I was having the worst dream.

I was in a brightly lit room in an evil science lab.

The scientists were on the other side of a glass wall, contemplating the best way to extract the intelligence from my brain.

I was helpless, strapped to the wall and crying.

I was stuck in my closet-sized room like a guinea pig in a small cage.

In many ways, that’s exactly what I was.

A guinea pig.

A person used as a subject for experiment.

A mindless animal that can be easily manipulated by whoever’s possession it is in.

A mindless animal in its owner’s full control and possession.

A mindless animal that is possessed.

And when I opened my eyes, I was sad to find out that this terrible dream was in fact reality.

I was in the bright room.

The scientists were there.

I was hopelessly stuck.

I was still the guinea pig.

And I was still possessed.

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