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Phineas and the Chocolate Factory is here now, and below are cast and story.


Phineas Flynn as Willy Wonka

Ferb Fletcher as Oompa-Loompas

Baljeet as Charlie Bucket

Buford as Augustus Gloop

Gretchen as Violet Beauregarde

Isabella as Veruca Salt

Django as Mike TeaVee


It all starts in front of a chocolate factory. After the 5 lucky winners were chosen, Phineas let the winners into the factory, collected the golden tickets, and then went to the Chocolate Room. When the kids were there, everybody went crazy and Phineas stopped them and told them the rules. Then, Buford fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up the pipe. He needed to be taken to the Fudge Room. Next, they went to the Inventing Room. Phineas showed them inventions. On the last one, the great gum machine, Gretchen had some of that gum. She blew up into a 10-foot blueberry and needed to be juiced. Then, they went to the Nut Room. Isabella got attacked by squirrels and fell down the chute. She needed to be saved from the incinerator. Finally, they went to the TV Room. Django got sent through by television and was taken to the Taffy Pulling Room to get him back to size. The only kid left was Baljeet, so he won and lived in the factory with Phineas. The end



File:Blueberry gretchen.png
Gretchens turning violet

starting to go violet


coming soon

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