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This is going to be a HUGE story! Bigger than Phineas's Journal!

When a war breaks out in the U.S., Isabella gets stuck in the middle of it. Phineas promises her everything would be alright. He knows he could never break a promise. So he takes Isabella to a place where she can be safe. In the end, Phineas thinks about the promise. Should he have said anything???
Starry Night2

It will show the relationship between Phineas and Isabella as they fight they're way through misery, pain, and depression.

Besides that it will show bits of their past. Phineas talks about his dad. And Isabella spills a little bit about her family.

It's a big journey that will take bravery, trust, and hope. And for 14 year olds, it's alomost impossible to complete!



Ch 1


They were chasing me, and I couldn’t run as fast as them. Thinking it would be the end I turned onto my street and into my house. I looked out the window. Everything was calm. My sash was barely hanging onto my shoulder. My uniform was torn. I was out of breath and I thought I would pass out. I walked to my room to calm down.

Who was chasing me? What did I do to make them chase me?

I looked at my sash that was now missing some patches. I still cautiously peeked out the window from time to time, thinking about what happened.

I was on my way to lunch to meet some of the fireside girls. As I was walking through downtown I felt like someone was following me. They chased me through a junk yard and the park.

I was so tired. I had to tell someone about this. I couldn’t wait for my mom to come home. I took a deep breath and gathered up all the energy I had left and attempted to walk across the street. I looked out the window on last time to see if it was safe for me to go. I opened the door and tried as hard as I could to run over to Phineas and Ferb’s house.

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