Isabella as an adult

Phineas: How does it look up there, Ferb

Ferb makes a thumb up for Phineas.

Phineas: Great, now we can test our giant-beam!

Suddenly, a purple light comes from nowhere. It appears to be the Time-Machine Phineas and friends build. Someone is sitting in it... but who?

Phineas: Who are you??

Future Phineas: I'm you, but from the future!

Phineas: Wow... hey, what?

Future Phineas: You have to come with me, Phineas! Your's and Isabella's future kids are in danger!

Phineas and Isabella: SAY WHAAAT?!

Phineas and Isabella stare at each other.

Future Phineas: Come on! We don't have much time!

Phineas: Wait, how about Ferb?

Future Phineas: We can't! We have to have only you two, Phineas...

Ferb: I understand. Hurry up, Phineas!

Phineas hugs his bro and then takes Isabellas hand.

Phineas: Come on, Isabella! We have a future to save!

Future Phineas, Phineas and Isabella leave with the time-machine leaving Ferb, Baljeet and Buford alone.


Ferb: ... that was actually weird.

Buford and Baljeet: Yes, yes it was.

Ferb: Come on... we have a giant-beam to test!

Meanwhile... or at least, 30 years in the future...

Phineas: Wow, this place is sooo...

Phineas and Isabella: ... hi-tech.

Future Phineas: Your future kids are Julia, Jacob and Angela. They are about the same age as you guys.

Isabella: I always loved the name Angela...

Future Phineas: It's time to meet my wife, Isabella.

Phineas, Future Phineas and Isabella walk to a cute yellow house.

Future Phineas: Izzy? Are you here? I brought ourselves!

Future Isabella: Hi me! Hi Phineas!

Phineas and Isabella: Helloo... eheheh...

Phineas: Wait, you never told about our kids, what's the problem with them! Tell me, me!

Future Phineas: Okay, here's how it goes. The kids are just as you guys were. But the problem is, Jacob are gonna build a laser-beam! I tried to tell him that it's dangerous and he could hit the wrong stuff, but he wont listhen to me. So here's your job: You guys convince him that it's dangerous and then give him ideas that are off things that you guys build... like that rollercoaster, niagra-falls,a backyard beach... think you can handle it, Isabella and Phineas?

Isabella: Bring it on!

Future Phineas: Thanks. Okay, I'm gonna go in the house so I won't disturb you guys. See you, and good luck!

Phineas: Thanks!

Future Phineas leaves.

Isabella: Uhh, Phineas?

Phineas: This is so weird...

Ïsabella: But we are togheter, remember?

Phineas: You're right, as always, Isabella.

Phineas hugs Isabella and then takes her hand.

PhineasTakeIsabellasHand (Custom).png

Phineas: Let's meet our kids, Izzy!

Isabella and Phineas, holding hands, goes to the backyard. They see two girls and one boy holding something.

Jacob: Hey, watcha guys doin'?

Angela: Is that my twin?

Julia: Who are you guys?

Phineas: We are from the past. We are your young parents.

Jacob, Julia and Angela: No way!

Isabella: Way!


Julia: Cool! What brings you here, mom and dad?

Phineas: Hey hey hey, wait a minute! Don't call me dad, it makes me feel old! Call me Phineas.

Isabella: Yea, call me Isabella.

Julia: Okay... uhh, Phineas and Isabella, what brings you here?

Isabella: It's the stuff your building! Jacob, what do you need a laser-beam, anyway?

Jacob:'s cool.

Phineas: I can't belive your my kid. Okay, have I told you about the cool stuff I made?

Jacob, Julia and Angela: Yeah, duh, your our dad.

Phineas: We made that stuff because it was fun, and to make every day of summer to count. Not to impress people with some scary cool stuff, no.

Jacob: But I think this is... fuuun...

Isabella: You know what, Jacob! I'm just gonna take your little toy now, and then your gonna listhen to Phineas.

Angela: That's soo mom-style.

Isabella rolls her eyes and snatches the laser-beam from Jacob.

Phineas: Now, what would you like to build today?

Jacob: A laser-beam...

Phineas: Exept that.

Jacob: ...

Julia: Can't we build a rollercoaster, like you guys!

Angela, Phineas, Julia and Isabella: Let's do it!

Jacob: All right!

Phineas: Actually, I can belive your mine kid.

Phineas and Isabella tells the kids all about building a rollercoaster, he warns them that everyone is gonna ask if they aren't a bit young to build it, then what stuff they need and the design on the rollercoaster. Only some hours later, it's done!

Phineas: Nice work guys! Izzy, can you do me a favor and pull that leaver?

Isabella: Gladly!

The van goes up and up and up with the kids, untill they could touch the moon.

Phineas: Ready?

Everyone: You betcha!

The van rides the rollercoaster.


After the ride.

Phineas: Was that not much funnier then an old laser-beam-thingy?

Jacob: Yeah, you're right... Hey, Julia, Angela! Tomorrow we can make the world largest cookie!

Julia: Yummy!

Phineas (to Isabella): Well, Izzy, our work here is done!

Isabella: See you, in like 20 years or something!

Jacob, Julia and Angela: You betcha!

Phineas and Isabella tells first the future themselves about the mission succes, and then they eave with the time-machine.

Phineas: Hey, where's Ferb?

Isabella: Uhh, Phineas?

Giant Ferb: Oh, you guys are back.

Giant Baljeet: Let's shrink!

Buford, Ferb and Baljeet shrinks to normal size.

Phineas: Awsome, let me try! Izzy, come on!

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