: 0_0

Phineas: I think that's enough of this question...

Goldfish: From The Regurgitator (Lightning!!!) Where'd that come from?

Ferb: You see, Goldfish, lightning comes from --

Goldfish: I KNOW WHERE LIGHTNING COMES FROM~! It was rhetorical question. Asks Stacy and Carl if they love eachother.

Stacy: Who's Carl?

Goldfish: Excuse me a moment... *goes into Perry's lair*

Monogram: Agent GD? What are you doing here?

Goldfish: Let me talk to Carl.

Monogram: Why?

Goldfish: 2 words: Q&A Goldfish Style.

Monogram: Ah. CARL! GET OVER HERE!

Carl: Hi! So what's your question?

Goldfish: Do you like Stacy?

Carl: Who's Stacy?

Goldfish: (Comes back from lair) Tator asks more Qs: Got another for certain people - Irving: Could you please kill everyone who hates you? (Expect for Candace, don't kill her), Carl: Please go have a conversation with Stacy and see if you like her, and Stacy: Go meet Carl and see if you like him, if you don't then ask Coltrane if he like you, so you can have someone in your life.

Irving: With pleasure~! (Takes out knife and chases Goldfish around)

Goldfish: Aaaahh!!! NERD WITH A KNIFE~! (Grabs rubber band chain and uses it to grab knife out of Irving's hands) Don't mess with the fishes!

Irving: 0_0 .............................................. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goldfish: ANYWAY, lemme get Carl. (Calls Carl) Carl! Get in here!

Carl: Uhh, okay (Goes into Q&A Goldfish Style) What?

Goldfish: Go have a conversation with Stacy. (Points to Stacy)

Carl: Uhh, okay? Hi there!

Stacy: Sup.

Goldfish: There, they talked. Happy now? Wait, Stacy, do you like Carl?

Stacy: Ummmm, not really

Carl: :(

Goldfish: Ugh, more from Gurgy: Albert: Please beat up Irving with your Ninja skills, Candace: Please read every fic by "Blackspiderman" then tell me what you think, Carl: After that, do you like Stacy? If you say Yes I promise no more Starl questions.

Irving: WHAT!?!?

(Albert walks in)

Albert: Hm? Irving, I have a strange urge to beat you up with my ninja skills... (Beats up Irving)

Goldfish: Betcha can't beat me up!

Albert: Watch me! (Tries to beat up Goldfish)

Goldfish: Stop punching me! It tickles! Hahahahaa!

Albert: Huh? I don't get it... My ninja skills should have beaten him to a pulp... Could it be that... that I am not as awesome as I claim!?

Candace: Who's this Blackspiderman guy?

Goldfish: Idk... Google it

(Candace googles it and reads the fics)

Candace: Hm? HM!? WHAT!? I WOULD NEVER DO -- OH GOD WHYY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Carl: I like her, but she doesn't like me! Meh, I only like her cuz I'm desperate anyway... Goldfish: Hear that? He said yes, and not because I was controlling him or anything. Why would you think such a thing? You crazy. 0_0... We should, uhh, cut to commercial now...

Phineas: We don't have commercials

Goldfish: BUY SOME! Now, Team Doof has a question for Candace! What is her fave crack shipping?

Candace: Crack shipping?

Goldfish: A supported pairing that makes utterly no sense whatsoever.

Candace: Ah. Umm... Phineas and Perry?

Phineas: Eww! I love Perry, but not in that way!!!

Buford: I know you're not askin me, but I like Baljeet and Phineas' mom.

Phineas: Eww!!!!!

Baljeet: Yes, umm, eww, heh heh...

Goldfish: A comment - Hi Goldfish were over I have an imaginary boyfriend name cody from total drama so yea he likes me but we can be friends~Emilee....

Phineas: 0_o

Goldfish: ........YAAY~! And some more... questions. Am I the only one that thinks the new posers copying my title name are becoming more popular than us?

Phineas: Nope, I agree completely. Ooh, look at the time, I gotta go make an appearance on Q&A Gurgy Style. See ya! *runs out*


What is your favorite. Chocolate,Peperoni,Cheese,or Crust and only chose 1.~Like Chocolate Pie

Cody brock up with me so im going iut with nouh from total drama now~Emilee

Goldfish: First... Cheese. Second... That's nice. You don't need to keep me posted on your creepy fictional boyfriends...

Ferb: I like -


Ferb: Why have us here if we can't answer questions?

Goldfish:.....Fine, answer however many you want.

GOLDFISH dont be mean! your just mad because i brock up with up~Emilee... What does the Pewter City Gym Leader have to do with this? You Brock up with Up? You Pewter City Cym Leadered up with a Pixar movie? That makes no sense. And I'm not mad, I'm just creeped out... by you... you're creepy, man. *sigh* Fangirls...

GRRR I ment i broke up with you!!!~Emilee

Whats your fav total drama world tour song mines condor (look it up) i seen all the episodes and i get them erley from youtube if you want to know the finial 3 tell me~Emilee

Goldfish: Well, I guess that makes a little more sense... And we don't watch TDWT... But I know people who do... brb *runs out*... *runs back* They wouldn't answer. So I shall disregard this question like it never happened. And more!?

Todaborday is a labour day! Happy labour daybor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~Emilee

oooo who did you ask about tdwt~emilee

Goldfish: .....IT'S LABOR DAY!?

Ferb: No, it was back a few weeks ago though. You were late reading this.

Goldfish:Great, now I can't wear white... I asked Gurgy and Okl about TDWT in the IRC through Agent.

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