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Phineas just saw a ad about the new ZHU ZHU PUPPIES! Now Phineas and his NEW GIRLFREND Trixie, collect all six: Murphy, Sabrina, Howser, Dakota, Miss.Priss, and Loolah! THE STORY IS NOT FINISED DON'T GOT TOO HAPPY!!


One nice day, Phineas and Trixie were wathing the wonder pets (It's is Phineas' and Trixie's FAVE show).

Then a ad came on. It was about some puppies. Trixie and Phineas watched. The anouncer said they Were Zhu Zhu Puppies, made from the same company as the Zhu Zhu Pet hamsters. Phineas and Trixie looked at each other... "Trixie, I know what we're doing today!" Screamed Phineas. "What?" Trixie asked. " We are going to find all the Zhu Zhu Puppies!!" said Phineas. " but we don't have any money!" Trixie exclamed. "Oh, yes, we do!" Phineas told Trixie. He pulled $700. "Where did you get that?" Trixie asked Phineas. "I work," said Phineas.

Part 2

"What Zhu Zhu Puppy are we getting first?" Trixie asked Phineas. "Murphy," Phineas responded. " He's my Fave!!" Trixie exclamed. "Mine's too!" Said Phineas They walked to the bus stop intil they met a old man. "Looking for Zhu Zhu Puppies?" He asked, Trixie and Phineas nodded.

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